March 11, 2008

Tagged cuz I am bored :)

10 years ago: It was March 1998 and I was a Soph. in high school about to turn 16 and start driving. I was almost ALWAYS either w/ Natalie or Lindsay. Started my first ever job that summer and got my first boyfriend. Quite an exciting year although I don't really remember March being that exciting of a month! :)

Things on my to-do list today:
1. Make it through this day at work w/out falling asleep!
2. Make the hubby a yummy dinner!
3. Go to Kohl's for some great sales!
4. Go to Target and get a photo album
5. Make my photo album of wedding pictures (FINALLY only taking me 6 months)
6. Vacuum the house (will not get done today but I should!)
7. Go to bed early so I don't fall asleep tomorrow either ha

What would I do if I suddenly became a Billionaire?
1. Pay off all our debts (House, cars, stupid monthly bills)
2. Buy a new riding lawn mower (ha)
3. Buy a new/bigger house (nothing huge, just want more storage and 2 sinks in master bath!)
4. Invest, Invest, Invest!
5. Go shopping and buy a bunch of new clothes (sorry my weakness!)
6. Go to a Sandals resort (w/ Nat!)
7. Go to salon regularly and have whatever I want done! Ha
8. Hire a personal chef to make me yummy dinners every night!

Three of my bad habits:
1. Picking at everything, pimples, hang nails, stray hair on strangers, everything I am a picker!
2. Interrupting people while they are talking :/ I'm working on it!
3. Bad horrible eating habits. I need to be more healthy!

Five jobs I have had:
1. Baby-sitter/Nanny
2. Shoe Sales/Cashier at Sports Authority
3. Warehouse-OTC
4. Teller
5. Operator for the bank

5 things people don't know about me:
1. Not to many things people don't know about me, I am usually an open book and will tell you things you don't want to know! It's not easy to surprise me I am a HUGE snoop and I ask until I find out information. It's very bad I am to nosy.......
2. I really hate driving places with other cars. Ha. Sounds dumb I know but if the road were just mine and empty I would love it. I hate the way other people drive and I tend to get very angry and say things I really shouldn't :(
3. I HATE to be late to anything. So I always am like super duper early for everything. I tend to leave my house 30 minutes early for somewhere that will take me 10 minutes to drive. I guess my Mother instilled in it us cuz growing up we were always early for everything! I have a hard time when my Husband doesn't want to be an hour early and sometimes he makes us late :(
4. I hate hate hate things touching my eye. It freaks me out. I've never been to the eye dr before cus I am afraid they will put things on or in my eye. Yikes! Good thing I have perfect vision :)
5. I am a horrible speller. Bad. I spell check everything I email 291381029 times before I send this (I will spell check this before I post it) cuz I am so bad! Steve is even worse then me.......I worry for our children! Ha

March 6, 2008

Just tryin to fit in.......

So I recently found this website and have become obsessed with it! ha. So I thought it would be a fun new way for people to follow all the exciting daily things in Steve and I's life currently! I know most people on here do it so you can see and have updates on their kids which of course we don't have any (yet, working on it!) I think I am just as exciting! Ha. Hopefully I'll get Steve on here to post and everybody can check for updates! I plan on using it for scripture, song lyrics, pictures, whatever! I'll try to post another blog soon with lots of pictures from our recent paint projects on the house! Love to you all :)