August 23, 2012


Just some more randoms of my Hayhe. Seems like everyday she is growing, learning, saying hilarious things, challenging me more then I ever imagined, and loving HARD! She is amazing, and keeps me on my toes. She is defiantly not what I ever imagined (not sure what kind of kids I thought I would have?? Quiet, passive, calm kids like their Mother?? Ha who am I kidding........) but I wouldn't have it any other day. We butt heads all day every day but I hope some day she uses her passion for Jesus and others!

-Hailey LOVES to sing. It's hilarious and cute. She got a special gift from her Momma and even knows songs as soon as the music comes on! It's talent people, I know your jealous what can I say!
One of her favorites is "Where I Belong" by Building 429. This song is amazing and I'm such a nerd but I tear up every time I hear it and let the words sink in. Here is the chorus;

All I know is I'm not home yet
This is not where I belong
Take this world and give me Jesus
This is not where I belong

Hearing your little 3 year old sing it out seriously moves me. I know she doesn't completely understand the lyrics, how BIG our God is, but I know in a small way I am turning her heart to Jesus and planting seeds. It seriously makes me smile and cry at the same time! So sweet! Some of her other favorites are "God's Not Dead" by Newsboys, "Revolution Song" by Phillips, Craig, And Dean, anything by Natalie Grant and Britt Nicole,  and a bunch of others they play on Klove. Love it! Love her! 

Along those same lines, I am really trying my hardest to teach her about Jesus, God, Heaven, etc. We are trying to make her aware there is a Bigger power over all of us, and he is watching and knows our every move! There are soooo many questions during the day that I don't always have answers for. "Why do bugs do that??" "Why is the sun hot?" "Why is it raining?" Etc. It gets tiring, but I usually try to answer as best I can because I know this is her way of learning. Those times I don't have an answer and wonder why myself I usually just say "Because that is how God made it/did it, etc." It's the truth and it seems to please her! So now when she wonders something instead of asking she will just say "I guess that's how God made it" even when it's totally out there. "Why these socks are so scratchy? Guess that is how God made it!" hilarious! I usually correct her, but sometimes I just let her think that! It's so cute and innocent and I love how she loves God! 

She is full on day-time potty trained! I'm sure I've blogged this before but since she was a "late potty user" in my book I am still so proud and some days amazed she wears panties! We still go through a LOT (to many in my mind but I digress) of pull-ups but the last couple days she has stayed dry at nap AND bed time so that is huge!!! If she keeps it up I will start tracking how many days in a row she stays dry at both and attempt panties during sleep times. We'll see I'm not looking forward to all the wet bedding/clothes :/ But pull ups aren't cheap and we REALLY need to save $!

She says the sillest things. She is very advanced for her language in my mind but somethings she just can't figure out. 
She calls paper towels "paper wa" noooooooo idea where she got that one! She knows it's towels and can say it properly but still calls them paper wa. It's silly and I don't correct her I know someday she will say the right thing and then I will be sad! lol
One of my other favorite (but gets OLD quick) is "what you say?" It's usually that she isn't listening, or doesn't process what your saying, but instead of just saying what or what did you say she just spits out "what you say??" or sometimes you even get "what you say to me?" Most times when she says this I ask her what I said and she can repeat it word for word, frustrating but funny the way she says it.
Her other thing she always says is "Oh Honey". I guess I say this a lot?!?!? The one time that really stands out is I eat a little bit of cashews every night before bed for extra protein during b/fing. Hailey LOVES cashews but they are super $$$ so I cherish them and try not to let her have to many. She polished off my can of them and ate quiet a lot, I got upset and asked her if she ate all of Mommy's nuts. She looks at me dead serious and says "Oh Honey it's OK you can buy more at Target!" HA! Where does she get this stuff??!?! Sooo hard to stay serious in front of her sometimes!

Some other random great things she has said lately;

I was painting our toe nails one night and I had to take the old chipped polish off. When I was done cleaning them all off she looked at them, sighed and said "Oh Momma my toes is ceepy (creepy) them naked!" ha!

We were having an extremely hard discipline/attitude day and she was getting on my last nerve, while I was making dinner I asked her to be quiet and that I was going to go crazy!!! She looks in my eyes, grabs my arm and says "Oh Honey, it will be OK. Soon it will be bed time and then you will be OK cuz my will be asleep!"

I wanted to eat out for a special treat for my Birthday lunch, when I asked Hailey what we should have she thought it would be a great idea to eat Pizza! I asked her where on earth we should get pizza from she said "Old Donalds" (McDonalds" ha!

We recently took the videos from our video camera and burned them to a disk. Sitting and watching them makes my heart ache to go back in time! I do love the stage Hailey is in now and every one of them, but if I could only go back 2 summers when she was 15-18 months I would have enjoyed it more! Her cute little sign language, the way she walked, her bald head. Oh I miss it! It seriously makes me cry. Hormonal Momma? Maybe. Good thing I have Ellie to live through it again! I am soooo going to enjoy it more. It's my most favorite time of childhood!!! We are so blessed to have such gorgeous girls who are so fun and silly! The days are long but the years are short. I love that saying and it's SO true!