August 25, 2008

House update and pictures!

So I haven't shown ya'll pictures of our dirt pile in awhile! Of course I have some pictures with people in them but not many at work so I'll try my best! Nothing to exciting is going on at our new house site. They have of course dug the basement, poured the basement, put in pluming in the basement, dug a hole for a sump pump (which is awesome in case we ever HAVE to put one in they are doing half the work and half the expense for free for us!), poured our driveway, front stairs, and garage floor, painted the exterior concrete, and put the window in the basement! Doesn't seem like much but it really looks much more like a house with a painted foundation and a front porch and even part of a garage! I know it will be so so much better once they put up the framing (Oct 1st is when it is scheduled :( To far away for me!) and stuff but it's still exciting to me to see concrete laid! I keep telling the people at the office in 0ur new neighborhood to get out there and work and make them go faster but they don't listen to lil ol me :( So anyways here are some pictures I hope you enjoy!

What we started with........

Sold to us!

Steven in the hole that is to become HIS basement........

Us hanging out in our basement (excuse the huge zit on MY chin)

Side of the house/basement
Foundation is poured (so so exciting right?)
Some big white tubes and a fat lady!
Basement floorGarage FloorPaint! I realize you probably can't see what color it is but oh well it's "almond" (off white)

Mail box! Yay!

So going through my pictures I don't have any of the driveway so I'll have to get some from Steve's Mom but that will be a whole different post cuz I am so freaking BORED at work I have nothing else to do! lol. So leave me some comments ppl cuz I am NOT feeling the love!

August 14, 2008

Growing up is hard to do........

**Note; Make sure to scroll down and read another new post about Brother Andy!**

Not to be confused with Sweatin To The Oldies (Can I get an amen? You know you've done them before to. Richard Simmons is amazing, ok maybe not in that picture but I enjoyed it!) "Breaking up is hard to do" but growing up sure is! At least for me. I am seriously in denial, I can't believe I am a grown up. I still feel 19 and although my life as drastically changed all for the better I don't ever see myself being almost 30. A wife, a career person, trying to have a family, a home owner, ahhhhh it's all to much for me! N-E-Wayz sorry back on track.
So of course after sleeping in about 2 hours later then "work" time our first stop was picking up some vitamins from Steve's most wonderful
holistic Doctor, then off to my favorite place in the entire world and yours the DMV! (dun dun dun) Of course I was stupid and didn't think of the fact that there would be 2913802938 million 15 yr olds there to get their permit for school. Yea not so fun. So after getting one of these but not 1/2 as cute as this girl. Yes it is quite possible I win for ugliest driver's license picture ever. And if I know you in real life do NOT ask to see it, it will stay tucked safely and securely in my wallet until 2013 when I must go and get a new ugly picture. That is all about the DMV now back to your regularly scheduled blog.........

So after DMV disaster we run to see Mommy and pick up their GPS for Steven to use on his upcoming work trip on Friday ( :( ), chatted for a bit and ran to the ever lovely BK where ppl in Ohio bathe in the kitchen sinks. I digress, Steve promised me they don't do those things in Omaha. Anyways, if I die ya'll know WHY and can sue BK for me K? Moving on again sorry. Then we go to the best place on earth (after Disneyland, Disneyworld, and the Cheesecake Factory)
Fun Plex!!! So we stayed about 3 1/2 hours, it wasn't packed due to kids going back to school (and at the DMV), wasn't to cold or to hot it was so much fun! Despite my hubby burning the bottom of his feet on the side walks going to the lazy river :( I feel so bad! So I am taking extra care of his tootsies and putting cream and band aids on them and making sure he laid down all night and stuff. My poor Boo. Anywho I survived the water slides (2 times, it's major for somebody deathly afraid of water getting on her face, and can drown in a sink seriously), went around the lazy river like 17 times, and hung out in the wave pool! So so awesome I love you Honey thanks for putting up w/ me and all my Birthday demands! It was a totally awesome day! So we went home and showered and I got showered with more presents! My Honey got me a super cute new watch, the most amazing perfume ever, and a car charger for our cell phones! YAY! Oh and this is on top of my Digital Camera I got a few months ago, and a HUGE gorgeous Clock for our new house! Then I picked up Chinese food (love me some crab rangoon yum!), watched Only You, seriously the best movie ever! And laid around! The alarm went off 4 hours earlier this morning then it normally does I swear so I decided it best to skip a shower (remember where I just said I showered last night after swimming, jeesh you gross ppl), and laid in bed some more and here I am back in the hell hole of work! Haha YAY! So thanks to all my most amazing friends for all the online comments, phone calls/voice mails, text messages, and cards. I love you all so dearly. Thanks for making my Birthday special! :)

Of course here are a couple pictures for your viewing pleasure!

These are actually from Saturday night celebrating Andy's Birthday but I wanted them on MY Birthday blog so deal w/ it :) The whole "gang" Steve, Brian, Brother Andy (kinda) and sister Natalie

Me an my Honey sorry it's dark and far away but you can still feel the love right??
Yes folks I was kicking butt, (I am the 2nd bowler who is highlighted. Brian my BIL was the 2nd B on the screen) before throwing like all gutter balls. :( Stupid Cramer Curve. Brian actually ended up coming back in his last frame to tie me. At least he didn't beat me! Ha
The wave pool in action

The slides I conquired not once but twice! Ha!

Awww wrist bands. Please ignore my big black marks from renting tubes. I of course just HAD to take a picture of that one little part of my band. Whatever

My super white (yet still adorable) hubby. Let's work on that tan Ok Sweetie?? haha ;) Love you!

Tribute to Brother Andy

*OK settle in to your most favorite comfty computer chair (or if you really really feel like pulling your "easy chair" up to the computer desk by all means go ahead. OK now we could get into laptops so I'll stop here and just say get comfty!) grab some wine (McMommy!) or pop and some popcorn and read some updates that have occurred the last couple days!

So without trying to get to sentimental on you I'll blog about one of my favorite subjects; My family. My brother decided to keep getting older as much as it kills his big sis and have a birthday on Sunday. He is a whopping :gasp: 23 which sadly makes me even older then I feel! I will always think of him as my "little" brother even tho he stands well over a foot taller then me. Oh how I wish I had pictures on my computer of him when he was little. He was quite possibly the worlds cutest kid EVER. I can only hope if I have a little boy he would turn out 1/2 as cute as Brother Andy was. (of course he is STILL cute just in a different way. haha OK that could be gross we're not from Arkansas or anything.......) So here is my best attempt to reflect on the day Brother Andy was born. This is from my very own memory and seeing as how I was 3 days away from being 3 years old I'm sure not a lot of it is accurate but I've asked my Dad and he says I am pretty much on :) (make fun of me now Sister Natalie but I do have the worlds best memory. Ha j/k love you!)

So Andy was born on August 10th and like I said my Birthday is on the 13th so I got a brother for my 3rd birthday. Now if I was any older this would have upset me in thinks that he stole my thunder but oh no it meant Grandma was coming to visit. Yes the "good Grandma". The Grandma that always had coloring books and crayons waiting for us in our room when we came to visit, the one that didn't count when she washed dishes, or hang foil to dry after washing it. Knowing full well a Grandma didn't come empty handed, me and Sister Natalie were quite excited about this. Now mind you it was 1985 so nobody flew back then they either took the bus or train. Now I can't remember but I think Grandma took the train. I have lived in Omaha all 26 years of my existence and I can't say I have any clue where the train station was/is. Neither did my Dad. Now my Dad is a funny fellow (for more then 1 reason I LOVE him), he is one of those men that refuse to get directions. But if defeated he will if he HAS to. But he will only stop at gas stations and will only buy things so he can ask. I being the retarded child I am also had to visit every single bathroom in the town (I can tell you where almost every bathroom is in restaurants and all malls in this city tho. Just look me up and ask if you ever visit the Big O and are in need of a bathroom) so we are lost, really really lost. For at least an hour walking around downtown Omaha. Scary. So we stop at at least 7 gas stations, I visit the restroom in every one cuz God Bless him Dad took me to every bathroom to make sure I didn't potty on myself or something else horrible. (Mom never did this, I was told to hold it) So by the time we find Grandma and the train station (or was it the bus station? I digress) we have the best loot in the whole town. Cheetos, dorotios, those nasty marshmallow puff cakes, some colored pop I'm sure, skittles, oh you name it we had such a gas station feast. Because of course Dad bought us something every time we needed directions. It was amazing. So we grab Grandma and head home. The next day Dad took us (me and sister Natalie) up to the hospital before Mom and Brother got discharged. Now remember this was BACK in the day so everybody had to scrub and put gowns on to even enter a hospital room. The gowns of course are way to big for my little body and had to be tied like 7 times in the back to stay on. Dad asks me numerous times if I have to go potty. Seriously I think he asked me like at least 5 or 6 times. I say no I was far to excited about seeing a baby, especially a baby I could obsess over at my own home! As soon as I get in the room I oo and ahh over my most gorgeous little brother, wanting to shove the paci in his mouth and hold him forever.........that is until I saw that there was a bathroom right in Mom's room! Well be still my heart a bathroom I have never visited! So despite the 6 times of Daddy asking me if I had to potty I made him untie my gown piddle piddle in the potty maybe 2 times and re-tie the gown all for that. But I did get to visit the potty right there in Mommy's hospital room.

Moral of the story;
Having a baby brother for your 3rd Birthday is amazing; you get to visit at least 8 new bathrooms in town and rot your teeth while Dad gets directions. Oh how I miss childhood!

Now for some pictures of said Brother Andy. Love you "Lil Bro"

Always seems like I am looking UP to him even tho he is younger then me. I suppose being 6'5" (or whatever you are now!) helps to my 5'2" haha

The whole Famdamly

2 of my most favorite men in the whole world!!

Fake puking on a ride at Worlds Of Fun in KC yea you just have to know him to understand.......

August 6, 2008

What's in a name

So other then being bored at work (duh what else is new!) , I just had to put this story down somewhere so I could look back and remember. I'm sure I will get in trouble, but Honey I'm sorry it's far to funny to keep to myself! Please forgive me :)
So anybody that knows me IRL knows I am obsessed with names. But not like other people's names, but what I will someday name our children. Every time I hear a name I process it and think of wither or not I would name my child that. I have actually made a list (which is sacred until we are about ready to give birth and/or adopt), with first and middle names and all the meanings of those names. B/c yes I am one of those people that can't just pick a name b/c I like it or it sounds good it has to have a good strong meaning. Mostly the meaning has to be something religious or spiritual. For instance I love the name Olivia but it means Olive Tree. Huh? Dumb. Anyways this was just to give you some background on why we have these conversations even tho we are not pregnant or anywhere close to adopting a baby. Yes just b/c Becky is psycho and likes to talk about "what if" 24/7. Again Sorry Honey thanks for putting up w/ me!
So as you know our last name is Sessions. Very much limits names you can choose in my opinion. So to start when I started in my dept. at the bank a guy (whom I really detested) was saying that someday if I ever have a daughter I have to name her something funny like Marriage so her name would be Marriage Sessions (or something stupid along those lines) so we were talking and we came up with Thara (like Tara with a lisp or Sarah with a T). And her middle name would start with a P. So it could be like Thara Paige Sessions. She would be Thara P Sessions. Now say it out loud. Admit it people it makes you giggle. Of course I would never do that to a child but I find it highly entertaining!
So next on to; I was watching something on tv and these people had a baby Max. I love the name Max but Max Sessions?? A Max Session of what? See it's dumb. So I run to tell Steve and ask if he likes it, then about Trey, and some other random names I loved. He shoots them all down. So he proceeds to tell me HIS favorite boy name. Get ready for it..........Dominique. For a B O Y. Oh be still my heart I think I peed my pants laughing at that boy. (which did not go over well. Note to self if want hubby to play along and tell you things you want to hear do NOT laugh in his face. Laugh later when he is in a different room right? ;) Now growing up a child of the 90's (some 80's) I watched the Olympics and there were 2 female gymnasts who were awesome one year both named Dominique. But he wants to name our SON after Dominique Wilkins. I'm sure he is a great man, he was an amazing basketball player, and I'm happy my husband looks up to him. But I do NOT want my son growing up w/ a GIRL gymnastics name. Oh my maybe ya'll don't find this funny but I did. Even better was I asked him if a boy's name is Dominique what the girl version of the name was. (cuz in my mind Dominic is a boy and Dominique is a girl but what do I know!) And he tried to convince me that the girl version was Dominiqua. LMAO oh my I lost it then for sure. I'm not stupid............
So fast forward a couple months and one night I am making dinner and Steve quickly comes in the kitchen from the spare bedroom/computer room (if you know him at all you know running or quickly moving at all for him is QUITE a feet. I thought he had chopped off a finger or found the cure for cancer), and goes "I know I thought of a boys name I love, Seth"! Well oh my heavens I love the name Seth! So cute. I think of a cute boy w/ brown hair, maybe glasses, smart, and very respectful of women. See when your totally abnormal like me these are things you think of. I always have a face to go w/ a name. Anywho so then I said it together. Seth Sessions. Say it. Say it again fast. Eth (with a VERY bad lisp) Essions. Oh my I about died laughing. So we could have 2 children Thara P and Seth Sessions.
Hope it gave you a laugh today to! I'll keep you updated if we come up w/ any more great names! :)

August 4, 2008

Update from Omaha

Well, it has been a while, so I thought I would send a quick update. Becky has covered most of the move and resent happenings. I guess that leaves me with work updates. About 45 days ago a new Lead Procurement officer was hired. His main goal is to make the company spend more centralized and come though our department, in effort to save the bank money. A lot has to happen before we can take on all the company send. There will be a lot of position changes and hiring of more people in the next year or two. I accepted a new Position of Process and Reporting expert. In the next month I should be transferring over my current responsibilities and diving into my new ones. I am looking forward to something totally different then "buying." And yet, still staying in the same department.

On a side note, my comute is cut in half now, about 20mins. It is sure nice! It will be nice to have our new house just as close, if not closer.

Hope all is well,

August 1, 2008

Week of highlights

What a crazy whirl wind week (lots of W words, awesome!) it has been! Last Friday at this time we were trying to shove every last content of our home in a 8X12 box (POD) some how and with lots of family help we succeeded! Yay for family I <3 family!!

  • Bitter sweet cleaning out Steve's house (I was never on the mortgage so technically it was never really MY house although the state of Nebraska says it is due to the marriage laws).
  • Going through all the rooms one by one and thinking of all the fun and trying times we had there the last 3 years!
  • Mowing the yard for the VERY last time until next spring/summer. Yesssssss
  • Getting a nice check from the title co and building up our savings for a couple months! Double yes
  • The greatest thing of all time, telling the ex wife (much to nicely imho) she is no longer attached to the mortgage and we can be rid of her forever and ever and all the days! Triple YESSSSSSSSS times 392408390482394012738
  • Getting all settled in our new "pad" (what we call our living quarters at the in laws)
  • Sleeping better then ever before due to living in the woods (literally) and plantation shutters. Praise the Lord for plantation shutters! (I will take a picture of our new "pad" soon)
  • Having a wonderful proactive DR that can help us along w/ our TTC journey
  • Floggers (Friends that are bloggers for all you NON bloggy friends out there) that are also TTCing and can help answer my questions and know what we're going through!
  • Having a Hubby that will take me out on a date to The Cheesecake Factory b/c I am psycho and have cheesecake cravings about once a week. And had plans to go out w/ a girlfriend and after she had to cancel he stepped up to the plate. LOVE LOVE LOVE a good man that will feed me cheesecake!
  • Getting somewhat decent for said date to cheesecake. Make up and a straighter go a longggggggg way!
  • Finding your huge bag of nail polish after looking for 3 days and in like 8 boxes. Woohoo
  • Watching your hubby play in the pool with his niece and nephew and being so loving and careful with them
  • Watching Hubby go down water slides at the pool and almost kill himself. Fun times!
  • Getting FREE make over at Sephora. Nuff said

OK I'll be done now. This has been a very full week with lots of fun memories, the first week being out of our own house! I have new pictures of our dirt plot if anybody cares to see them! Love to all!