May 30, 2008

My One and Only

She appreciates what so many take for granted
She loves me for me
She is so loving
She is playful and fun
She likes being silly, and likes when I am silly too
She understands when I don't feel well
She understands my phy limitations
She is a hard worker
She understands the value of money
She has her priorities straight
She wants to be a good wife and mother.. [Only two B :) ]
She enjoys life and laughs at little things
Her smile makes me smile
Her laugh fills my heart
That my day can't start without a hug and kiss
That my day can't end without an "I love you, goodnight"

May 29, 2008

Meet the man of my dreams

So in my many blogs I've read, being the blog stalker that I am the last couple months, I've come across some of the best where a wife comes up with something cute and loving about her Hubby. Most usually on his Birthday or their Anniversary. While both of those days being in September and to far away I will just do it. Since today is May 29th and has no meaning to us what so whatever and I've been thinking and wanting to write this for a long while I will! (plus being bored out of my mind at work this is all I could come up with to pass the time) So maybe I will re post it on his Birthday or Anniversary but here goes:

In honor of his going to be 29th Birthday (in September of course) here are 29 reasons why my hubby is the best and I love him more then life itself (in random order)

1) The way he loves me unconditionally

2) That he reads his Bible most every day on his lunch break. (and the fact that he told me this before we were even dating. Something most guys wouldn't dare tell a girl!)

3) That he wants to have babies with me

4) That he trusted in me and our love for eachother (and God!) enough to get married again

5) That he always answers my most annoying questions even the never ending "Honey what if......." haha

6) That he listens to Wilson Phillips (what made me fall in love with him in the first place)

7) That even tho for months he said he wouldn't be emotional at all he cried when I walked down the aisle to him on our wedding day

8) That he feels "naked" without his wedding ring on if he forgets it when we leave the house

9) That he let me pick almost all the paint colors in our current house and even let me have a Purple Bathroom (this is huge)

10) That he always makes such good decisions, especially with $ and large purchases

11) That he is going to build me a new house so it can just be "Ours" and nobody else has ever lived there before

12) How much that boy loves him some bread

13) When he cooks me dinner

14) When he brushes my hair or scratches my back

15) When he dances and acts super silly with me

16) When he brings home flowers just because

17) That he has already watched a life time of "girly" movies but still never tells me no when I ask to the most romantic chick flick ever

18) That he drives an hour and a half every day to and from work to provide for us (not for much longer!)

19) That he always orders the same exact meal every place we ever go to eat at :)

20) How he cuts every tag off every single item of clothing he owns so it doesn't "bug" him

21) That he kills all the bugs in the house and outside cuz they gross me out and I'm to girly to do it

22) How he always holds my hand at night so I can fall asleep faster

23) How I know he will always protect me and make sure I am safe above all else

24) Watching him in the Nursery (especially with Rachael) and play with his niece and nephews. I look forward to him playing with our own kids so much one day!

25) How he never gets upset or mad or angry, always patient and kind and loving

26) Even though we both have remotes to unlock and get in our cars easily he will still come over and open the car door for me just because he knows I like it

27) That he thinks and tells me I am beautiful all the time

28) That in almost 3 years he hasn't gone one day without telling me he loves me

29) I know he will love me no matter what forever and ever and we will spend eternity together

29 seemed like a lot but I was able to fill them all so quickly and I could go on and on and on! I love you Honey and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life showing you how much!! -B

May 27, 2008

On a Happier note......

So I feel bad leaving my dark words as my last post so here are some highlights from our nice long weekend to cheer things up! We had a really fun weekend just relaxing and getting the house cleaned! Friday night we laid in front of the tv and did a lot of nothing it was great! Saturday we (me) vacuumed, cleaned the bathrooms (Steve), and some laying around! Then at night we went to my sisters for a Mother's Day (late)/Memorial Day BBQ. It was a great time and I just love being with my family, eating, trading stories and always always laughing :)
Sunday was more cleaning (our house isn't that big is it??), and Steve treated himself to a movie with his brother and some friends. They went and saw Indiana Jones together. They came home with mixed reviews, Scott really enjoyed it and Steve not so much. (I'll let him post about it himself) Then it was off to the Sessions for another BBQ. So fun with all the kiddies to entertain us and all the yummy food! Needless to say we had to take a walk after dinner to walk some of the yumminess off :)
On our way home we stopped at the video store to rent some movies (we had been told that horrible bad wind/rain/hail storms were coming so we made sure to have plenty of food and some movies to keep us busy!). We got Surf's Up which is super cute and lots of funny parts in it. I highly recommend to everybody, it was cute and clean which is hard to find anymore. Steve watched National Treasure 2 and enjoyed it, I of course was mopping floors and watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 which is pretty much my most favorite show in the world right now. If you've never seen it before and have cable you MUST MUST MUST check it out. These kids are to die for, you just want to "squoosh" (in the words of Kate the Mom) them and love on them! Check them out and see pictures of their most gorgeous kiddies here!
So we're back at work slaving away. haha. What did you guys do this weekend????

P.S. Pictures of the model home we're building coming soon!

May 24, 2008

Cuts like a knife........

*Disclaimer this will be a "heavy" post, which I haven't branched out and done yet so be fore warned!

So I know I am going out a limb and freaking out over nothing. Bare with me. I am a Drama Queen, love to do my "what if's" about a million times a day (ask my hubby. Sorry Steven you know I love you), and generally think too much. Honestly it hurts to think and be as retarded as I am sometimes. Before I confuse you anymore and go off into oblivion I'll start over........

I finally was able to figure some of this blog stuff out! I have been trying for the past 2 months to figure out how to get friends linked on my page. Although I don't really have any friends on here I still wanted to be able to when the time arose! I have become a total blog stalker. Seriously it's an addiction. I probably have over 20 blogs I regularly check on a daily basis at work. Some of which I have linked on the side of our blog. *I must input here I work at a bank, there for most things are blocked from us at work, limiting websites I can visit. Blogspot just happens to be un-blocked at the moment. If they decide to block it from me I might have a mental break down, seriously I don't know how I would pass the time even though I was able to without it 4 months ago.* Working a 9 hour shift in the most boring job in the world gives me plenty of time to read blogs. I am a good blog reader I go allllllllll the way back to 2006 or whatever when people started their blogs and read their whole life story from that point until recent. I must admit and think what you want about me but I have fallin in love with the most beautiful amazing woman that have lost children/babies. I have learned a lot about different diagnoses I never knew about before. All these women are so amazing and have such a love for God. I really feel that God put them in my life (even though they don't have a clue I exist) to strengthen my walk with him. I am so grateful for my life, my problems seem so piddly and I have so much to thank him for on a daily biases. Which brings me to my next point. We are trying to get pregnant, actively. Would God give us more then we can handle?? Could I handle a miscarriage, still birth, losing a baby after only living with us for 50 or even 2 some odd days??!? Things I question and think about a lot especially when I visit the blogs of these amazing woman.Which brings me to my next point. One of the totally weird girls in my office comes to work yesterday (which I must insert here that even though I say she is weird I don't feel one way or another about her. She is a nice person but I don't really know a thing about her. She is part time so we only are "together" for about 4 hours a day. She sits and does her homework on her computer while listening to her iPod and NOT answering calls which makes me upset but whatever she gets away with it) and tells us that her sister who is currently living in Australia called her last night (Thursday night) to tell her she is pregnant again. The way she said it we could tell this was obliviously not a good thing. When the sister told her husband she was expecting he got VERY upset and was mad and said he didn't even want to father the 2 children they currently have. Who says that?!?! Doesn't he know what a blessing children are?!? Doesn't he know that there are loving amazing people who are trying trying trying to get pregnant and can't, and he can just easily "lay" with his wife and conviece a child?!?!?! There are women and men who have had their heart full of love for a child, dream about molding it into an awesome God loving person and try their best to show it the world the way Jesus would have lived only to have them taken from them?!?! I really have no patience for ignorant people. I almost cried at my desk I was so upset. Who says something like that??? Is he going to walk out on his wife and children only because he is un-happy with his current life and can not stand the thought of another child being brought into the house? Ugh I am sick. I know I am naive and there are a lot of people like there out in this world it just breaks my heart when I hear about them. Please pray for this family, pray God will change his heart and make this man a loving husband and father. Also pray for one of my friends who found out this past weekend she is pregnant again and it's not the best timing or situation right now for her to have another child. (in my opinion) Pray for all the women who have lost a child, this is more heartache then I can ever imagine. And lastly when God is ready would bless us with a child we could raise and bring us to be a man/woman of God. For I know the child will only be ours on earth but God's eternally. Thanks for letting me rant and rave and if anybody actually reads it for not thinking I am absolutely insane! Love to all

May 20, 2008

Home Stretch

We are on the home stretch of all the home improvement projects. Down to just the final few finishing touches. Becky and family have done most of the work. I have helped when I could. My health comes and goes, seems to be on an upswing again.

We are both excited to go and see what options and upgrades are available, pick out colors and everything. Hearthstone homes [local builder] makes it fun and easy with a computer program and laptop in a big shop full of all the options. [Or so they say] They have been good to work with so far. It is nice to be able to do all this without putting money down or agreeing to anything. You can see exactly what you want and how much it will cost before signing.

We should have more info soon....

May 5, 2008

Time crunch.......

So our most lovely Realtor came over on Saturday and wham we were hit with home improvement projects and the prospect of having our cute little starter house on the market with in 3 weeks! :O Yes that gives me about 2 weekends to paint 4 rooms (1 is half done), paint a front and a basement door, paint wood work, landscape and plant a tree in the front yard, landscape a good portion of the back yard, grow grass (thank God my Hubby thinks this is a very exciting thing to do and I will have no part in it), and keep the house spick and span. Ahhhhhhh I am about to lose it! Thank goodness we have the most amazing set of parents that will be at our house 24/7 to help with all these great improvements. We'll keep every one updated!!!

P.S. I don't think Lowes appreciates you returning $400 worth of door handles/hinges. Oops!