December 31, 2008

So grateful........

All the blessing this year have been amazing and I don't know where I would be w/out my amazing God who has made all these things happen............

I am grateful for.............

  • my ever growing baby belly and that I can not fit in most of my "normal" clothes.
  • that maternity clothes are so comfty due to point above :)
  • feeling my Baby girl moving and knowing she is OK and loves bouncing around in her Momma and is safe and warm all the time
  • My hubby. So many many reasons to many to list here. But we have grown in our love and our marriage and I am so extremely blessed he loves me
  • that despite horrible real estate market and economy we were able to sell our house and make a very good profit in less then 3 weeks!
  • to build a brand new GORGEOUS house that we will spend many many happy years in, parties, friends, family, and bringing our perfect lil princess home to! And the fact that we move in 2 days!!!!!
  • in laws that have let us live w/ them rent free for 6 months and have been so open and gracious to us
  • the fact that both of us have good paying jobs and have not been laid off or even taken pay cuts and in fact have both gotten raises/bonus this year!
  • all my friends for their love and support, for always being there for me and listening to me and putting up w/ me through out the year. I love you guys more then you'll ever know!
  • maybe it will sound stupid or juvenile but for finding blogs! I have gotten to know so many great people, people that don't even know I read about their daily lives. It has strengthen my walk w/ God and I have been able to get my thoughts and feelings out in such an awesome way

Hope everybody else is as blessed as we are! So sorry I didn't get cards out to anybody this year :( Life is to crazy and they are boxed up somewhere and I was not about to dig through and find them. But expect an amazing card for the Holiday season of 2009! Hope everybody is safe tonight and celebrates God and all the blessings of 2008! Love to you all!

December 26, 2008

Still Waiting..............

So this post will be all over. I am not really in the mood to write/post but I am bored out of my MIND today! I honestly think the bank loses $ by paying us to work the day after Christmas. It's pointless we are dead and there is NOTHING to do and to many workers! Ga. I am out of websites to look at and blogs to read. How depressing. lol.

First I'll start off with a recap of our Christmas and the last couple of days;
Steve woke up Wednesday (Christmas Eve) complaining of his throat killing him. He wasn't swollen and felt fine to me so I chalked it up to his sinus and told him to eat and drink something and take a hot steam shower and he would feel better. Of course he didn't feel better after all that and ended up staying home from work and laying around feeling yucky all day. I was so upset and sad. So I got off work at 2:30 and threw together some Jell-O for dinner at Mom's and laid around for about an hour and rested before I got ready for our church program. I got to church early and the kids practiced their songs and hung out waiting to go on stage. It was a little ciaos. They decided to move the stage around and put 9 million poinsettia’s where the kids were supposed to stand. Not good. Then we didn't have time to go out and practice on the new stage so the kids were totally confused and had no idea where to go or what to do. Ha. It was quite comical. They forgot the words 1/2 the time but they looked cute and it was highly entertaining. I would post the video but I'm sure parents would not appreciate me showing their Children to the world all over the internet where anybody could find it! So if you really feel like you need to see it email me and I'll see what I can do ;)
Steve stayed home from Church and laid around. I was almost in tears. I did not have the best attitude cuz I was so angry/upset/hurt. It wasn't at him just the situation and he always gets sick at the worst times. I was sooooooo upset! You have no idea. So after church I ran home got my Jell-O and went back to Mom and Dad's. Steve stayed home :*( Yeah that is when the crying starts. I wasn't handling spending Christmas Eve w/out my Hubby very well at all. And I wanted to stay and take care of him but I knew he would just go to bed in like an hour and then I would sit around and feel sorry for myself. Ha. So I hung out w/ Mom, Dad, and Andy. Ate Potato soup (OK I couldn't stay home w/ my Hubby cuz I would miss potato soup shoot me. lol j/k), and ham, and talked and had Birthday Cake for Daddy! It was so fun and time flew. Before I knew it was like 11 and I needed to get to bed! Baby girl LOVED all Grandma's cooking and she was jumping all over the place all night! It was hilarious. I've never felt her move so much before. I think she loves Christmas and Potato Soup to!
So I slept in Christmas Day and woke up to my Hubby feeling MUCH better and playing xbox. I crawled up in his lap and told him how sorry I was for my crappy Christmas Eve attitude and that I would be better and how much I missed him. He was so excited to open presents he was begging me to do it right then. I needed time to wake up so I made him wait an hour. lol. He is so impatient it was pretty cute. So we opened presents and he LOVED his popcorn popper I got him for his soon-to-be "man cave" basement :) And he spoiled me rotten! What other person knows me well enough to buy me slippers (aka slickers as I call them) and a LABELER! OMG I was in heaven! My whole entire house is going to be so friggin organized and labeled! Oh my goodness. Ha. I am psycho! But I seriously got so excited! He got me a couple Christmas cd's I had wanted b/c ya'll do not understand how obsessed w/ Christmas music I am! Honestly.
A little later we then we headed over to Momma and Dad's and helped get lunch ready and sat down to a feast! Now don't ask me what we ate I can not remember for the life of me! Some yummy delicious cut of steak (but not prime rib?? I don't remember!). It was heaven, and corn casserole, potatoes, more Jell-O, carrots, and breadsticks. Oh it was so yummy! So we stuffed ourselves again, and again Baby Girl was in heaven floppin all over the place. It was so sweet. Then us kids did the dishes for Mom and quick cleaned up so we could do presents! I got spoiled some MORE! Socks, a winter hat, robe, digital picture frame (which Steve is super excited about. That boy loves him some electronics), make up, and Steve gave me another present! The most amazing chair for our master bedroom where I can sit and feed Hailey! I am super excited! So it was a great time. Then we all watched
"Elf" because my Mom and Steve hadn't seen it before. Oh my we were crying from laughing so hard at some parts. To funny!!!!
Then we laid around some more and ate dinner of yummy ham sandwiches, and then we finally packed up all our stuff and went home! It was such a great Family day and we are so so so blessed! Sorry I never take many pictures, I will try to steal some from my BIL and post then on here later! :) I know ya'll want to see Momma's tree and all the food and my fat self that doesn't fit in her regular clothes anymore right? Ha
Now on to our house. As we speak Steve is doing the walk-through with the head builder manager guy and our rep from the company that is building our home. It it quite exciting! This time next week I will finally be a home owner! We close next Friday Jan 2nd, at 8am. I am so excited you have NO idea. I actually think I might make it and I can actually see us living there now! Ha. YES!!! We're really really excited and trying to get organized and find help to move. It really stinks that I am out of commission as I usually run around like a mad woman getting everything done and organized. It will be so hard to just stay around and unpack boxes (which I have been told I am NOT allowed to lift any so they all better get taken to the right places!), and tell other's what to do. :/ I don't give out instructions well; I'm not a boss so we'll see how this goes. I plan on mainly working on the kitchen and bathrooms so hopefully that will keep me busy! We are truly blessed by great families and I know we can count on them to help us! We are also blessed as so far the 10 day weather planner is saying a high of 35 and sunny for the day we plan to move! Plus it will be in the 40s all week before so we should have no snow and no ice! Praise God such an answer to prayer! Of course it could change between now and then but I really hope not! So with out further ado here are some pictures of the house pretty much completed!

Looking from the living room to the hall way/front door. The 1/2 wall to your left is what is over the stairs going down to the "man cave"

My BEAUTIFUL kitchen! I am so excited to cook and even clean dishes in my OWN kitchen again! lol we'll see how long it lasts for ;)

Close up of the sink. I have never ever had a stainless sick or such an awesome faucet. Yes we're geeks we were playing w/ the water. lol

View of our bedroom from the doorway. You can kinda see the carpet it's dark tan/Brown. I <3>

Probably my 3rd Favorite room in the whole house (after the kitchen and Bean's nursery). Our HUGE walk-in closet. So glad we decided to go with extra shelving!

Our Bathroom sinks in the master bathroom. We are so excited. Hopefully we can get along and share a bathroom ;)

And now for a totally random picture. Steve's Mom totally went crazy and is spoiling our child rotten! This girl is gonna be so well dressed. A couple things we had already recieved (the gorgeous Green sweater hand knit by Steve's Aunt Dawn! I LOVE IT!) , but most of this is just from Christmas!!! So crazy.

December 19, 2008


So in catching up in all my blog reading lately one of my favorite topics is how you and your family celebrate Christmas and the Birth of our Savior. My other favorites are when people post pictures of all thier Christmas decorations. I found a picture of our tree all decorated from last year, of course I don't have one this year as I don't have a house. So my tree, stockings, nativity scene, and beautiful wreath are all packed away until Next November :( I am seriously considering having Christmas in like July or August just so I get my stuff out and decorate and take pictures (and having my OWN kitchen w/ all my bake/cookwear and baking Holiday goodies!). But I don't suppose 95 degree Nebraska weather will be very festive huh? I I'll go on and on about my family and our wonderful Christmas traditions.
This honestly is my favorite time of year. I LOVE it. I start at the beginning of November by listening to some great local radio stations that play Christmas music 24/7 until December 26th. It's so great! I love going to the stores and seeing garland and trees up with red bows. Oh it puts me in a great mood and motivates me to shop early and get everything out of the way so I can enjoy it. I LOVE decorating, putting up the tree, silvery candles, pine cones, oh I love it all! One of my favorite things in this season to do is to go around various neighborhoods and look at Christmas lights while playing Manheim Steamroller on the car cd player. Seriously it's like the greatest thing ever. My Dad used to do it to us when we were little and you better believe I am going to drag my kids out in their jammies and do it to them to! Steve hasn't quite caught on to this Becky Tradition but we'll get him there no worries!
So on to actual Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Now first of all you must know that Christmas Eve is one of the greatest days EVER of all time. Why you ask? Because that is the day my Daddy was born. He hates this. More then the plague. Growing up as a child he got the shaft and would get Christmas presents wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper that people would try to pass off as Birthday presents. This did NOT go over well. I specifically remember him telling us that his Grandma would send him socks, underwear and t-shirts every single year from California for his Birthday/Christmas present combined. So if we're feeling extra feisty one year somebody will buy him some socks and underwear. It's pretty hilarious to see the expression on his face. Anyways, so it's a VERY big deal we get him separate presents wrapped in BIRTHDAY wrapping paper nothing even slightly resembling Christmas wrapping :) We celebrate his Birthday in the afternoon and give him presents and do whatever he requests. lol he can be quite demanding! Anyways, then Christmas eve night is our BIG family Christmas night. It's super fun and special! We usually go to somebody's church (my parents go to a different church then me and my sis and brother) for the Christmas Eve candle lit service which I just LOVE. Nothing says Christmas like praising God with our voices of praise! It usually makes me cry (I am such a freaking emotional person even non pregnant) and puts me in such a great mood! Then we go home and have Mommy's home made cream of potato soup. Oh my it's amazing. I think if there were one year we didn't have it I would cry my eyes out. It's been our staple Christmas Eve food for over 20 years. I love it! The fixins' with the soup can change but the soup MUST be present. Even my extra super picky Hubby is in love w/ Mommy's potato soup! Lately the fixings have been a scrumptious jello salad, relish trey, and ham sandwiches. Oh my it's so amazing! Add the welch's sparkling grape juice and call me good to go! I LOVE it! Probably the best and my most favorite night of food all year. Seriously people. So we eat and shove our faces, by low lighting and candles mind you, I LOVE it. And then we all help clean up quickly so we can go and open all our presents! It's fun usually Dad puts on the ugly ol Santa hat and hands out the gifts. It always starts of one person at a time going and everybody else watches but after a couple minutes we get tired of that and we're all opening things at the same time. But I LOVE it cuz Dad always wants to know what everybody gets (it's so great, he bought it less then 2 weeks ago, wrapped it and has already forgotten what it is. Seriously cracks us up he has to see what your opening and wants to know what it is like he hasn't seen it before. Then maybe he will remember it's so cute I love how excited he gets it totally wears off on us kids). It's pretty fun. After presents we hang out and gather up all the trash and play/look at all our great loot!
On Christmas day we're pretty lazy, we sleep in, don't get dressed until like noon and then eat a big meal. Honestly Christmas Day isn't a big deal for my Family we do everything mainly on Christmas Eve. Last year me and Steve stayed home and opened presents we got each other, ate some left overs and I think I made a nice dinner and we watched movies and took naps. It was lovely. Some years Mom will make a big ham lunch and we'll go over and sometimes she doesn't it all just depends. Is any of this making sense or am I all over the place?? Anyways, so yeah Christmas Eve is special and I LOVE it and I LOVE my family and being with them and I LOVE that we celebrate the Savior's Birth!! Being pregnant myself I can only imagine how Mary was feeling, in pain, cold, on a Donkey, and had to go to a smelly cold barn and deliver her Baby with only her Husband there for support and help. How scary! But seeing that Baby and knowing how special he was and still is made it all go away I'm sure :) I am so so thankful!
This year is going to be WAY different. I'm really sad. It turns out that my Mom has to WORK on Christmas Eve :*( This is a major deal. Ha. Not really she only has to work like 1/2 a shift and will be off by 7 but it's still sad. She has promised to make the potato soup and keep it on low on the stove so we can eat it before she gets home and then she will join us when she gets off work. Also it turns out that Brian's (BIL) family is getting together Christmas Eve and they are going to go over and celebrate with him. It's fine I will just miss Sissy and her Hubby Christmas Eve! So our night will start out with me, Steve, Dad, and Andy meeting at my church to see the Christmas program. I have been teaching a couple girls every Sunday night since Early September 3 Christmas songs. I am so proud of these girls and their beautiful voices singing praises to God. I LOVE it! I am sooooooo excited to see them up there in front of the whole sanctuary singing their voices out! It should be quite entertaining :) They are so cute. So after church the 4 of us will go home and eat and hopefully Mom will be home soon! Then I think we will just hang out and maybe watch tv or relax or wahtever! Then we will have a big lunch and open all the presents Christmas Day. This is weird to me but I am going with it cuz I want everybody to be there together when we do! I'm sure Steve will give me a present Christmas eve seeing as how the boy can not wait at all. LOL.
Another cool tradition we started last year was that each person in the family has to buy a $5 gift and wrap it. We each start out with a present in hand, doesn't matter what it is just 1 present for each person. Dad reads The Christmas Story from the Bible and every time he says a certain word like IT or AND (it has to be a common word not something weird that won't be said very often) and you pass the present to the person sitting to your right every time the word is said. By the end of the story you open your present! We had to fudge a little last year and switch so we didn't open what you bought. DUH. It's super fun and we laughed the entire time and got to hear the real Christmas story!
So yeah we're really not as traditional as I thought we were some things are flexible but we always make sure to be together and always eat our potato soup ;) I LOVE this time of year and hearing your stories. So tell me! Wither it was growing up, what you do w/ your spouse/kids now, if you get together with family it's all special and I love to know! I like stealing other people's ideas for our family as it grows I want to pass along some of these great things to our children and cherish the memories forever!!!


Our tree, stockings, and nativity scene in 2006. Blah HATE the bare white walls so boring! (also notice there is a missing tree skirt. Yeah the Dog chewed it up and I was NOT happy)

Tree in '07. More ornimates, a new tree, a SKIRT!, and lots of presents. Oh I miss it! I think next year I am going to do red instead of all the blue what do you think??

December 17, 2008


So I am FINALLY updating. I know I am like a week late but oh well. I had over 200 blogs to read while I was in Denver, and all sorts of interesting things to look up online (can anyone say BABY stuff/clothes?? ha). Plus I keep forgetting to send myself 2 of my (4) pictures I took while in Denver. I know I am ashamed of myself for taking 4 pictures 2 of which were of Meg's Dog Austin, my nephew. LOL. I promise if we get together while she is "home" in Omaha for Christmas next week I will take some pictures of us together to prove that she really likes me and does exist. Ha.
Honestly it was the best, most relaxing, funnest vacations I have ever taken. Seriously. We did not do a thing. Ha. We did stuff just nothing big, no theme parks, driving hours away, nothing it was perfect! I got there Saturday afternoon, oh wait I must interject here. When I started working at the branch on Maple for First National I met a teller there named Nicole. We knew each other’s name from somewhere but couldn't figure it out. So we started talking about high school, churches, and stuff. Long story short it led us to elementary school and we figured out we were in Kindergarten together! Yes I went to 4 1/2 months of Kindergarten before being pulled out to Home school and it just happened to be that Nicole was in my class and now I am working with her at the bank! Well, she left the bank and works for Sprint who I have my cell phone through so she is my go-to girl for all my cell phone needs! :) Anywho she was sitting at the airport at MY gate with her friend! So I went up to her and said hi and turns out she was on the same flight to Denver! It was so funny. Small world right? So since we flew Southwest and you don't have assigned seating I ended up sitting w/ her and her friend and catching up. It was fun and made the flight go super fast. Denver is a HUGE airport like seriously huge and very scary if you've never been there before. So it was great to have a friend to go through it w/ and try to find luggage claim and all that :) It worked out great and it was so good to see her! Anyways so once I got through the scary airport and found Meg we went back to her apt and hung out for a little bit. Then we went to her sister's apt and hung out and chatted and then went out to
Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. OMG we NEED one in Omaha. Seriously if you live in a different state look them up and see if there is one near you, if so RUN there as quickly as possible! It was amazing. A huge never ending salad, soup, fruit, pasta, frozen yogurt bar. Oh my I was in heaven! I think we each ate like 7 plates of food. Now we didn't eat like full plates just tried nibbles of things but oh my it was heaven! We didn't eat the entire rest of the evening and we had an early dinner! Then we went back to the apt where Meg's roommate Kevin was hanging out w/ their friend CJ who also was staying there for the night from Omaha. Again small world. Well, it's a long story and we were going to go downtown but the boys were NOT co-operating, it was cold and yucky outside, and the boys ended up buying a pay per view boxing match. Oscar De La Hoya or whatever his name is against somebody who beat the living you know what out of him. I had never seen a fight before, to be honest I avoided them but whatever it was actually somewhat entertaining. So we all passed out and went to bed (after a taco bell run for the boys who had a couple to many beers), and woke up Sunday to a gorgeous 65 degree day. Oh the mountains were so beautiful! I don't think I would ever get tired of looking at them they are so gorgeous. But again I didn't take any pictures because my only views of them were from the car while driving on the interstate and with an occasional bridge and cars everywhere, I don't think the pictures would have turned out. :( We went to the greatest outlet mall in the world and of course I walked out w/ nothing but a $7 pair of sunglasses. Which of course I love to death! lol. Not knowing the sex of the baby stunk I wanted to go crazy and buy a bunch of cute things at all the baby stores but I held off. I just knew I would buy a bunch of girl clothes only to find out Wednesday it was a boy or vice versa. lol. I was annoyed! And for some reason I am scared to buy maternity shirts. I know I will have to break down SOON (as my belly is peaking out of the sweater I am currently wearing lol) but I can't do it. So yeah I was boring and saved my $ which is probably a good thing :) Sunday afternoon we laid around and watched one of the greatest movies EVER P.S. I Love You. Oh my it's so amazing. Megan nor Kevin had ever seen it and they loved it. Oh I forgot! We also stopped after the mall at a local pizza shoppe and got some yummy slices of pizza. It was rather late so we waited until about 7 to eat Goulosh made by yours truly. I seriously love to cook and I have missed not having my own kitchen while living w/ the in laws! One MAIN thing I am excited for (in 2 WEEKS!) is having my OWN kitchen and cooking all day and night and spoiling my hubby and giving him an even bigger belly then mine :) So we ate dinner and Megan studied for her finals while I flipped through TV stations and tried to leave her alone :) It probably didn't work well. We went to bed early cuz Meg had to be up to take her final at 7am, I laid around all morning until Megan got home then we laid around some more and watched some tv and just hung out. I finally got off my butt and showered and got ready for the day! We went to a very very posh movie theater in a very ritzy expensive neighborhood, we saw Australia with Nicole Kidman cuz it was like the only movie that was halfway decent playing at the time. (the theater is so small it only had 4 screens) It was a good movie but it was like 3 hours long! It was crazy. I don't recommend seeing it, maybe rent it if you must but be prepared for LOTS of blood and deaths. Some funny parts, but just kind of a weird plot. Anyways, after that we met up w/ her "best Denver friend" Janna, Janna's Mom and Aunt cuz Janna graduated Vet school that day! Yay go Janna! So we ate some yummy bar food and chatted and had fun :) We got home early since Meg had to study for her OTHER final the next morning. I watched my normal Monday night shows and just hung out and tried to be quiet again which again I'm sure it didn't work. Ha. So Tuesday Meg woke up at the crack of dawn again and took her final and I laid around being lazy as usual! We went to lunch at another great local place called Spicy Pickle. Oh my it was heaven! It was a cross between a panera and I don't know some other yummy sandwich/soup/salad place. Ha. It was so delish! Then we took the long way to get to the interstate and started the long drive to the airport I was so sad to be leaving :( But we had a BAD snowstorm in Denver Monday night that produced about 3" of snow and they were calling for bad weather in Omaha so I was deathly afraid my flight would be delayed/canceled due to bad weather. And ya'll I HAD to get back to Omaha to find out about my Baby on Wednesday! Luckily everything was perfect and my flights were right on time. I got into Omaha at about 7:15 and ran into my babies arms so glad to see him. I love that Man! We went home and he had a great surprise/present for me! I know I've said it on here before but it's really comical to me. Right when it's about a week or maybe more before a big event that boy can not WAIT for whatever occasion is coming up; he always has to give presents before. Like I always get a present a week before my actual Birthday. I get presents weeks before Christmas time. It's super funny and his Mom is the same exact way. They just get to excited and can't wait! So there was a bag with a present in it laying on the bed for me to open. To my shock and surprise he had ordered a Video Camera for us! I had been looking at them for months with the baby coming I knew we would want to capture all the big moments on video and I was excited to get one, but he kept making me wait until we got the house and moved to get one and then we would start seriously looking. Well, I guess he found a great deal and couldn't pass it up so he got it for me as an early Christmas present! I was so shocked and surprised that boy is horrible at lying and he knew about it for weeks and still told me we couldn't get one, I love my Hubby! So be prepared for LOTS of videos on here once I figure out how to upload them and everything! lol

So Wednesday morning comes, we slept in and Steve stayed home from work to go w/ me to the Dr apt and then go into work for a meeting after the apt. I was a nervous wreck. I couldn't focus on anything. I was in a bad mood and snapping at my poor innocent Hubby (I apologized later no worries) :( I so mean. But honestly I was so stressed ya'll don't know! So we wait a couple minutes in the lobby and Casey (u/s tech that I LOVE to death), took us to her room. We let the machine start up and get warmed up and had to wait even longer. Oh my I thought I was going to die from anticipation. Now I must stop here and interject, I did not care what-so-ever about the sex of the Baby. A boy, a girl, 1 baby, 4 babies whatever as long as it was healthy. All my nervousness and anticipation was over the health and only the fact that our Baby be perfect! I was so worried about Trisomy 13, 18, skeletal dyspepsia, something fatal and wrong with our Baby. Honestly I am SUCH a worry wart. I know way too much about all the different diseases Babies in utero can have and although NONE of our family has any history of any birth defects or anything I was so scared to hear "incompatible with life". So anyways, Casey comes in and is going to start, we tell her we do want to find out the sex but not until the very end once we find out everything was healthy and fine. We told her if she needed to move the screen we were fine w/ it (which she did have to do like 6 or 7 times). She scanned, measured, and looked for over 35 minutes. She was telling us stories about her own pregnancies (they had like 30 boys on her Dad's side of the family and she already had a boy and swore her 2nd baby was a boy and it was a girl!), other people, and some clients. She was so funny it was awesome she puts me at ease like nobody else can. So finally once she is done measuring everything and printing like a million pictures for us of the spine, profile, foot, I was in Mommy heaven with all the pictures! She goes through and shows us everything and telling us everything is measuring perfect. Oh my I was so so so so relived I can't tell you. I think Steve's poor fingers were purple from me squeezing him so hard. lol. Then we got to see a 4d of the Baby's face! The little arm was over the face, but we could make out a button nose, chin, and mouth it was so cute. Bean kept coving their face w/ their arms and hiding. I was so mad! It better get used to pictures and Momma shoving a camera in their face every 2 seconds. Ha. So after showing us the ribs and how perfectly shaped the spinal cord is, she showed us the Babies hands. Most of you know that if a Baby has Tri 13 or 18 their hands are clenched and it's a very very bad sign. Well, our babies’ hands were in front of their mouth sucking the thumb and waving to us. The most beautiful sight I have ever seen! This was one of my biggest worries was seeing a fist. It was beautiful, that was when I lost it. Not finding out what it was but that it was perfect and OK! Now for boring stats :) The Baby weighed 11 oz and that put it in the 28th percentile. Honestly I could care less about those charts and will never pay attention to them the whole time my child is growing up. I think they are dumb and a lot of kids now are over weight and un-healthy so why do I want to compare and have my child be "normal" or even on the big side! Oh sorry I am done ranting. So yeah Casey said that was perfect size and if the baby stays right on that curve of growing it will be in the low 7 lbs mark. Perfect for me I don't need to be pushing out a 10 lb kid! HA. But of course who knows what could change and the baby could start rapidly gaining weight in the next couple months. As long as it's healthy and they can get it out of me that is all I care about! I was measuring about 3 days ahead which is good and that means I could go a couple days early before my expected due date of April 30th. Again fine with me an early small Baby would be awesome! So after all this boring stuff is done she starts scanning again and looking for the Babies butt/lower area. She said she already knew what it was and was excited for us. We kept telling her it was a boy and how excited we were for a little boy but we were arguing over names and it was funny. So she finally finds the bottom half of the baby and lets us look for a minute, I was so sure I saw a little "wang" (sorry for the term) and said out loud "see I knew it was a Boy Steven!" and we squeezed each other's hands, so Casey just kept quiet but on the screen started typing and wrote in BIG letters T H I N K P I N K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I almost screamed! A little girl!!! Oh wow I am crying sitting here at my desk re-living it. It was so amazing and perfect and wonderful. We both started crying and were so happy. She showed us all her parts and why she thought it was a girl and we got to look at her some more and see her face and sucking her thumb. She is a VERY active Baby and was all over the screen! It was amazing. So we got like 12 pictures printed off including 2 of the 4D pictures which I will put on here at the end! She is sooooooo beautiful I am sooooooo in love w/ this Baby Girl. She is perfect and growing and I can feel her moving all the time! I just love it. She is going to be spoiled rotten! We left the office and went down to the front lobby to call our Mom's and tell them the wonderful news! Steve had to rush off for a meeting :( So I made him call his Mom at school first. As soon as she answered he told her everything is perfect and the Baby is healthy and fine and that Hailey Elaine will be here at the end of April. His Mom, God love her tends to be a loud talker and I can ALWAYS hear her on the other end of the phone and of course I was squished up to Steve's head so I could hear her reaction. lol. So she just goes "oh that's great!!!" then paused and "screamed IT'S A GIRL?!?!?!!" it was hilarious exactly the reaction I wanted! She was so positive it was a boy she had been out buying boy outfits and blue things and has since had to return them all! :) I loved it! Then I called my Momma who was about in tears and was so excited. She thought it was a boy to so she was thrilled. It was sweet. I called my sister also who was excited and one of my BFF's Nikki and we screamed together and talked about all the things I'll need and how excited we were. She has a little girl and is pregnant w/ a little boy due in Jan so I love talking to her cuz she will tell me all the practical things I need to get to get ready for the Baby to be here. I sent out a mass text message to all my other best girls and got so many amazing loving responses back. We are so blessed and this girl is going to have so many amazing cute clothes and be so spoiled by all her "Aunties"! I love these girls so much!
I think my most favorite reaction of all was from my Dad. Now you must know I think my Daddy is one of the greatest Men ever (besides God, my Hubby and my bro) and I love him to death. You could say I am a Daddy's girl and I would do anything for him. So he called me at about 6 that evening and told me he was secretly hoping it was a little girl all along and was so excited. He said the name Hailey is perfect and beautiful and he loves it. It was so great I was almost bawling. I know this lil girl is going to have Grandpa wrapped around her whole HAND and he will love her and be silly with her and they will have a special relationship. I hope Hailey and her own Daddy also have a special relationship like me and my Dad and are always close.
So later that morning I went to my regular apt w/ Dr R and he didn't do much, measured me (but didn't tell me anything about it. Wonder if I am to fat..........), and we talked for a couple minutes, I had some concerns about some of the glues and paints they use in new houses and if everything would be fine. He told me nothing will harm me or the Baby and that I can even paint her nursery! Yay! I don't think my Hubby will agree to that and that is fine with me! He can do all the painting ;) Love you Honey! Ha. So without further ado I introduce to you Hailey Elaine Sessions who should be here in less then 5 months! I want to meet her so badly!!!

Her footw/ 5 little toes, probably kickin her Momma!

Her most gorgeous profile! Face pointed up

4D picture. OK I realize for those of you who don't have kids or are not experts at seeing ultra sound pictures it looks really weird. I'll try to explain. Off to the far left is her plecenta (here by refured to as her "pillow" because she kept resting against it and Casey said she was sleeping against it like a pillow. Ha), then her head which she is digging her chin into her chest. You can see her nose right in the middle and her eyes above her cute lil nose. Her eyes are still sealed shut which is why she looks blind or something. Then her arm is drapped over her forehead cuz she was being shy and didn't want us to see her!

20wks 2days. Taken last Saturday I am 21 weeks today! Excuse the mess and the horrible face just focus on my cute lil Baby Girl Belly. Ha. Still wearing all my "normal" clothes to! YAY!

December 5, 2008

Omaha Update 12/5/08

It has been a while so I thought I would do a quick update. (Plus wifee says I have to blog) JK

Becky- Things are going well for her. She is staying very busy with friends and family. Work is there... just counting the days until she will be on maternity leave. B his feeling better with the pregnancy. Some meds are helping and she is eating almost normal. She is looking forward to all the upcoming things... Denver trip, new house, and baby. We learn the sex of the baby next week!

Steve- Going well. In the middle of lots of change again personal and work. Work is rebuilding the department and getting all new offices and cubes. The old ones were falling apart and it was about 25 years past due. Work is not too busy with the holidays coming, things tend to slow down. I am looking forward to dive into my main responsibilities in the next few months. I will be heading up a bank wide change of how items are purchased, a full source to settle solution.
I am enjoying watching nba. Even just on normal cable it is on 3 nights a week some times. Plus they finally got smart and start the east games at 7 instead of 8 or 9. But, most of the time I end up taping them and watching them on the weekend.

Baby- Baby is doing well too, All is good. Bean is growing and kicking. We will be glad to know the sex soon, and maybe even the name.

Well, that is it for now... I can't write as much as B does :)
Take care everyone!

December 4, 2008

Movin along

So I'll go on and blabbel for a little while and you'll just have to deal w/ it K?
I am super duper super mondo super excited (can you tell I am excited?) b/c I get to fly out to Denver to see my bestie ever Megan! Ahhhhhhhh! She has lived there for over 2 years and she comes back to Omaha so much so I always get to see her and I never have the time, $, or PTO at work to get to go see her :( And honestly ya'll I could travel once a weekend a month for 12 months out of the year and still not get to everybody I would want to go visit. I have friends in Florida, Pittsburgh, Colorado, and Ohio I could go visit. Then I have family in Indiana, California, Washington, Michigan, and Alabama I could go visit! Soooo crazy. I would LOVE to go see them and sometimes it's so hard planning trips and trying to decide who to go see and when. Plus being able to take like a whole week off at once for me and Steve is nearly impossible. It's so super hard! :( Makes me sad I haven't seen my Gram or my favorite Aunt's and Uncle's or met almost all of Steve's family!! We are hoping to make it to Indiana and at least Michigan this next year.
So anyway all that to prove to you what a challenge it is for me to get away! But I made no excuses this time and w/ Southwest's AWESOME flights of $49, I really couldn't beat it. And honestly after living w/ the in laws for 5 1/2 months I knew I would want to get away and re charge my batteries! I am SUPER excited and can't wait to see where Meg lives, works, hangs out, meet her friends, go to what I have been told is THEE best restaurant EVER Sweet Tomato (is that right Meg?? I always friggin forget the name. Oops), do some outlet shopping and RELAX and cook for my girl! (and Kevin to!) I can't wait! I fly out Saturday morning and come back late Tuesday night then on Wednesday is the BIG appointment! Yes Becky caved and is going to find out if this little bean is a HIM or HER. I am super nervous, excited, emotional, fearful, a bunch of feelings all mixed into one! I am praying fastly that God has his hand over us and everything will be fine. I am scared God is going to take my innocence and give us something big that we think we can't handle. I know everything will be fine and he will not give us more then we can handle but if you think of us say a little prayer?? Thank you! We appreciate all of them! I will post a blog and let everybody know once we tell our parents and family, I am super excited and can't wait to tell the world the names we have picked (me and Steve are re hashing boy names as we speak. LOL we are in-decisive), and show the newest pictures of our Little Bean!
I will leave you with one new picture from the house from last Friday. We are hoping to go tomorrow and see a sidewalk, back patio, interior paint, and all our lighting fixtures up! But if nothing has changed inside we may just skip it and go next weekend :) We'll see and I'll make sure to take plenty of pictures! So here is the kitchen w/ ALL the cabinets installed and the counter tops on. I am partial but I think it's gorgeous!!!

December 2, 2008

Bump and thump

So my most exciting news; I could finally at 18wks 4d finally was for sure feeling this little creation God has put in my body. Yes The Bean is going to be soccer star. Or maybe the most awesome next Husker Kicker! I don't care if it's a girl she could still kick the boys and footballs butt! OK sorry off track as I was sitting at my desk last night and I felt this little thump in my belly. I thought I had felt it earlier this weekend but wasn't sure what is was. It did NOT feel at all like what people said. No flutters, no bubbles, this was like a full on thump in my belly. So weird. It actually felt like I was having muscle spasm's. But I knew it wasn't a muscle spasm it was to sporadic. Call it Mother's instinct but I just knew it was my Baby telling me Hi I'm here Mom and I'm growing and fine! I LOVED it. I almost cried at my desk. (not the first time) I emailed Steve and he was all excited and said he wanted to feel it to. It's so sporadic I didn't know if he would be able to, plus I didn't know if you could feel it through all my layers of fat. Ha. So last night after dinner the little sucker was hyped up on something and was moving like mad so Steve rested his hand on my belly and felt it a couple times. It was very cool and he loved that he could be connected to the Baby like that. It was amazing. No matter what people tell you, the first time you feel it nobody can prepare you for that feeling. You try to imagine, even what it will feel like but everybody is different and you just never know. I think this kid likes to eat like it's parents because after every meal it freaks out and thumps the heck out of me. So amazing!
How was every one's Thanksgiving?? Mine was so awesome. I just LOVE our families and all the YUMMY cooking. Oh my it was incredible all the food I consumed! We first started at my parents w/ my sis, bro-in-law, and bro. We had Turkey (duh), stuffing, green bean casserole, Dad's special cranberries he made for me (I am so spoiled), wheat rolls, crescent rolls, garlic mashed potatoes, grape salad (if you beg I might ask my sis if I can post the recipe. I'll just tell you it's Paula Dean and AMAZING). And for desert we had apple pie, and apple pecan cheesecake. Roll me up and call me stuffed. OMG everything was so amazing! We hung out and chatted and then left. We got an hour nap to sleep off some of our food and then had another huge dinner w/ Steve's parents, his brother, sis-in-law, the 3 nephews and his niece. We had MORE turkey, my mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, green beans, rolls, sweet potatoes, oh my I'm sure I am forgetting some but I love re-living all this food! It was so yummy! Shelley (sis-in-law) almost made the most amazing pies. Apple- my favorite and pumpkin! I had Apple but I could tell the Pumpkin looked scrumptious to! I wish I had a piece of each ;) So it was fun spending time w/ everybody but it was crazy busy day and I really think I prefer stretching it out a little bit more. I can't handle all that food in one day! Even being pregnant! I am used to eating all through out the day not like 1 HUGE meal. I'm sure I put Bean in a food coma that day :) I have so much to be thankful for, a amazing healthy (so far!) little life growing inside me, the most AMAZING Husband I could ever ask for, the most giving amazing families ever that do SO much for us- more then we deserve, a loving and faithful God that always has his hands over us, good health for everybody we are close with, and such amazing friends! I almost cry when I think of how bad people have it and how blessed and un-thankful we are for all we have!
My best friend Jess was in town from College in Lincoln so we got to go out to dinner Wednesday night and I drug her around to great places like Walmart and Kohl's ;) Ha! It was soooooooo great to be w/ her and talk and be the LOUD girls we always are when we are together! Then Meg was in town from Denver for the Holiday and we got to go see my new house and go out to lunch and did a VERY little amount of shopping Friday. (Black Friday and a hormonal pregnant Lady do NOT mix so I slept and didn't set foot in a store until after 2 which was when the Husker Football game started and all of Nebraska shuts down during the Nebraska/Colorado game or any Nebraska game really) It was so great!!!! Then on Saturday my sweet little Jordan turned 2. I got to go to his party and see all my fellow best ex-nanny friends! Oh how I miss them and their little ones! It was super fun, then I got to go help Natalie decorate her house for Christmas and meet up w/ the boys for dinner at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, and THEN meet up w/ a couple of my FAVORITE bank friends! Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE my friends they are the BEST! I of course had to have n/a daiquiri and didn't make fun of me and were just glad I drug my pregnant self out! It was so fun and again I am so blessed and thankful to have all these amazing people in my life. What did YOU do this last weekend?? Loves to everybody!

November 24, 2008

Just movin along......

Exciting news stay tuned for prego pictures in this blog! I know everybody is waiting with baited breath and I promise to deliver! :) Ha.

So we'll start off first that there is only like 5 weeks until we move!!!! I told Steve last night that is it about how long "normal" people that are buying a pre-existing home have to wait until they close and move. Of course they have carpet and toilets and things installed in their house and we don't but that is beyond the point! Ha. This week is Thanksgiving, next weekend I am in Denver and then Christmas 2 weeks after and then we start the closing process! Walk through, meeting with the builder, and then closing and moving!!! I really hope we get a lot of friends and family to help us move because it is going to drive me bonkers that I can't do anything or carry anything heavier then a pillow. I know Steve is going to be all over me and freak out if I do or lift anything so I will just give orders :) We went to see the house this past Saturday and we finally have cabinets! Yay! They are so so so gorgeous and I could NOT be happier. I was kind of worried because me and Steve are pretty particular about wood types and colors and we were worried these would be to dark but they are perfect!!!! Here is a shot of the kitchen:

And we found a piece of our countertop laying in the garage! Kinda hard to see and picture but I was excited!

And the master bedroom:

And here are all the interior doors! Aren't they pretty?? They weren't painted so once they are white they will look very sheek:

We also had some of our baseboards in which seemed weird to me b/c we don't have carpet yet?? But again I don't know how these things work. I did take a picture but I won't bore you with posting a picture of the floor with white piece of woodwork on it. Ha.

Now on to the $ shot. I know ya'll are dying to see Ms. Fatty:

I am pretty please with how the picture turned out. I'm not as fat as I thought. Please don't look at my face just my lil belly ;) Ha. 2 weeks and 2 days until we find out how the baby is and WHAT the baby is! YAY!!! It won't be a Bean much longer we can start calling it but a real name! Not sure if we are going to tell everybody the name or keep it a secret until after it's born. I am VERY indecisive and might change my mind. Ha. But I will be sure to tell you what the babies name ISN'T! Ha. Hope everybody had a good weekend!! :)

November 21, 2008

5 for Friday

Another installment of 5 for Friday! Whose excited??? Oh just me.......oh well. Here are 5 things I am looking forward to in the next couple weeks

1~ The Original 5 Cramers {no husbands :( } going to the State Championship football game and getting to see my BFF Jess who I haven't seen in like 2 1/2 months!

2~ Getting to see my other BFF Meg in 1 week and spending the day w/ her while she is in town for the Holiday! And then going the next week to Denver to see her! YAY!!!!

3~ Thanksgiving. Family. Food. Games. Fun. Naps. Need I say more??

4~ Finding out the gender of this lil Bean I am growing and that it is all healthy and fine!

5~ Growing my little group of choir girls at church and singing our hearts and lungs out to Jesus while learning some awesome Christmas songs!

November 20, 2008

Are you ready for some football??

So I realize this post will be boring for the minus 3 readers I have but I want to write these things down and post pictures before my scrambled pregnant brain forgets it all. Ha.
On Oct 25th I had the utmost pleasure of getting to experience a Husker Football game. Oh my y'all do NOT understand how red my blood is and how much I love this football team. Ha it's pretty pathetic actually. Back in the day when I was a cute lil teenager (and even pre teen) I would cover my cheeks in husker rub on tattoos, put on my #21 (I won't tell you who #21 was but my was he beautiful, still is actually) anywho, I would get my pom poms (don't judge) and watch the football game. My trademark was to see how much I could eat through out the entire game. I remember Oranges were always a staple for some reason. Maybe the Orange Bowl had something to do w/ it? Who knows. Anyway I am way off track back to last month.........seriously a month ago feels like last weekend!!!
I piled Brother Andy, Sister Natalie and her Hubby in my Monica (my vehicle a whole 'nother post) and drove the crazy 45 minutes to Lincoln. Found our lot for FREE parking (I have connections don't ask it might not be legal but I have yet to get caught! HA!) and walked the long walk to the stadium. Oh my I love the sights, smells, people on a Husker Football Saturday. It's the greatest thing ever!!! After my sister won some free loot from a local radio station we got to the stadium and waited in line to be let in the stadium. I hadn't been to a regular season game in about 9 years and how I missed it! The Stadium had changed a lot over the last couple years. New big screens, new seats, oh it was so beautiful to me! It was a GORGEOUS day and me and Andy sure enjoyed our awesome seats right under the uprights. It was awesome! Of course I ate my red hot dog and people watched and played attention to the game a lil ;) It was a great day and I hope to carry on the tradition that is Husker Nation with my children! Thanks for going Brother it was a great day!
Of course the game was followed by a DELICIOUS meal at
DaVinci's. Yum!

Here are some highlights in picture with an explanation cuz there are of course no action shots of the game just the crazy weirdos that sat by us! Ha. So entertaining I must say.

A cool view of the stadium but honestly if I was blooger/computer/picture savvy I would put arrows pointing to Sister Natalie and Hubby :( sad you'll just have to believe me that they are sitting there somewhere holding a balloon and wearing red. HaAwesome new screens. Woohoo we're big time now!
The most awesomest band EVER
Cheerleaders, band and sea of Red screaming for their team about to come out of the "Tunnel walk" so so awesome you just HAVE to be there to understandA huge banner the crowd waves as the team comes out on the field. So awesome but hard to read
Brother bein cheesyAgain if I was cool I would point out what is so exciting in this pic but there is a boy wearing a "CornHead" and he has a huge feather stuck in the top. Not sure why but we found this to be VERY humorous
The GREATEST part of my day. (well, after the fact that he Huskers won, had DaVinci's and a Caramel Apple) This man showed up in his tan fishing hat, yellow coat and put ear plugs in. WTF? He sat there for the entire game and showed no emotion what-so-ever. It was even more greater (not proper grammar. Don't judge) was when his weird wife showed up and they ate oranges. Who eats oranges AT a game? Peel on the bleachers and everything! Soooooo weird yet soooooooooo entertaining. Me and Brother were DYING laughing.
We ran into the band walking in the street when we were on the way back to our car. It was pretty awesome to be that close to them! Love them!!!!
So all in all it was a fantastic day I know I will never forget! I hope my Bean enjoyed the game in utero and feeling crazy Mom jumping and screaming like a mad woman :) Love me some Huskers!

November 19, 2008

To my little one......

Dear Bean,
I know your not even born yet, you don't have a name, and I haven't seen your face but I have been thinking the last couple days about how much I want to talk to you. I can't talk to you in my womb yet because you won't be able to hear me for another 2 weeks. I kinda feel bad for you when you can. I'm sorry little Bean Momma likes to talk and is very loud and never shuts up. My singing is horrible, and I tend to use far to many bad words :( I am working on this. Regardless I hope my voice will calm and sooth you and you will love me no matter what my flaws. I think if your Daddy can then you will be able to also ;)
I love you already more then words can say. You have been growing inside of me for almost 17 weeks now. My belly is starting to get hard and fat and I know it's because your growing and getting bigger and that makes me the happiest I have ever been in my whole life. I can't imagine you not coming and not being here already. What did me and Daddy ever talk about before?? What consumed my thoughts all day (and night when I am awake!)?? I know you have made me have such a closer better bond w/ my God. I talk to him all the time. I can see him watching over us and that he is holding my belly and you in his hands. That makes me much less scared of our future. Even if something happens and he takes you to your eternal home I know he will hold you and so will your G. Grandparents who are waiting up there for us.
In just 3 short weeks we will FINALLY get to see your face. FINALLY get to find out if you are a boy or a girl, and find out if your growing well and everything is fine. I wish I was one of the normal typical first time pregnant girls that is naive and knows nothing but I read far to much. I pray vastly every day and night for you to be safe and that I am doing everything right. I take my vitamin every single morning, I try to eat right but am failing miserably at that, and get lots of rest and not lift heavy things. Your Daddy loves you more then he will admit, he doesn't want to get to attached until your here and he can hold you, but he is so in love w/ you and the thought of you being here and being our child. He cooks for me, cleans, does the laundry, and picks up all the heavy things he won't let me lift even though it hurts his back and knees. You have made us a family little Bean and we love you more then words can say.
Please be safe and continue to grow and I promise not to play any Michael Bolton music into my belly, that will wait until you are here my love ;) I love you so much
Your Mommy

November 11, 2008

A little of this and a little of that

So it's been awhile since I posted. Steve has had a weird laps in un-busyness at work (hey people it's my blog and I can make up words if I want to) so I've been waiting for him to write about something more exciting then NBA I don't think it's going to happen :( Maybe I should make him fill out the quiz about me? Ha yeah right! OK anywho here are some updates:
Going MUCH better. I have more of an appetite and am keeping LOTS of food down. Although it's weirdo junk. Cheeto's and grape Kool-Aid are my favorites right now. Along w/ any fast food. Taco Bell, Arby's, Burger King. Blah. I am not rich enough to eat out all the time so an occasional eggs and toast dinner has to do :) But the Reglan must be helping a lot because the nausea is down and so is the heartburn. I wish I could say it's also from being further along in the pregnancy but I still have my spouts of it (this morning was especially bad) or if I forget/take my pills to late :( I'm hoping this goes away SOON as they say not to take these pills for longer then 2-3 months. Yikes then what??
Also I have not been sleeping well. Our living arrangements have been getting the best of me and I fear I have a bad attitude about it. I whine and moan and complain far to much. I am forever grateful I have somewhere to live and especially somewhere where we can save so much $. But it's not MY house with MY bed and MY things. And I miss all of MY things :( I go to bed about 8 (yes 8pm) and am awake every night anywhere for 1 1/2 to even 4 hours one night. No rhyme or reason. I don't have to go potty although I usually do hoping that will help me fall asleep. Doesn't work. I am either hot or cold, to many lights in the room keeping me awake, it's always something. Mainly it's just my head running and running. I can't stop thinking. So I pray. A LOT. I pray for the baby, for my pregnancy and delivery, for my pregnant friends, for my marriage and husband, for our families, you name it I pray for it. Maybe God is keeping me awake so we can have "US" time together. Ha. But I need my sleep for The Bean, God!!!!
I have my 16 week apt tomorrow with my amazing Dr. I am excited. It should be boring, give blood, get weighed (pray for gain but NOT to much!), and ask my trillion questions! Now as you all know Dr Reed has a history of DRAGGING me in for ultra sounds at every visit. I told Steve not to come as we are not SUPPOSED to have an ultra sound so there is no need for him to come. But if by some odd reason we DO have one we could find out the sex! So now I am torn. Do I say no and not have one and wait until Dec at 20 weeks to find out when for sure my Hubby will be there? Or do I do one by myself and find out and then go tell him?? Of course if something is wrong and it's an emergency I will have one w/out batting and eye lash, but just for kicks I don't know what to do! Honestly people I am WAY to obsessed over this. LOL. Oh my! So anyways, I am getting a belly and this excites Steve to no end. He loves touching it and I make him kiss it and rub it all the time. Ha. I promise to take pictures SOON it's just I don't always look the most flattering and I don't want to post that for all the world to see.

We have walls people! Our outside is mostly done, just needs grass, door bell, and exterior lighting. It's very exciting! We got our final move in date, and it will not change at all. We are moving in.........................DUN DUN DUN...............less then...............7 WEEKS!!!! Jan 2nd! OMG I am so so so so so so excited beyond words you have no idea! Seems like it will come up so quickly! We will have Thanksgiving, I am going to Denver to see Meg, then Christmas and then BAM we will move! :) Pray for good weather and NO snow or ice! :) hehe I know a lot to ask for in Nebraska in January! And now for an overload of pictures!!!
The outside!!! YAY! So cute! It's 2 different colors of tan. The bottom (main part) is creamy white and the peaks are darker shade of tan :) I LOVE IT! (p.s. you can see the monster of a house that is going in next door. Yikes our house looks tiny next to it!)
View into the foyer/living room from front door. LOVE me some windows!
My Kitchen! The food pantry is to your left
View of living room from Kitchen. And the door leading to our master bedroom is on your left.

Love me some windows! I am so excited about all the light that will come in the living room/kitchen from these. I love it!!!
Down to the "Man Cave"

Bean's Nursery and big window. Can't wait to decorate and paint!!!!

The spare room/guest room/computer room. Again I'm sorry people but I LOVE the windows! This faces the front of the house with the adorable flower box under them! :)

Our master bedroom one of 2 windows in the room

View from the picture above. HUGE walk-in closet to your left and master bathroom straight ahead.

Me and Steve are doing great. Trying to soak up all the "US" time we can get as we know our lives will drastically change in 5 short months. Plus with all the moving and house things we will be doing I know we won't have as much quality time together. A couple Saturday's ago I made him take me out on a real date. It was gorgeous outside like high 70's one night so we ate at Spaghetti Works downtown, went on the huge slides in the park, and for a horse drawn carriage ride. It was one of the best nights ever! I knew the weather would be changing and cold (it is. 30's this week. Burrrrr), and then Bean would be here before we know it and we wouldn't have the opportunity to do it again! It was so great and I have the best most understanding Husband in the entire world. I have no idea why he loves me but he does! And well I must say! :)
I took Thursday off for my Dr apt and also have a dentist apt that day (I swear I am trying to kill myself I always do that. Get them all over in one fail swoop), and then going Christmas shopping with my sister! YAY! It will be here before we know it people! I am teaching a Kids Choir at church on Sunday's and it's so fun! We are learning Christmas songs and when I told them we only had like 7 weeks to practice they got all excited!! :) I love Christmas!!!!

November 4, 2008


So I'm a day late for McMama's Not Me Monday but I must admit I have some to add.

I most certainly am pregnant here is the proof of pregnancy brain I have lately.....

I so desperately needed my morning breakfast of a bomb pop popsicle that I dropped in the drive way leaves sticks and all, decided it was fine wiped it off with a tissue and headed to work licking the cherry-lime-blue raspberry goodness. I would never do that. EVER

Rented some movies to watch with the hubby this past weekend. Got them from Hollywood Video and promptly returned them to BlockBuster Video. Yeah I am organized and on top of things I would NEVER do that. And thank goodness they called Daddy and told him so he could remind his daughter what a fruitloop she is! HA Oh my

I would never eat frozen M&M cookies the MIL is probably saving for the holidays cuz I am pregnant and NEEDED them. Nope NEVER.

That concludes enough embarrassment although I do have a couple other good ones.........we'll save them for a post after the baby and maybe a couple martini's.........pray for me girls I need it!

November 3, 2008

Forgot One

I see I forgot one team, the Rockets. Easy to do concidering their consistent first round exits. However, if they can get decent PG play and stay healthy, they have a chance. Considering Yao and TMacs injury list, the odds are low, but possible.

October 31, 2008

NBA Predictions

Ok, so I finally have some breathing time at work and B [Becky] has been asking me to blog so here it goes. And YES bloging about nba counts dear. :)

The teams that have a chance to win a NBA championship are; [in no order]

What they need to do to win:
Pistons- Need a shake up of the roster. One or two big trades. I hear Prince is on the block. Not sure he is the one that needs to go, but might be the most marketable.

Celtics-Need to stay healthy and hungry. I think KG will keep them the later

Lakers- Need to stay healthy. With Byum back, they are the most talanted team. Odom off the bench is another smart move by Phil.

Hornets-Need to pull off a trade that will give them more depth

Cavs- Keep James healthy and you have a chance. But with help this year they will be good. If only he gould get more players at their true postion. A pg that passes, a C that posts, a PF that scores, a SG that shoots, any of that would be good.

Suns- Need to trade for a good backup PG or they will lose again.

Spurs- Need big three peaking at the right time to have a chance. New blood would help.

In the end I will predict the LA Lakers will win the Championship this year.

5 for Friday

In keeping w/ my insane amount of posts this week I thought I would do a fun 5 for Friday! Here are 5 songs that remind me of my Hubby whom I love then words (or these songs!) could ever say

1) Could Not Ask For More-Edwin McCain

2) Love Of My Life- Michael W. Smith and Jim Brickman

3) With You -Jessica Simpson

4) Yeah-Usher

5) I Can Only Imagine-Mercy Me

Happy Halloween Everybody!!! <3

October 30, 2008

Winds of change

Ha do you like my subject line? I rock. OK I think I've officially lost it. I'm being a little dramatic but honestly there are lots of changing going on in our lives right now. Apparently Steve is dead. Or he actually works at his job. Either one. Ha. So boring stuff first, our jobs are going well. My dept has been very awesome and understanding about all my pregnancy sickness and going to Dr apt. Steve's office has been wonderful and are very exciting for us. They even let him leave an important conference to hear the heartbeat for the first time a couple weeks ago. So awesome! So we have been very blessed and I am trying to stick through the sick times to save up my PTO. :) Now onto one of my favorite subjects; THE HOUSE! So we had butt loads of rain a couple weeks ago and everything got pushed back and back and back. :( Sad. We were supposed to have siding on the exterior but we don't yet so hopefully that will be up by this weekend. I haven't taken pictures lately cuz honestly not much has changed. We have windows and a front door, sliding back door, and garage door which is very exciting and we went last night to see the siding (which was non-existent) and we have bath tubs, almost all the plumbing and electrical! YAY! So that is huge if I can live on the inside I don't care what the outside looks like right? ha. It's been super hard on me. Especially nesting and being such an organized person to not have a house to clean and organize and not being able to buy baby things like normal people at this stage is hard. I try not to be depressed or let it get me down but driving by our old area of town is super hard. I miss that house so much! But I know in an odd way it's been best for our marriage. In our old house we were always split and I would sit upstairs and be on the computer watching tv in the guest room and Steve would be downstairs watching basketball or playing xbox. Now since we live in less then 200 sq ft we are forced to be together. He watches my shows, gets me popsicles, rubs my back, and holds me after I puke. Ha. So wonderful! I am so blessed to have such an amazing man that puts up w/ me. But more on that later! So we get our final move in date on our new house next week and I will be sure to update you and probably add a ticker so I can start counting down the weeks and days! YAY! So now on to my most favorite subject in the whole entire world! THE BEAN! Oh my how I have fallen in love w/ this little baby. Everybody is telling me it's a girl and getting my hopes up. They say your sickest with girls, and because of the heart rate being so high. We'll see as I know neither of these mean much only God knows at this time what he is making! I am super excited to find out in 10 weeks. To long to wait! Steve is un-able to come to the next apt (honestly nothing exciting will be happening. Just hear the heartbeat and give more blood to them vampires I call the nursing staff. lol) in November so if Dr Reed decides to have a look see there is a possibility we could find out if Bean is a boy or girl but I won't let that happen w/out the Hubby there :) We'll see and of course you know I'll update! Health wise I am slowly but surely getting better. I am 14 weeks today and entering my 2nd trimester so this is the time when everything magically goes away right? Ha. We'll see. I got "sick" again this past Sunday night and Monday morning before work so I broke down and got a prescription filled from my dr. I got Reglan and so far I have no idea what it's doing except making me hungry and eat more and not feel quite as nauseous as before. Still a lil bit but nothing compared to the last 8 weeks. So Praise God! I haven't been eating healthy or caring what I eat just as long as I eat something. I know this will soon change but I am cutting myself a break since I have lost over 10 lbs since I first found out I was prego. I ordered a pregnancy work out video to start and also a pregnancy journal to start documenting things. Cuz we all know how much I love to write and document things :) I keep saying I will take a prego pic but honestly they wouldn't be that exciting so I am holding off until I am officially showing. I need to do it sooner then later tho. In other news we are getting really excited for the Holidays and to spend Thanksgiving with our families thanking God for all our blessings and our wonderful amazing families! I am super duper excited for Christmas!!! I love this time of year and all things fall and Holidays! Winter and snow not so much but I know it comes along with it. :) I also booked me a flight to go from Omaha to Denver to see my Megpie! YAYAYAYAY! I already had this trip planned so hopefully all things will go as planned and I can actually go this time! I am super duper excited to see her and her life outside of Nebraska! Love you Megs can't wait to come visit! OK this was dumb and boring so I'm outta here now! Loves to all! LEAVE ME SOME COMMENTS PEOPLE! Ha

P.S. Remember to check on Stellan and prayers of Thankfulness to a loving amazing God that could only perform a miracle like this!

October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

To the one that always keeps me warm.......

October 28, 2008

Ode to my Boo

So I know ya'll are gonna stop reading my Blog if I don't stop stealing Meme's from other people but this one is about one of my most favorite people in the world so I had to fill it out!

1. He is sitting in front of the TV, what is he watching?
Honestly most likely playing xbox 360, but if for some reason the TV is actually on a channel it's either something on Discovery Channel (Mythbusters or Dirty Jobs), or HGTV I love me a home makeover Hubby! Oh and depending on the time of year almost always NBA

2. You are out to eat, what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Nothing at all if it does have dressing it's all mine he eats his salad plain. So weird!

3. What's one food he doesn't like?

4. You go out to a bar, what does he order?
Water, we don't do the bar scene

5. Where did he go to High School?
Wheeling in Chi town and then graduated from Elkhorn in Nebraska

6. What size shoe does he wear?
10 1/2 but it can depend on the shoe

7. If he were to collect anything, what would it be?
Basketball cards and xbox games

8. What is his favorite sandwich?
Roast Beef plain just bread and meat. He is my plain man so boring!

9. What would he eat every day if he could?
Hmmmm probably spaghetti and meatballs or Beef Stew
10. What is his favorite cereal?
Captain Crunch Peanut Butter

11. What would he never wear?
Jeans :( No matter how cute he looks in them he hates them

12. What is his favorite sports team?
Doesn't really have one follows players not teams (this annoys me to no end)

13. Who will he vote for?
Dunno we don't talk about that it could just start a fight so it's pointless

14. Who is his best friend?
Me, his brother, my BIL

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn't do?
whine at him all the time and lay guilt trips on him (even tho I am joking)

16. How many states has he lived in?
2- Ill and Neb

17. What is his heritage?
heck if I know a mix of everything like me I think?!?!

18. You bake him a cake for his birthday, what kind of cake is it?
no cake. He would rather have a loaf of bread. Seriously

19. Did he play sports in High School?
Yeah HUGE into basketball even ruined his knees for it. He played 1 game of Football and got hurt to. Ha I love you Honey!

20. What could he spend hours doing?
Playing his video games and luckily for me spending time with me and watching tv/movies!

OK so I'm tagging all you girls out there that read this (all 2 of you!) to fill it out so I can read it to!!!! :)

October 23, 2008


So this week is crawling by and today is the worst. I am sooooooo ready to go home! So I found this on a random blog I started reading today and yes I stole it. Yes I am a blog stalker (the first step is admitting you have a problem right??). So I don't do a tag or anything just fill it out and leave me a comment so I can read it and comment on your blog! YAY!


1. Initials: Well the long answer is RLS used to be RLC so I went from being RC Cola to being BS haha

2. Name someone with the same birthday as you: OK I had to look this up cuz I had no idea and I found nobody at all. All I could find that I knew was Fidel Castro and I don't want to claim that!

3. Last thing you ate?: Some dried apricots. Blah they weren't very good

4. For or against same sex marriage?: We won't go there

5. Last person you hugged?: My Steven

6. Are you single?: Nope married and lovin it!!!!

7. How many U.S states have you been to?: Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Dakota, Minnesota, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, California, Nevada, Michigan, Colorado, Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee

8. How many of the U.S states have you lived in: Just good ol Nebraska why leave everybody is right here for the most part! :)

9. Ever lived outside of the US: See above ^

10. Name something you like physically about yourself: My feet esp after a pedi and my bum. Ha

11. Who is your best friend?: I have lots!

12. Why are you still up?: Cuz it's only 8:40am I would love to be in bed but I have to make a buck!

13. Who made you angry today?: Nobody yet give me time tho.......

14. Favorite type of Food?: Salad and Cheesecake (but not mixed together)

15. Favorite holiday?: Christmas! Actually Christmas Eve is the BEST! 4th Of July is a close 2nd

16. Do you download music: Of course!

17. Do you think Elvis is still alive?: um no

18. Have you ever lied about being in love with someone?: No I probably used the term "love" to loosely in my younger days but live and learn

19. First Song on your iPod?: 6, 8, 12 by Brian McKnight love it!

20. Has anyone ever sang or played for you personally?: Um no not that I can think of

21. Do you love anyone?: Very much!

22. Do you like Bush?: I'm sure he is a very nice person and I pray for him. We'll leave it at that

23. Have you ever bungee jumped?: Heck no I do NOT have a death wish and am deathly afraid of heights

24. Have you ever gone white-water rafting:? Again with the death wish, NO

25. Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you?: Yeah dirty ol men comin' in the bank. Gross

26. How much money ya got?: Just some random change in my wallet

27. Have you met a real redneck?: I live WAY to close to Iowa and Missouri

28. How is the weather right now?: Cold and rainy and dark :( Depressing week!

29. What are you listening to right now: The stupid phone ringing at work

30. What is your current favorite song?: Ohhhhh to many to count! Probably Be Near by Shane
& Shane

31. What is the last movie you watched: The Notebook w/ Hubby

32. Do you wear contacts: nope to dope

33. Where was the last place you went besides your house?: Applebees for dinner!

34. What are you afraid of?: Bats, Midgets (it's my blog and I will use that very un-pc word if I want to), Clowns (midget clowns make me pee myself. Oh my)

35. How many piercings and tattoo's do you have?: 2 and 1

36. How many pets do you have: 0

37. What's one thing you've learned?: Never to pick your nose while driving or at least not when people are looking

38. What do you usually order from Starbucks?: A smoothie or Hot chocolate. Yum! But if I am feeling daring I will get a decaf white chocolate mocha. Oh heaven!

39. Have you ever fired a gun?: A BB gun that is it

40. Are you missing someone?: yea my Megpie

41. Fav. TV show?: The Hills, House Hunters, America's Funniest Videos (Sorry but I love it), Wipeout

42. Do you have an iPod?: Sure do it's red and super cute!

43. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celeb?: My friend Kristi used to tell me I looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt but we were online/pen pals and she never saw me in person. But trust me I never looked like her. At all

44. Do you like ponytails on men?: Heck no!

45. Who would you like to see right now?: A couple different people

46. Favorite movie of all time?: ohhhhhh a million! Haha we'll just go w/ Drop Dead Gorgeous

47. Do you find yourself loved?: Very very very much!!!

48. Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't supposed to?: Yeah high school was a very long hard time. Ha

49. Favorite flower: Tulips

50. Butter, plain, or salted popcorn?: Lots and lots of extra butter!

51. What Magazines are you reading: Old lady ones. Ha. And every day. Don't judge me

52. Have you ever ridden in a limo: for my sis's wedding

53. Has anyone you were really close to passed away?: Lots of Grandparents and a couple other close friends :(

54. Do you love David Hasselhoff?: Um not so much

55. What's something that really bugs you?: Rude ppl that don't know how to drive

56. Favorite 80s song?: Footloose

57. Do you like Michael Jackson?: His early 90's stuff

58. What's your favorite smell?: Babies and my Hubby right out of the shower

59. Favorite basketball team: Bulls I guess NBA is Steve's thing

60. Favorite cereal: Lucky Charms

61. Do you drive: Everywhere!

62. What's the longest time you've gone without sleep?: um 1 day I think. I die w/out my sleep I NEED lots of it

63. Last time you went bowling?: August for Brother Andy's Birthday!

64. Where is the weirdest place you have slept?: At a Catholic Church (I am not catholic) for a lock in for highschoolers w/ my ex boyfriend. It was fun but I almost died I was so tired!

65. Who was your last phone call?: Customers blah

66. Last time you were at work?: Currently

67. What's your favorite state to be in?: right where I am! Penn w/ Jessie or Colorado w/ Meg are good to!