February 27, 2009

Special Times

These are things that Bean and I have done together (and w/ other people) even though she hasn't even arrived yet:

  • Moved into a beautiful amazing gorgeous brand new house

  • Celebrated Birthday's of the following people: Grandma's S & C, Grandpa's S & C, Aunt Natalie,Uncle Andy, Uncle Scott, Aunt Shelley, Daddy, G. Grandpa S, Jordan, Nevaeh, Auntie Meriam and Mommy!
  • Coached and watched Auntie Nikki have Cameron (who will be one of Hay's best friends, that is how it works, Mommy's are friends you will be to!)
  • Made countless trips to Target and Wal-Mart (Mommy's favorite stores!)
  • Got pedicures and pretty toenails w/ Auntie Nikki and Aunt Natalie
  • Flew to Denver and back to Omaha to visit our favorite Auntie Megan
  • Drove through several scary snow storms and made it home safe and sound. (yay!)
  • Celebrated Mommy working at her Bank for 5 years!
  • Made countless dinners and special treats for Daddy (and Mommy's favorites too!)
  • Went down huge water slides on Mommy's Birthday (although if she had known she was in there at the time we probably wouldn't have done that)
  • Celebrated the Birth of Jesus Christ
  • Went to lots of movies in the Theater b/c Mommy and Daddy know once Bean comes they won't be able to do this much if at all!
  • Went to Lincoln to see Auntie Jessica's amazing play "The Christmas Carol"
  • Tried on Dresses for Auntie Nikki's wedding, won't do that again until Bean is here! Dress wouldn't zip and Mommy didn't like that at all :(
  • Went shopping at KMart (5) WAY to many times for Mommy's taste (although I think Daddy LOVED it ha)

I'm sure there are many more things I am forgetting but it has been special and I can't wait for all the memories we'll make once the little Jelly Bean is here!!!!

February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

9 weeks

Yes I am totally counting down the weeks until I get to meet my little Jelly Bean. Oh my I can't wait. No more work, I'll have my body back (somewhat who knows in what condition ha), and I'll have my little Girl to hold and take care of and oddle over! Honestly I am sooo excited and anxious! I am most excited to see Steve and how he reacts as a Dad and how much he loves her. I am excited to take those cheesy pictures of them sleeping together with her on his chest and silly things like that! Especially him changing the first poopy diaper ;)
My body has decided to swell and/or retain water. I am NOT very excited about this. My fingers look like sausages with pretty diamond rings on them today :( They were NOT like this yesterday just all the of the sudden. And on Friday night me and sister Natalie went and got pedicures and when I took off my shoes and rolled up my jeans OMG I have CANKLES folks. I almost cried. Seriously. I have always liked my legs/feet. They aren't to big and look good in shorts and I especially love my toes after they are polished and I can wear my cute little sandals. Well, they are not cute fat and puffy and missing ankles! Oh my it was horrible! I am sooooo superficial huh? What if my face blows up?? 9 weeks of this left? Haha. We'll see what my dr says but I am trying to eat so healthy and pump myself full of water but I get so bloated! ha. OK so here are some pictures of me at 29 wks 4 days. I need to take some new ones this week!!

Side profile and my niece standing in front of me. That sweater seriously does hide most of my belly I am way bigger in person trust me! Not the best picture but it will have to do :)
Wendy (having her lil boy March 17th) her friend Leigh (having her lil boy June 1st) and me and Bean! You really can't see how big I am due to the sweater but hope you can see her a lil! :)

We got her room all painted now we are just hanging chair rail and it will be all done! Her crib and changing table come this Saturday and we are soo excited! It will feel so good to have it all done! Yay! Expect pictures to come.

Well, I will end this here even though I am bored out of my gourd! (something my Momma says. Ha) I looked at my last post and can't believe I wrote that much. Oops! Sorry guys! :) Loves!!!

February 20, 2009

6 months

I am one that is huge on Anniversary's. I love reminding Steve (even though we don't celebrate) of our dating, engagement, birthday's, wedding, first kiss, first date, first time we went here or do this or whatever. It's fun to me to look back at however long it's been and see where we are and that we actually made it here!
6 months ago today I was sitting here at my desk in tears, with a horrid stomach ache trying not to throw up from anticipation and worry. I was going to go to my Dr office at 12:15 and find out what all 5 sticks I tested meant. If you remember I took 5 tests the night before, 2 were positive and 3 were negative. I was scared, excited, worried, confused out of my mind. But mainly I was trusting God and praying w/ my whole heart that his will be done and if he wanted us to have a Baby he would take care of everything and we would be fine. It turns out God wanted us to have a Baby. It was probably one of the most emotional days of my life. We had been trying for 10 months to get pregnant to no avail. And honestly to this day I don't know when or how (besides the obvious) it happened. Was it some of the meds I was taking?? Was it because I wasn't so consumed in temperatures, times, cycles, ect?? Or was it just God's will?? I'm pretty sure it was that we surrendered to God's timing and everything worked out when he wanted it to work. I am so so so grateful for this Baby and for that day and all the hard time we went through. It seriously makes me so much more excited and grateful then I ever could have been.
I have been waiting to write a post because I wanted to post a belly picture, I went to a baby shower the other night and had my picture taken with a "friend" (it's confusing, she is my sister in laws sister, but I just consider her to be a good friend) and one of her friends at the shower. Wendy is having her baby on March 17th and her friend is due June 1st and we took some pictures together and I've been waiting for the MIL to email them. I didn't ask her to but she just usually does and this one time she didn't! Oh well I'll see her tomorrow night and will ask her to then and then I'll just have to write another post and put the picture up. Or maybe I'll take one tonight. Me and my sis are going to get our toes done and go to dinner so I'll take some pictures when I get home :) That is if we don't have another stupid blizzard..........ugh I am so done with winter! Sorry...........

Anywho, I am now 30 weeks and 1 day. Oh my freaking gord I am going to have a Baby! This is seriously starting to freak me out. I'm not worried about being ready for her to come (cuz we're totally not) or even labor and delivery (which I am). I am more worried about how this little Bean is going to impact our lives. Will I be a good Mom? Will I be to strict and mean and yell at spank her all the time?? Or will I think she is so perfect and cute and adorable that she will go to other people's house and in public and yell and scream and break stuff like those kids that we don't really "care" for???? Oh my it's a lot of pressure. Seriously it sounds so bad but I see parents these days, out in public at wally world, target, the mall, even friends with kids that I see first hand and I wonder why they don't discipline?? Seriously? Why does everybody over indulge and spoil thier kids?? They sit in the shopping cart and yell and scream and throw a fit so the parent gives them cookies. HUH?? Shouldn't you calm the child and warn/scare them to calm down, tell them they can't have cookies cuz they threw a fit and next time if they are good and sweet and quiet they can have a treat. Doesn't that just make sense?? Or why if a child is talking back to you would you pick it up and praise them?? Shouldn't you tell them it's wrong to talk that way and that they have to apologize?? I seriously don't get it. I know it will be different then I think it is, I'll have a hard time hurting her and telling her No but I refuse to be her friend and let her get out of control. All those kids screaming and getting their way in Target, what will they be like when they are 17 18 years old? Scary! Anyways must be my hormones but these are things I am pondering and obsessing over right now. LOL.
Plus I am I don't know what would you say, nervous, worried, upset about how me and Steve's lives are going to change. I'll be sleep deprived, in pain, crabby, and he'll be sleep deprived and want to help but not want to over do it w/ his health and it will be hard! Plus the fact that we can't just throw on some shoes and run to Target or the mall or to a movie whenever we want. I'll have to plan outings w/ my girlfriends, trips to the grocery store, around feedings. We might not get much time in front of the tv cuddling and talking b/c she will need to be fed and changed and make sure she isn't screaming her head off. Ugh. So much pressure! Ha. Trust me this is ALL I have ever wanted in life. I have the most perfect life I could ever imagine and this little Bean is just making it even more amazing. But I honestly never thought it would happen. I never thought it would be real and I would be having an actual Baby grow inside of me. So so so crazy.
Which brings me to my OTHER worry. When I first first found out I was pregnant I was a nervous wreck. I would lose the Baby, it wouldn't form/grow properly, I would start to bleed, SOMETHING would go wrong. Then after the first 12/15 weeks I stopped worrying about that and moved on to bigger and better things. I worried they would find something horribly wrong at the 20 wk ultra sound. Some deformity, or chromosomal abnormality or something wrong. The only thing they found was my fluid was a tiny bit low and I needed to drink more water. Seriously?? She is perfect and fine and I am capable of growing a perfect little human?? Now I am on to other things, cord issues, placental abruption, her not fitting in the birth canal, being breech, SOMETHING!!!! Seriously do you have any idea how hard it is to be retarded and be me? I am my Father's child. I read WAY to much info on the web.
I have had almost every minor pregnancy side effect you can encounter. Heartburn-check. Leg cramps-check. Bloating-check. Bloody noses-check check check. Nausea-check. Food aversions-check. Failed my 1st gestational Diabetes test-check. Yes failing that test was HUGE for me. Seeing my Dr's office on my caller ID that day was horrible my heart sank. I couldn't get in for the 3 hour glucose test for 7 days. They weren't happy but what could they do. I totally and completely changed my diet from that moment on. I cut myself down to less then 150 carbs a day. (from probably 2000 a day ha) It was so hard, emotionally, physically, everything. I broke down so hard. It was pathetic. Steve would just hold me and let me go off and scream and cry and tell me it would be OK. Why was my body failing me? I couldn't make a Baby, then when it finally decided to do that I couldn't process my sugar and could in turn hurt or even kill my baby and possibly me?? WHAT?? Oh my it was bad. I am SUCH a drama queen. I ate so well that whole week. Sugar free snacks, sandwiches, LOTS of fruit and veggies, only water to drink, man it was HARD. I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some sugar ya'll. Honestly. And to give it all up?? I was not dealing well w/ this.
So to make a long post even longer b/c I am BORED out of my eyeballs here is the whole long Hospital visit story from last Saturday.
I woke up at 6:30am and hopped in the shower, my lovely most amazing Husband begrudgingly also woke up and got ready to go with me. Am I lucky ladies or what? He promised he would be with me every step of the way that day and he truly was. I woke up starving. I ate a sugar free ice cream bar at 8:30pm Friday night and wasn't allowed to eat anything after midnight. I didn't know if it included drinking but I figured water would be fine right?? What can water do to alter glucose tests?? Well, for some reason in the morning something told me not to have anything at all until we got there and if they said I could have water I would get me a bunch. Good thing I didn't.

We leave and get to the hospital at about 7:50 and I was supposed to be there at 8. I go to the desk at the Diagnostic Center and tell the little cute lady who I am and what not and she tells me she is having computer problems and can't print anything off, including the forms I need to fill out to start the test. Seriously? So we wait, and wait, and wait and wait. We waited until 8:40 to fill out the forms. Great. Finally we get the paper work situated and this weird nurse blood taker lady takes me to small back room (more like a hall way with some chairs and curtains), tells me to sit in the "comfty" chair and rest my arm on the pillow. She wanders around talking to herself and being super weird. Me and Steve are looking at each other trying not to lose it. Honestly. So she won't really tell me what is going to happen or how this test works she just keeps mumbling weird stuff. I ask her if I can drink water and she says no not to. Seriously?? So she finally ends up telling me that basically they take my blood once, see what my sugar levels are since I hadn't eaten in over 12 hours (almost 13 by this point it was like 9:15) and if I drew a super high level with nothing in my system they would not proceed with the test and know that I had the Gestational Diabetes. If I had a good low number I would have to drink that nasty orange stuff (which I will give you my full opinion on it since you asked thankyouverymuch. It's like a 6 oz plastic water bottle filled with mostly w/ water, 10 cups or more of sugar and a packet of orange kool aid. There you have it folks it's not "flat orange juice" like some weird ppl say it is (what does UN flat OJ taste like then?? Weird, OJ has no carbonation in it so I don't know how it can go flat? I am confused on that one)), get my blood tested an hour after I first drink it, then again in an hour and then AGAIN in another hour. Yes folks 4 blood draws. Oh my I felt woozy already. And no food or water or anything until those 3+ hours are done. Yippie. So I got my first blood at like 9:10 or something and they threw it to the lab to be tested and the results would come back in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile while we're waiting for the first draw to come back so know if we need to proceed with the test or not psycho scary blood taker lady gets on the phone talking about her bagel order. EXCUSE ME??? Ya'll do NOT understand how much in love with bagels I am. Seriously. If there is one around I eat it. Give me a gourmet bagel like from Panera or Brugers and I go nuts. Cream cheese?? My BFF. I can eat it plain out of the container seriously ask any member of my family. It's a bad addiction. And of course I have been craving them but I knew w/ my new no sugar/carb diet I was on they didn't quite fall into the healthy category. So anyways I hear her on the phone w/ PANERA talking about her bagel/cream cheese order and didn't know when she could come pick it up. Um excuse me??? I literally think I started drooling. I squeezed Steve's hand and gave him the widest eyed look I could manage. He started laughing so hard and squeezing my hand back. So guess what psycho blood taker lady did?? She called some other poor lab tech guy in that has never done glucose testing, so she could go and pick up her bagel order!!!! OK seriously?? So now I have some poor boy taking my blood and making me drink stuff that he doesn't have any clue about?? This did NOT go over well w/ Steven. He was about to either A) walk out or B) go tell them we wanted somebody who KNEW what they were doing or we were going to refuse anything. I told him to calm down and we'd see what happens and how it goes and then freak out on somebody if we had to. lol. So blood taker Lady (that I didn't care for anywhere and almost killed me taking my 1st blood draw I couldn't imagine if she did 3 more) left to get her dumb panera. Whoopie. So we're still just hanging out and have no idea what is going on. Before lab boy came Blood taker lady was mumbling something about how they were out of the glucose drink but some was coming from somewhere and I didn't completely understand. So once she went on her panera run lab boy came over and told us he was so so so sorry but they were out of the nasty orange drink and they were physically driving some clear across town from some main lab in South Omaha. (we are at the hospital across the st from our house which is just about as North as you can get in Omaha) Oh and did I mention Friday night we got about 8" of snow and the roads were still terrible? Yeah this was gonna take awhile. So we wait. And wait and wait. I guess they ordered it sometime at 7am and it didn't get there until 9:45. So I drink my crap at 9:50 and have to wait an hour to get more blood drawn. Oh yeah! My 1st levels came back very low which was good and I was very relived. Well, to a point who really wants to drink that orange crap and have their blood taken 3 more times?? But whatever I would do it if it meant there was a small possibility of being healthy and "normal". So we go and wander around the hospital for an hour. We found the gift shop, a computer lab so we check our email (and I updated my facebook ha! I'm a geek), a really cool empty office with a kickin fish tank so we hung out there and relaxed and watched the fishies, and then we found the cafeteria and Steve got a Burger for "lunch" at 10:30 am. LOL. I ran some things out to the car and when I got back Blood Taker lady was magically back from panera. Ugh. I was not happy to see her. So she took me back and ohmygord did this one hurt. I'm sure I was severely hydrated by this time, it had been over 14 hours since I had ate or drank anything. (Unless you count the nasty orange kool aid mixture or brushing my teeth at 7:30am) So my blood was not fully flowing. Sorry if this is TMI or if you have a weak stomach but I could actually feel the blood trying to come out my vain. That is how bad it was. I think Steve's hand turned purple from me squeezing it so hard. It was bad. So we wait for another hour. By this point Steve is exhausted and wanted to go home, I WANTED to go home but more then anything I wanted fruit and to drink a gallon of water. I was miserable and not handling it the best way I could. Steve sat in the un-comfty chairs in the waiting room and I joined him and we saw that "Notting Hill" was on tv, one of our most favorite movies ever. So we went and watched it for an hour until it was time for my next blood draw. Oh my I almost didn't make it. Somehow in that time scary blood taker lady left. No idea where she was going but I was praying she was not coming back. She was scary and hurt me. So finally after the longest hour of my life lab boy takes us back and does yet another draw. I asked him what my last draw came back at and he said he would try to check but didn't know if he had access to them. (since this obviously wasn't his normal job or station) So he did the blood draw perfectly I didn't barely feel a thing it was amazing. Of course after my arms starting killing me. Just so you understand here and get the full picture, on Thursday at my Dr apt Kayla took 2 vials for the initial glucose test out of my right arm, then the following Saturday (not 2 days but 9 days later) I had her take from the left arm, then from the right again, and then lab boy did the left AGAIN and I still had one to go. Yes I was in pain and it was ugly.
So after the last draw we were the only ppl left in the center so we decided to run home (we live about 4 minutes from the hospital) to rest and Steve needed some food and then we would run back for the last draw. Blah. I was SO SICK and TIRED and HUNGRY. It was bad. I started getting nauseous from going almost 16 hours with no food or water or anything. I changed my pants from jeans into gauchos and laid in bed. It was bad. I had some close calls but managed not to get sick. We went back and lab boy said he couldn't pull up the draws but he would call and see what he could do and if we could find out. I did not want to wait all weekend until my Apt Monday to find out the results. I wanted to know if I should be extra super careful or if I could have me some S U G A R. Haha. I am so bad! So we get the last one done, yes a 3rd poke in about a week in my poor right arm :( It was bad. But lab boy did a great job and again it didn't hurt until about 30 minutes later. By now it's past 1 o'clock. Almost 17 hours with no food or drink. And we could NOT find out the results. Because of privacy acts the lab could only reveal results to my Dr office not to me :( Oh my I was pissed and threw a fit. Seriously I did. Felt like I went through all that for nothing. It was bad. I needed to know and I needed to know RIGHT NOW. So I made Steven stop at Bueno and get me a taco and a tostada. LOL. I went home and scarfed it like no other, drank about 2 bottles of water and went to bed bloated like an elephant. I slept for 3 hours and woke up feeling much better and still hungry. I ate a couple snacks and laid around for awhile. I then got up the energy to go to walmart since we were completely out of food and drug my sorry weak butt around the store. I got home and ate some here and there stuff and laid on the couch the rest of the night. Oh did I mention that this was Valentine's Day?? Do I have the greatest hubby ever or what? He spent the entire morning/afternoon w/ me at the hospital, and then made a HUGE "bed" of blankets and pillows on the floor and laid and cuddled me. Plus he gave me the best sweetest card I have ever received in my life. Oh my I love that man! So all in all it wasn't the best Valentine's day ever. Ha. But we have each other and our little Bean and we're happy :) All I said was I wanted to be together and that is what I got!
So I managed to make it through the rest of the weekend on minimal sugar on my diet, and on Monday morning decided I would call the Dr office and just have them read me the results over the phone. My Apt wasn't until 4:15 and I had already waited 2 days I didn't want to have to wait all day Monday to! So I called at like 9:15 and Dr Reed wasn't in yet and he was the only one that could read the results so I should call back after like 11. :( Seriously? So I wait and call back at like 11:10 and got put on hold forever and a day and got to busy at work and had to hung up and call back :( So I called back at like 11:30 and they were so insanely busy I talked to Kayla, my nurse and she said Dr Reed hadn't read them yet! :O WHAT? So I just told her I could just wait until my apt at 4 and talk to Dr Reed then :( I was seriously bummed but managed not to completely lose it at work. So I finally got to leave for my apt at about 3:50 and got there and waited and waited and waited. Finally Dr Reed got so tired of waiting for me to come back there he called me back himself. LOL to funny! So I go back and Kayla is all confused and told me to go give my "sample" and she'd be right with me. So Dr Reed goes "oh did you hear about your test Rebecca?? You passed" and my face went white I'm sure and Kayla goes "no she failed" and I almost lost it ya'll. He was like "NO NO she failed the first one but passed the 3 hour" Hallelujah! I actually physically laid my head on Dr Reeds arm and breathed a sigh of relief. I told him I was at the hospital for over 5 hours and it was horrible and they were laughing at me. I told him about bagel lady and they were dying. He was like man I bet you wanted a bagel sooooo bad! LOL. It was great. So after that I was floating and felt so much better! I actually feel like this Baby will be OK and healthy and will get to come home w/ us in a normal time and no ICU or anything :) We also made a final decision about which hospital to labor at. The one we had the "3" hour test at is 2 minutes from our house we really weren't that impressed. Like I said to Steve I'm sure it's b/c it was a Saturday but his answer was well what if I go into labor on a SUNDAY?!? True! The other choice is a brand new Hospital that has only been open about 5-6 years, and I've heard it's like giving birth at the Hilton. Jacuzzi tubs in every L/D room, pedicures, manicures, and messages after you give birth, a level II Nicu (the other hospital by our house does not have one at all and if a problem arose she would have to go across town to a different hospital), and just an amazing facility. Oh and did I mention my Dr lives 5 minutes away from there?? So it might take us 20 minutes to get there but him only 5, and since I know he will on call for my delivery and I would like him to get there as quickly as possible and not drive clear across town to get to me :) I secretly wanted to deliver there since the day I found out I was pregnant (and even before honestly) b/c it's so new and pretty and nice but there was nothing wrong w/ the hospital closer to us. Well, after dealing w/ the lady that took 2 hours to get her computer turned on, then panera lady who left somebody in charge that didn't know what they were doing, we're done w/ that place. Scary! We will obviously go there if it's an emergency and we have to but for now we'll plan on the Hilton! Woohoo!
OK I could go on and on and on. I already have. I think this is about 1/2 a Harry Potter Book now so I'll stop. HA! But I was REALLY bored and wanted to pass the time at work and it worked! Plus I love going back and reading old posts and remembering these times and things I went through! YAY!
Also have to give a shout out to some of my favorite blogs:

Alison is about to give birth any day to her little "B"! YAY! Can't wait to see him :)
Mel can have her lil girl at any time and is feeling the lovely side effects of pregnancy as well. Pray for safe healthy perfect lil Babies!!!

February 18, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Sportin his "Grandpa Glasses", cuz you know that's how we roll. Love you Sweetie hope I don't get in to much trouble for this pic! Hehe he's my special Hubby

February 12, 2009


Have I told ya'll I have the greatest most loving amazing Hubby of all time?? Seriously he is the best. Thru out this entire pregnancy I haven't been the greatest wife and the easiest person on the planet to deal with. Yes I knew I wanted to be pregnant and have a Baby more then anything else in life, I just didn't know it would be THIS hard, this painful and this much sacrifice on my part. I am trying to get better but it's not working. The morning sickness, the hormones, mood swings, constipation, exhaustion, it has all made me very crabby and whiney and I complain far to much. He has gone w/out a good dinner and made himself sandwiches probably a hundred times the last 8 months, he will fetch me snacks so I don't have to get up, rub my feet and my back, brush my hair (cuz it feels o so good), carry heavy things for me so I don't hurt myself/the Baby, gone with me to all the important Dr visits, and loved on this Baby just exactly how I always wanted my Husband to do. He seriously is pretty perfect :)
He makes me laugh and smile all day every day, and he is the most loving patient man ever. That being said and the point of this blog, is Valentine's Day. Usually he goes all out and gets me jewelry, or something equally fantastic that I want so bad (do you remember this man gave me a labeler for Christmas? My goodness does he know me and a God send! I love the friggin thing!), and spoils me rotten. Honestly all I ever tell him I want is a card and to spend good quality time with him. And I am dead serious when I say that. I don't need things to show me that he cares, just his arms and him telling me he loves me! But he always goes above and beyond. Now we have had a joke for years that I've never had flowers sent to work before. Everybody I work w/ gets them from thier boyfriends/hubby's but not me! It was anything the EX would EVER do and Steve just usually buys them and has them waiting for me on the kitchen table when I get home from work. You may remember if you read the post where we got engaged he tried to send me flowers but it didn't work b/c we weren't home. Anyways! This year we decided we would celebrate 2 valentine's day, since it's our last one as a "single couple" haha. Next year we will have a crazy 10 month old and not a lot of time for ourselves! So I really wanted to relish and it and celebrate how much I love him. So we celebrated this past Saturday by going to
Kobe's Steakhouse (which is amazing and one of my top 3 favorite restaurants ever!) and seeing the movie He's Just Not That Into You which I thought was pretty entertaining and liked it but Steve said it was "just OK". Haha. We really hate crowds and finding parking spots, and waiting in lines and so we decided on actual Valentine's Day we will stay in and I'll make us a special dinner and we'll just hang out :) NO presents just cards. I kept teasing about flowers and sending them to me, and then I realized he would probably take me seriously so I kept randomly emailing him telling him NOT to send me any. We just bought a house and are having a baby and medical bills I did NOT need them at all! So of course my mgr at work gets a call from the security desk upstairs and I have a delivery :O Of course I THOUGHT it might be flowers but I kinda half hoped it wasn't cuz I didn't want to feel bad! It was thee most gorgeous bouquet of Purple Tulips (my most favorite color and flower in the world). Girls am I spoiled rotten or what? I don't know what I did to deserve him but God graced me with the best man ever!

Baby if you read this; Know that I love you more then anybody or anything on this earth and I don't deserve you but I am gonna hold on tight to you and never ever let you go! I know we can get through anything and I look forward to so much in this life with you. I love you more then you will ever know (do you know??), Your Wifey! <3

P.S. Sorry this post was kinda all over the place. I am in one of my hormonal moods and can't keep track of myself or my emotions. Thanks for putting up w/ me if you actually read it! :)

February 10, 2009

Life Lessons Learned

So this is the 3rd edition to my little "series" I started. I love remembering crazy stories from my past and writing them out so I can remember more details. Even if nobody reads them, I know I will and will read things I had forgotten and look back to how far I have come. And if you read them and think I'm crazy, then so be it I pretty much am. :) I'm still trying to figure out how I scored such an amazing Husband when I am so far out there................... Anywho on w/ the STORY!So I already documented how me and Steve met, fell in love, got engaged, and then had the most beautiful perfect wedding ever! Now on to the totally exciting thrilling Honeymoon! The morning after the wedding was crazy, finished packing, went to wally world (yes my 1st day as a Mrs and I go to go to walmart how exciting right?), the bank (to deposit all our loot so we could have SOME fun on the Honeymoon and not be broke. Ha), Steve had to take the Dog to the shelter thingy she was staying at, and pack up my car and take off! Crazy. Now for most of you that don't know one of Steve's "retardations" (as I call them, there are MANY) is that he can NOT and will NOT fly. This makes his wanna-be-international-traveler-wife not very happy. No Sandals resort, Hawaii, Jamaica, Mexico, for these Honeymooners instead we went to Estes Park Co. Now after whining and moaning for a couple weeks I got TOTALLY excited and threw myself into planning for this trip. A WHOLE week of just my Love Bunny and I in a cabin in the woods what could be better?? Personally I think planning the Honeymoon is the greatest part of the whole wedding process and I always encourage my friends that are getting married to focus on that A LOT cuz it's the funnest part! Anyways there I go again! So we ended up staying at the greatest resort/cabin place EVER. Check it out Wildwood Inn.
OK so we finally leave for the 500+ mile (or 9 + hour) trip across the long BORING state of Nebraska to Colorado. Everything is going great. I spent a LOT of time staring at my perfectly manicured hands w/ our beautiful shiny silver rings on, totally oblivious to anything BAD happening to us while we are on our way to our Honeymoon right? Who would mess w/ Newlyweds?? Well, we get right past Kearney and my BFF and maid of honor Megan is about 40 minutes behind us going home to Denver. So I am super excited, we're talking on our cell phones and texting about how boring this trip is and what magazines I was reading, etc. All the sudden we start to see a BUNCH of Nebraska Highway Patrol cars. GR. So Steve has NO idea what the speed limit was or is b/c we kept going in and out of construction. So it was either 75 or 60. Yeah big difference. So I think he was going like 72, and we were cruising along trying to be careful. Oh I also must input here that when I travel I do it comfortably. I take pillows, blankets, wear sweat pants, no shoes, whatever I can do to be comfty! I made Steve take off his shoes and relax so he could be comfty to. Did ya'll know it's illegal in Nebraska to NOT wear shoes when driving? Yeah I knew this but we weren't going to get pulled over cuz again we were newlyweds and everybody could tell by looking at us and our stuffed car, not to mess w/ us right??

W R O N G.

Oh the 2nd part I must input here. I drive an '04 Grand Am. For SOME reason Pontiac decided on the front bumper to put these plastic pieces over the bumper that say "Grand AM" engraved in them. I thought since this was there that I physically had no place to put my front license plate. Yes I'm pretty sure Nebraska is the only state left out of 50 that it is the LAW and require you to have a front plate. I've heard rumors and if it's true it makes a lot of sense, we are a cheap state and do not upgrade our radar systems for speeding. The gun has to bounce OFF the license plate to get a reading sent back to the gun. Where as other states have high tech guns that can bounce off any flat surface. Makes sense right? Does to me. I have a couple friends that are sheriffs I really should ask them! So now that you that that non useless information stored away forever, just know that I didn't have a front plate on my car for over a year and a half and NEVER got pulled over b/c I thought I would have to DRILL into my front bumper and I wasn't about to do that! So yes I was illegal and I knew it was only a matter of time before I got pulled over I just never expected it on the way to my Honeymoon...........So yeah we're driving down the road and I am being loud and dorky on the phone w/ Megan and all the sudden we see a Patrol Man on the other side of the road turn around in the ditch and come after us w/ his lights on. Ugh my stomach dropped. Luckily we were both wearing our seat belts, but Steve had no shoes on. So he bends down and is messing around trying to put them on. This looks great to a cop right?? Then right as we were about to pull over there is an on ramp. Steve did exactly what I did and went PAST the on ramp (so we wouldn't get hit if somebody was coming on the interstate right?), and then pulled over. Oh and as soon as he saw the cop he slammed on his breaks to slow down to 60 b/c again we didn't know the speed limit. So yeah you have, speeding ( or slamming on the breaks and slowing way down which looks fishy), not pulling over, and what appears to be shoving something most likely illegal under the drivers seat.
Great we are screwed. I start crying. lol. Seriously I did I was shaking and crying. So the cop comes up to Steve's window and asks how we are, blah blah like he cared! He asked where we were from and where we were going. When he heard we were on our Honeymoon and just got married YESTERDAY I could tell he softened a bit. He probably also saw the 5 bags of groceries and cooler we had in the backseat and believed us a little more, or maybe it was the hysterical wife wearing a pretty shiny silver ring??? For SOME reason he made Steve get out of the car and go sit in the patrol car. Oh my that is when this wifey lost it. I was almost hysterical. I didn't know if I should have Megan stop and get me, call my parents, what to do! So he came over to my side of the car and got my license and was asking me if we got married, and somehow I told him my maid of honor was right behind us driving back to Denver (not sure why it mattered but he seemed very interested. Weird), and trying not to go completely hysterical. The cop knows it's my car b/c the registry was in my name. He told me he pulled us over for no front plate and asked me why I didn't have one. I told him I would have one but there was no holes for it and I didn't want to drill into my car. He said he understood but for me to go to a Dealership when we got back to Omaha and have them install one. Great a bunch of $ for nothing. I was so mad! He then goes back to the drivers side and opens the door and said he was "checking out the vin". Um dummy I might be a girl but I'm not blonde and I KNOW the vin is NO where on the door it's only on the windshield. Yes if your smart enough like I was you know he was looking for drugs/gun/body/whatever we had "stashed" under the front seat. Of course it was empty and he saw nothing so he went back to his car to scare Steve a lil more and let us go w/ only a warning. Now mind you while I am having a panic attack in the front seat of my car, Steve is in the patrol car freaking out and having a blast over all the buttons/screens/guns/gadgets in the car. He even made sure to mention to the cop how cool it was and how much stuff was in there. Seriously? Really?? OMG. I could have killed him! This cop seriously had to think we were absolutely nutty. I guess the cop yelled at Steve for not pulling over right away (he thought we were running and not going to pull over at all. Yeah at a whole 45 mph or whatever we were going by then), and gave him a warning for no front plate that I had 30 days to get installed and signed off by a Omaha cop and sent in and then we were clear to go.Oh my I was a mess! The rest of the drive was boring and luckily un-eventful. Colorado was gorgeous and I loved every minute of staying in our cabin, cooking, watching DVD's, going on horseback rides for the first (and probably last sorry Honey) time, shopping, and a very romantic horse drawn carriage ride. It was amazing!!! I was doubly scared we would get pulled over AGAIN on the way back to Omaha but we didn't. Few. As soon as we got back and settled in Omaha I went to the auto parts store to see what they could do, and the nicest man just popped that stupid front plate thing off that said "Grand Am" on it and behind it there were holes and the mounting part for the plate! I only had to spend $2 for some screws and go home and screw the plate in. Viola. All better! I then went to the Sherriff's office and had a very nice man "inspect" (he stood at the front door and saw the only car in the parking lot that clearly had a plate on the front lol) my car, sign off, and mail in the ticket for me. Whoopie! So it wasn't that bad and it only cost me $2 plus a minor heart attack but it could have been a lot worse! Wanna know what's even weirder and more absurd?? I have to license my plates every September, we got married Sept 23rd and left for our Honeymoon the 24th. I licensed my car the week before we left and THREW away the "extra" sticker for what would have been my front plate. I still had the plate sitting in the garage but I didn't bother sticking the sticker on an un-used plate. So I threw it away in our huge nasty trash can in the garage. I was so mad b/c with all the wedding plans my Hubby forgot to put the trash out the previous Thursday. Well, if he had he would have thrown away the precious sticker and I would have had to pay a $15 fee for a replacement sticker! Was God looking out for me or what?? So so crazy!
Here are some pictures from our Honeymoon also, just to prove to you that we did had a blast despite a nasty cop trying to ruin our fun! GRRRRRRRRRRR cop! :)

Driving there. See how happy and cute we are. Who would mess w/ us?? Haha

God love him

On our private patio grillin some dinner for us :) He didn't know I was taking the picture, man is he muggin me or what! LOL

Love this picture. Us about to do the batting cages at this really awesome go-cart/mini-golf type place. It was so fun!

February 6, 2009

Dr Updates

So I had my 28 week apt on Thursday. Yes 28 weeks! Can't believe it I never thought I would get here. Especially in the early/sick weeks I dreamt about feeling good and being in my 3rd Trimester. Yay!
Not sure if I posted it before but b/c of my blood type I am RH negative. Not sure exactly what that means but I guess depending on Steve's blood type (which I'm still trying to figure out why they don't just test his blood type but whatever), I could reject the Baby's blood and we could counter act basically is how I understand it. Somebody tell me if I am wrong here.........anyway so I had to get a big shot in my butt. Yippie. Ha. It didn't hurt and still doesn't so I think I'm good to go :)
I also had to drink that stupid sugar water glucose stuff for my gestational diabetes test. I was REAL worried about this test but everybody re-assured me that they ate tons of sugar and junk food through their pregnancy and have been fine. I have been trying to get better, I have been eating organic fruit strip things instead of fruit snacks or skittles, lots of fresh fruit, veggies (carrots, mushrooms, cucumbers), and making my own lunch and dinner not eating out and stuff. But I still cave. Right now we're on ice cream sandwiches and mini chocolate doughnuts. Ugh they are so amazing and delicious. Anyway, the nurse said they would find out the results this morning and call me if I failed but if they don't call me I am good to go!
My Dr checked me and told me how "cute" I was, it was hysterical. He told me he sees and has seen millions of pregnant women, there are 2 kinds. Gross fat ones, and the cute ones and I am defiantly in the cute category. LOL I love him! He made me feel good :) So I asked him about my water in take and how much he wants me to have. I'm sure I wrote it in my 20 wk apt blog, but my fluid was on the low side :( I was very upset. The u/s tech just told me to drink loads of water and maybe have some juice or gatorade before I go to bed. So I seriously like tripled my water in take. I drink anywhere from 64 oz to 80 oz of water. I fill my water bottle like 4 times a day and visit the restroom at least once an hour at work! Ha. I'm sure my coworkers love me but they don't say anything! So I told him sometimes I feel really bloated from that much water and was wondering if I still have to drink that much. So of COURSE he tells Casey (u/s tech) to get the machine ready and to re check my levels. YAY! So I got to see my lil Princess again yesterday! We double checked to see if she was a girl and she DEF still is. Yay! We saw and heard her heart and it was perfect :) And my fluid went from a 7 (whatever that means I have NO idea what kind of "chart" they use or whatever) to a 14 in 8 weeks! YAY! I doubled my fluid! So they said to keep drinking how much I have and just deal w/ being bloated. Yay. Ha. It's OK I will as long as my Baby is good and safe. So I was on cloud 9 yesterday. It sounds bad but seriously I was so proud of myself. Plus seeing her and seeing how pretty she is and how perfect everything was just set me at such an ease. I know God knew I needed a chill pill and decided to let me see her and see for myself to trust him more.
So then I get the dreaded call this morning.......yes my levels were to high on the gest. Diabetes test and I failed the test. :( Now stupid me didn't both to ask HOW high they were. I'm hoping they were low and I just barely failed. I have to go next Saturday for a 3 hour test. I am NOT happy. It is NOT good. Seriously if I have to give up ALL my sugar? Oh my. This Girl has not 1 but like 20 sweet tooths (I know not proper grammar but you get me right?). Ugh. So I had a meltdown and bawled my eyes out and am having a huge pity party. It's not the giving up the sugar that is a big deal, honestly. I would eat ONLY saltines every single day if I had to. I just want my Baby to be OK. I don't want a c-section, I don't want a HUGE Baby, I don't want her to have diabetes or other health problems b/c of this, I just want to be NORMAL! :( I am struggling and I know I shouldn't worry and freak out until I fail the next test, I just have it in my mind that I am going to so I am set up for the worst. Isn't that horrible? Sorry it's just how I am! So I'll keep you guys updated and let you know how the test goes next week! So crazy never thought it would happen to me. Loves!

P.S. Thanks for the prayers for Cameron. After 6 hours in the hospital they told Nikki he does have RSV but at only 4 weeks they can't give him any breathing treatments or even tylenol, and since it was in such an early stage they thought he would be fine so she got to take him home. She said the last 2 days he has been amazingly better and breathing so much easier and a lot less mucus coming out of him! Praise God! He is just to little to be really really sick! So all good news for them yay! :)

February 4, 2009

Need more prayer.......

Oh my lovely prayer warrior friends I am in need of your help again!!!! I love you Ladies your the BEST!

One of my very good friends Nikki (she was one of my bridesmaids) gave birth to her 2nd little baby a Boy Cameron on new years day. I got to be there and coach her through her labor and see the delivery of the little man. He was born at 37 wks and was only 5lbs 9oz. Look at how precious he is!

(only about 10 minutes old! So sweet and TINY)

Nikki also has a 3 year daughter and she brought home a cold from daycare and Cameron caught it this past week. Nikki rushed him to the dr yesterday cuz of all his green goobers coming out of his nose. The Dr said he was fine it wasn't in his chest or lungs but to watch him and keep him inside and his nose clear. Well, this morning he made a turn for the worse and was having a hard time breathing, wouldn't eat and looking really bad. Nikki said he would go for a couple seconds without breathing and his lips were turning purple. She rushed him to the ER at Children's Hospital (one of the best in the country) so please pray it's not in his chest and they will let her leave! This little guy is just so tiny and I know he is probably very weak and tired! He is so sweet and I am hoping he will be alright! So scary! I'll update when I hear from her again!

Life Lessons Learned

OK so this is the first installment of my various weird and quirky stories of experiences and things that have happened to me in my life. I swear these are all true stories, just names have been changed so I don't get in trouble for talking about ppl and such. Haha. They are mainly for my own memory and safe keeping and please remember if you’re easily offended or are going to argue w/ anything I have to say in this post then keep on steppin. I'm not here to be PC and hold people's hand; I'm also not giving any opinions or real thoughts on the subject I am simply telling a TRUE story of an experience that happened to me and some of my feelings while in the situation.

My Mom used to be very close w/ a lady we'll call Lisa*. Well, Lisa had befriended a new family in town the Brown's who moved here from Wisconsin or Minnesota or something. They were also a home schooling family like my own so my Mom thought it would be nice if I would help the Mom out and baby-sit for her kids every once in awhile so she could get out and run errands w/out her energetic 3 boys.
Now don't get me wrong I love all kids. But these boys were BOY boys. They wanted to play baseball (I was to be the pitcher. Seriously??), basketball, wrestle, run, scream, get dirty just be crazy. Plus I dunno their lifestyle was just so vastly different then mine. They only ate organic and vegetarian. Which was fine except I about gnawed my arm off every time I went there cuz all they ate were black beans and soy tofu stuff. WAY different then cheetos and fruit snacks I was used to at all the other houses I would baby-sit at. (or my own house for that matter!) Making food for them was a chore cuz I didn't know how to properly use the food all together. It sounds dumb but honestly I didn't know what any of it was. It was weird. They also didn't have a tv at all. So we weren’t allowed to watch movies or anything. Which is fine, I don't like just sticking kids in front of a tv to be entertained the whole time. But these boys wore me out and I needed to at least pop in a Veggie Tales or something for 30 minutes so I could rest! They had a computer but the parents claimed they would LOCK their bedroom door where the computer was b/c they didn't want the boys to play on it while I was there. Always seemed a little funny to me but logical. I also discovered from their house that I am allergic to Dog Hair. It wasn't that thier house was messy or gross it was a gorgeous clean house but they had a super sweet Golden Retriever that shed everywhere and my eyes would kill and get purple and red, my nose would run, and I would be in horrible pain. So you can see from all this it WASN'T my favorite place to baby-sit and I wasn't very comfortable in the house but I did it for Lisa and my Mom and tried to be nice. Plus I mean hey they paid me well!
The Dad was a child psychologist at one of our local medical universities, so they were pretty well off. Like I said they had a HUGE gorgeous house in a very nice part of town. The Mom didn't work and got to stay home and raise the boys.
OK here is where I get a little judgmental and maybe you'll even think I'm mean but it plays a big part into the story. You'll see..........
The Dad was DIFFERENT. Scary. I'm sorry but he freaked me out. He was super tall like over 6 ft, he was balding and the whitest white man I have EVER seen in my life. He was almost albino in my opinion. He was quiet but would try to make conversation with me and I was NEVER comfortable with him. They lived less then 15 minutes from my parent’s house and whenever he would drive me home I would squish myself up against the door because I didn't feel safe with him. I just got that feeling that women get when they are afraid of a man. Does anybody know what I am saying?? I dunno I hate to say it but honestly what would run through my head was that he was going to touch me or do something and I would have to get away from him quickly. Seriously that is just the vibes I got and I have never felt like that in front of somebody ever.
So I went for a couple months w/out hearing from Mrs Brown and was starting to wonder what was up. I was actually with Lisa after babysitting for her boys and was asking her about Mrs Brown and what they were up to. Lisa asked me if I had heard anything and I was like no. She was really hesitant to tell me and I could tell she didn't want to but I finally got it out of her. It turns out Mr Brown has some MAJOR identity issues. He had decided when he was in 3rd grade that God "messed up" and made him a man instead of a woman. He met Mrs Brown and she knew about his feelings towards this and decided she was going to change him and have a family and he would be a strong man of God. Obviously as most of us could have told her that didn't work. But she was blinded and thought everything was fine. Everything was not fine. He had all his dress up clothes and make up and things in their bedroom, hence why it was locked they didn't want anybody to find anything.
One time when I went over there I thought it was odd because he had fallen down the stairs in their house (which were quite steep and there was a LOT of them) and broken his leg. It's odd to hear about men breaking their legs but I was 15 and naive and didn't think anything of it. Turns out he had been taking progesterone and hormone pills and his bones weakened and he broke his leg. Crazy. He also decided at some point to put on all his woman clothes, wig, and make up and sit his boys down and tell them God made a mistake and he was supposed to be a woman and was now going to live his life full time as a woman. So so so sad for those boys. They need a good strong man of God in their lives to help shape them and raise them and they lost that. Mr Brown also decided to fulfill his life long dream and move to California to have a S^* change operation and live full time as a woman and changed his name to a female name. (and ya'll whenever I hear a woman w/ his new woman name it makes me cringe I feel bad for all women that have the name he picked) Mrs Brown divorced him, sold their house, and moved back to Wis./Minn. or where ever they had moved from and back w/ her family. I never got to see them again and I think and pray for her and her sweet boys all the time. It was really horrible and it's so sad how Satan can drive people to live like that. I am glad he is not working w/ Children anymore and that his boys will know only know their Grandpa and Uncles and Cousins as the good men they should be.
Also another moral of the story: trust your gut. I never trusted him and I thought he was creepy and for good reason. I always know to go w/ my gut now and that it will tell me what to do and who to trust.

I had those same exact feelings about another Dad I baby-sat for, there was just something off about him and I wasn't comfortable with him so I made sure I was never alone in the room with him. (luckily they lived up the street from my parents so I walked and never had to be in a car with him) Turns out he beat his wife, badly and it was a very bad situation!
I fully believe God was giving me a sign and telling me to stay away from him! Scary! Lisa was very glad to hear I had those feelings and knew not to talk to him or trust him at all I could have put myself in a scary situation although I don't think he was dangerous at all just a little messed up in the head!

*All names in this blog have been changed to protect the people in these situations

Long ago...........

Oops it's been awhile and I have been meaning to post a "life update/move/new house pictures" post for like oh 4 weeks now. I've been lazy. I just read blogs but never want to write on my own! I have so many blog idea's jumbled in my head this post will probably be all over the place! I might start a new "series" to. I'll probably just type them up and post them later. They are some fun and interesting stories of things that have happened to me over the years. In case nobody could tell I LOVE to tell stories and share life experiences, as well as hearing others! So that is why I am in love w/ bloggy land so much. I read a story yesterday on this girl's blog about being kidnapped and having to jump out of the moving car and run into somebody's house to get saved! Oh my that is awesome! Nothing extraordinary has happened to me like that but I think my stories are full of character. See there I go off on some weird tangent again.....................

So on Friday Jan. 2nd me and Steve went to the Title Co. to sign our names 34923084 million times! It was quite funny earlier in the week we were getting SUPER antsy to close and move and be out of Steve's parents and in our OWN space. I got a call from the Mortgage co. and a girl was asking what Steve's middle initial was. For some reason they thought it was H, but it's M. How you get the 2 confused is beyond me. Well, when Steve signs his name he does it like a typical boy and scribbles an S and then another S and a line with some dots on it. Quite lovely. Well, the girl told me at closing he was going to have to sign an M on every paper. I knew he wouldn't be totally happy about this but whatever. So I sent him an email and all it said was "there is a problem and I talked to a girl from the Mort loan office, give me a call when you can" HA. He freaked! It was pretty funny. I heard about it for days :) So we close and get our keys and are soooooo excited! Steve got off work way early and met our families who started helping unload everything into the house! By the time I got there a LOT of stuff was unloaded from our P.O.D. (which if you ever need storage or are moving across country or anything these things are amazing and SO the way to go. A little more costly but much better then loading and un-loading a truck. They just bring it right to your driveway!) and cleared out most of Steve's parents house! Oh how I LOVE our families! We got some amazing pizza and pasta from a local place and chowed. I un-packed and put away my whole kitchen that night and we got the mattresses set up on the floor for sleeping! I didn't sleep well (no curtains made for an early morning) so I was up at 5 organizing closets and the bathroom. lol. Then I made a HUGE trip to walmart for food since we were out of everything and came home to more family and friends helping and more un-loading! It was such a blessing to have everybody come over and get so much done on Saturday. I wasn't allowed to carry any boxes or anything so I just ran around like crazy and tried to help where I could! Yet ANOTHER huge trip to walmart (we spent a LOT of $ at wally world that weekend) and some more organizing and we were totally and completely in and un-packed by about 2 pm on Sunday! I was even putting out some of my candles and decoration stuff! It was so amazing. I don't want to sound stuck up but honestly we are just organized people that HATE ciaos and clutter and couldn't stand looking at the boxes. We over did it and I almost died Sunday night but I took a bath and rested my feet and was much better by Monday :)

With out further ado here are some pictures of the house mostly completed!

Looking from the living room to the front door. (bedrooms and guest bathroom to your right). We have since hung up a picture on the right wall and it looks really nice!

Living room view from the hallway/front door area. Of course we bought a new couch last night so I will update pictures as soon as it comes in on the 28th! The kitchen is directly behind the sofa, this is our new TV area so we had to get a huge sectional so we can both be lazy and lay down and get comfty

View 1 of the Kitchen. Far left wall is the sliding glass doors, and the small door on the left is our food pantry which I LOVE! I LOVE this kitchen it's so huge and with the pantry I actually have empty cabinets! I'm sure Hailey will be able to fill them once she is here with all her stuff so I'm not to worried about it ;)
View 2 of the kitchen. Just love how open and bright it is! My fav room in the house!

Here is our master bedroom. I love how HUGE this room is. We have a tall dresser and a chair on the wall opposite of the bed. This is the only room with real fabric curtains, we have a lot more rooms to go!

Guest bathroom :)

Guest bedroom/computer room. It's all ready and set up for people to come stay with us! But only 1 at a time everybody else will have to sleep on the floor :( Sorry!

Bean's Nursery before painting. It was a catch all room but we cleared it all out. Even sold the tv!

Bean's room during painting! Steve painting this past Saturday he is such a hard worker. Seriously he is a WAY better painter then me. I just slap it on and get paint everywhere. He is so careful it's cute. We still have to do all the cutting in by the ceiling, the bottom a stark white and get a chair rail up! As soon as it's finished I'll post pictures and then will put some MORE up after her crib and changing table are in and set up. I'm getting excited!

So there is our LOVELY new house! We have already had a couple friends over for dinner and we are having my whole family over for my Mom's Birthday Brunch Saturday morning! We really love it and LOVE entertaining and would love to have you so c'mon over! :) I'm really excited and anxious to get Hailey's nursery all done and set up, have my shower, and get everything all put together and organized for her!
We have hung some more pictures and mirrors and stuff since we took those pictures, and have paint colors all picked out just need the $ to buy paint. The WHOLE huge living room, entry way, hallway to bedrooms, and area by the garage door/laundry room (it's the area behind the wall with the stove) and down the stairs will be a goldish mustard color. (which is HARD to find let me tell you) It will be a LOT of painting but I know it will look amazing when we're done!

The kitchen is going to be a moss green, the master bedroom and bath will be a tan, the guest bath and guest bedroom we still haven't totally decided but we're throwing around a couple of ideas. Painting is secondary to having a Baby so it might happen in the next couple weeks but probably not until this summer/fall or next spring. I hate the builders white walls but I can live with it for a while.
The only pictures I didn't get are of the laundry room, our master bath, and Steve's man cave in the basement. I'll get on it sometime though!

Pregnancy has been pretty boring and standard lately. I feel great, just a little tired and bloated. I feel stretched to my limits and huge but I know I am just going to get bigger!!! I am still have "plumbing" issues sorry TMI I know but if you could say a prayer for me it's really painful and I hate losing sleep over it. I know I need to sleep now before she is here!!!
While we're on the topic of prayer requests, we got an email sent out from the company that me and Steve work for saying they are laying off 350 jobs in the company. I know we are totally over staffed and the way this company does things is a little screwy and backwards sometimes but I am fully aware of how precious our paychecks are now! So far they have let about 50-75 people go from various dept. neither of which have been mine or Steve's. We'll see what happens, we're both fairly certain we're safe but if Steve would lose his job that would be huge. Normally I wouldn't be worried but in this market it's so hard to find a new job. I have been praying a LOT the last couple weeks and would LOVE if you would also! I will be praying for everybody and thier spouses as well, it's scary times we're in but I know God has a plan for us and will provide and take care of us and our needs :) This is hard for me I worry about $ and our bills and things a lot and I think God is trying to teach me a lesson that everything will be fine!

OK girlys (and if any boys are out there?) I will end this blabbel now. I feel a little more caught up I'll try to get better! I have my 28 week apt tomorrow and I'll update next week w/ how my glucose test goes. Loves!