June 27, 2012

6 months of Ellie Belly Jelly


I'm sorry I haven't been a good Momma to document your fun little life, you and your sister keep me WAYYYY to busy! (Daddy does too!) You are such a fun girl and you make me smile and laugh everyday just like your sister. You are so silly and so full of personality, I can't imagine when your walking and talking and getting into trouble with your big sister. Oh my! You found your lungs EARLY at like 3 1/2 months and haven't stopped talking/screaming since. It's a fun sound, not mad or sad but it's still very LOUD! Heaven help me when I have to listen to you AND your sister talk my ear off all day!! Your Aunt Nat and Grandma (Ama) say that you girls are God's punishment for me being a kid! I sure hope you girls will be better as teenagers then I was! Ha.

You are a silly girl and love to laugh and smile. You have LOTS of crying time, but not as much as your sister. You have a "Zest" for life I say, you get super excited about everything! Food, people, toys, attention, it's hilarious! You stick your arms straight out at your side and stop breathing. I can't explain it, but it's the funniest thing we have ever seen! You do it hundreds of times a day but it NEVER gets old. It kind of sounds like your under water and can't breathe so we always say your drowning. lol. Our other favorite thing you do is when your laying on your belly on the floor you get excited and stick your arms out to the side off the ground, then you stick your legs straight up and out too, so just your little body is still on the ground. It's hilarious! We die laughing. You are just excited!!!!

You weighed 17 lbs 1.1 oz at the Dr on Friday. My BIGGGG girl! You are 2 lbs heavier then your petite sister was at this age. But, you are 25" long, the same exact height Hailey was! You are currently in the 70% for height and 75% for weight. Your sissy is in 30% for both. I warn her that she needs to be NICE to you because soon enough you will be mobile and wayyyy bigger then her and you will sit on her! lol
Sorry if I always compare you girls, it's just fun to Momma to see how different/same you 2 are. But I love you both as individuals and hope you both are always strong and independent! That is one main thing I hope to pass on to you!

You have not slept through the night. Since. You. Were. Born. This is VERY sad for Momma. I am NOT used to this. At 8 weeks Hailey started sleeping 11-13 hours a night. Whose Baby are you Elle?? But unlike your sister you are a GREAT napper. Our day usually goes like this;

Awake between 8:30-9:30am
Eat and play then morning nap between 11am-11:30am
I only let you sleep for 30-45 minutes (depending on how much I need to get done!) so you will nap at 2 with your sister!
Eat lunch, you just started getting soilds at lunch this weekend. You LURVEEEE food. Your zest for life defiantly includes food. Your silly!
Nap from 2pm-4pm
Up and play until dinner time at 6pm
3rd and last nap of the day at 6:30 you sleep again for 30-45 min.
Up at 7:15 or so and we play and usually go outside. You have been Ms. Grumpy pants starting every night at 8pm. This is a HARD time for Momma :( You cry and cry no matter what I do. So we either go outside and play/go for a walk, or we leave the house. You love the car and running errands like your sister. But Momma is out of places to go and $ to spend so I have to get creative! I might start bath every night at that time for you. That is what we did for Hailey!
You nurse for about 45 minutes starting at 9:30pm when Hailey goes to bed. Your amazing NEW routine is to go to sleep about 10:15-10:30pm and sleep until 4 or 5am. PLEASE Keep this up Ellie. Your record is 10:30-6am and I would love for you to go longer!!! You nurse when you wake up at 4/5am and then go back down until 8:30-9:30! YAY for schedules! I know as soon as we get a good routine/schedule you will change and that is OK. I just like things to be predictable and routine as much as possible. Not just for you but for me and especially Hailey also!

You are sitting up so well! I think you love life a little more now that you can sit up and play with your toys. You still fall down a lot but almost never cry, you just keep going! I can't wait for the next stages, crawling, walking, talking. I don't want you to grow up, but I think it's so hard for you to be trapped in that body that can't do all those fun things and you will be so much happier like Hailey was when your mobile! And honestly girl you are HEAVY and hard to carry everywhere, I am going to change out your car seat to a big girl one cuz I can't carry you in that stupid thing. So I am ready for you to crawl and walk and get around yourself so Momma doesn't have to kill myself carrying you everywhere anymore!

You are a HOT HOT HOT girl like your Daddy and big sis. At naps you sleep in nothing but a onesie or tshirt, and at night/long nap you sleep in a onesie and swaddled. No blankets for you! Poor Baby, it's gonna be a hot summer!!!

You are still an excellent nurser. I quit nursing Hailey and exclusively pumping by this time so I am so so so proud of us for continuing! Based on your size I am guessing you get plenty and Momma is giving you what you need! This makes me sooo happy since I feel like I starved Hailey and my supply was horrible. The funny thing is you only eat for 3-4 minutes at a time during the day (but MUCHHHHH longer at night/bed time). You are efficient and Mom and her friends joke that I have 1/2 and 1/2 or cream for milk!

You will not however take a bottle. I have sooooooooooooo much milk pumped and frozen for you and you have refused a bottle/sippy for about 4 months now. It makes it hard for me to get away. I pretty much have you and your sister attached to me 24/7. Momma needs a break! So maybe stop this bottle strike so I can get out for a little bit to keep myself sane OK???

I never ever let your sister cry, especially for sleep. But I'm happy and sorry to say you do my Dear! I just pop you in your crib and you used to cry for about 5-8 minutes, and then fall right to sleep. Now you know when I turn on your fans and sound machine and lay you in your crib it's time to sleep! You just lay your head right down on the mattress. It melts my heart, your so precious!

You LOVE your sister. You think she is the most amazing hilarious thing in the world. You watch her and laugh harder at her then anything else in the world. However she isn't the best with you and this breaks Momma's heart. I know she is trying to be sweet and not vicious, but she does NOT know how to be gentle and what not to do with you. Pulling you across the house by your arms is NOT OK. We are working hard on it, she has gotten LOTS of discipline over this issue. Slowly ever so slowly she is getting better. I know she LOVES you and just wants to "help" and play with you, she just has to learn how to! You 2 are funny together though and I can't WAIT to see you become best friends. That is why we had you Ellie dear, so you 2 could be best friends and always have each other and be close!

You have a lot of nick-names. (your Momma is a dork and gives everybody nick names!) We call you Jelly, Belly, Ellie Belly, Ellie Marie, Elle, Fatty (sorry but it is out of love!), Chunky, Chunk, Chunky Monkey, Jelly Fish (you LOVE water like your sister!), Sissy, my personal favorite Ju-Ju-B (nooooooo idea where it came from) and any other weird-o nick name I think of at the time :) You'll get used to me and my weird things I do.....no matter what we call you just know we LOVE you and we show our love in weird ways ;)

We love you SO MUCH and our hearts are full from you! You complete our little family and I don't know what I would do without you. I hope you grow up to be sweet, loving, have a passion for Jesus, and a heart for others. Please know Momma loves you so much, I would die for you my sweet girl and I am ALWAYS here for you!!! <3

June 24, 2012


Top things about going to Indy to visit family;

1) Getting to hug my Grandma after WAYYYYY to long

2) Getting to see Cousins and meeting their kids! Such sweeties, wish I could have taken them all home!

3) Not sleeping AT ALL in a room with one 3 year old in a pack n play who had to poop all night, and one 4 mo old who wants to eat all night. I digress...........

4) Having my Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, and 2 cousins (plus their spouses) say that my children are sweet and well behaved. Honestly I am NOT trying to toot my own horn, cuz Lord KNOWS I am failing at this Mom stuff, have no idea what I am doing and spend most of the day screaming and spanking when I should be calm and patient :/ But hearing my Grandma say how sweet, lovely, kind, and well behaved Hailey is about made me cry. She wasn't even on her best behavior when we were there! She doesn't do well traveling and we had our fair share of fits and crying. But I know deep down she is a sweet hearted girl and we are trying our best! So to hear from the person whose opinion I hold higher then most REALLY made my year!

5) Losing part of my hip bones due to being squished in the backseat between 2 carseats. All in the name of keeping the crying children quiet

6) Playing at the most amazing park ever! So wish we had one like it in Omaha!

7) Grandma laughing so hard she was crying over the fact that she and Grandpa owned 22 cars in less then 18 years!

8) Surviving 20+ hours in the car with the girls! (poor Mom had to drive almost all of it!)

9) Ellie belly laughing harder then I have heard before at Uncle Dave of course. Everybody loves Uncle Dave he is hilarious!!! It was seriously precious, I soooo wish I had a video camera

10) Grandma being spit fire (some would say Grumpy) over certain things, most especially foods! Chemo reeked havoc on her poor taste buds and she was so opinionated over foods! It was hilarious to me and Mom as she was always so passive and go with the flow before, but in her older age she sure lets you have it! She argued about apples, cantaloupe, and a couple others. It was hilarious to me and I love that Grandma is outspoken and has an opinion. I've never seen this side of her! (neither have her children!)
4 generations of Girls!
Jelly actually NOT crying in the car!
Me and my favorite 3 year old! (one of my favorite pictures ever of the 2 of us!)
My girls with their Great Aunt Marilyn
I will ALWAYS treasure this picture!! Hailey LOVES Ama Dee and asks to go back to her house daily!