April 24, 2013

Hailey @ 4 years old


I'm sorry Momma didn't document your 3rd Birthday on the blog :( I was still trying to get the hang of the "Mother of 2" thing. I failed at a lot. And this is over a week late. But never late then never! Here are some things my gorgeous FUN BIG girl is doing!

-FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY full on potty trained! No more pull-ups, potty chair, or anything! For the first time yesterday you pooped on the big potty without your dora seat like a grown up! I am so so so happy, Momma hates cleaning up poop and it was so gross. I am so proud of you for this!

-You got to go to the dentist with Mommy for your very first cleaning a couple weeks ago. You weren't too sure about it and did NOT like the pick in your little mouth at ALL. You were mostly compliant though and were super good. I was proud of you. You have 3 cavities though :( I'm hoping it's just your baby teeth and you will have your Daddy's perfect teeth and not Mommy's. We are getting them filled tomorrow at a special "kid dentist". I am having much anxiety over this but I know you will do awesome and be sweet and make every one there fall in love with you, like you always do!

-Everybody you come in contact with always talks about how cute you are, you are super duper gorgeous but I'm biased so it's good to hear it from strangers ;) But more then that I want people to say how SWEET and KIND you are and what a good friend you are to others, and that you have a heart for Jesus. Your looks will only last so long (look at Momma and my HUGE muffin top! Oh to be 17 and skinny again!) but if you have Jesus you will make friends anywhere you go!

-You start Pre-k in Sept, 3 mornings a week. You are not sure about this and don't want to be away from Momma. You will have your bff Zo in your class and another friend Harper from church there. I am super excited for you and know you will do amazing! It will be a challenge the first couple weeks for us both to adjust (and I'm worried about how Sissy will do being away from you!) but you'll love it and make friends quickly I just know it!

-You LOVE MOPS and get so excited every other week when we go. You sing the songs all the time, talk about how much you loved your snack, what you did with your friends and how much you LOVE your favorite teacher (don't tell the other 2! I'm sure they are just as sweet). It makes my heart happy to see you social and not crying and upset when I leave you!

-You are SUCH a fashionista. You LOVE your clothes and shoes. My land! You come up with some crazy outfits, but I am learning to let go and let you wear whatever you want. Even in public! This is HUGE for me! (especially when on Easter I had the cutest matching outfits for you an Ellie and you wanted to wear 4 different colors of pink. Whatever! You got your way)

-You are still tiny and on your same growth curve so the Dr isn't worried about you. You only weigh 34 lbs and are in the 25% for height.

-Yet somehow you are growing out of your clothes like mad! You have 2 pair of your Gap Skinny jeans that are 3T, I swear you have to suck in your bones to wear them but you manage! You are in all 4T and some of them are a little short on you!

-You have an amazing sweet tooth like your Momma. No wonder you have cavities! Sorry Darlin'

-You LOVE all shows on PBS. I know I let you watch to much TV but until you were 3 1/2 you wanted NOTHING to do with it. So you watch Sesame Street (although honestly it's just background noise while you play/get dressed/eat breakfast), SuperWhy, Dinosaur Train (again don't really pay attention) and your most very favorite ever Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

-You will do anything at the promise of "pop" (sprite/sierra mist) your love language is defiantly pop!

There are a million other great things about you but I can't remember them all. You're always saying the greatest things but Mommy always fails at writing them down. I LOVE our nightly prayers and seeing what you will thank God for that night! You really ask a lot of great questions about God/Jesus/Heaven and I think you are starting to get it. I hope I am fostering it and answering right. I don't want to scare you about dying/death but I want you to be excited about Heaven and I think you are! Sometimes you get sad and say you just want to be in Heaven with God! :) LOVE that!!! You don't fully understand what that means though b/c you ask if you can go to Heaven and then come back home. Ha. I really want to do a good job planting a seed but it's hard! Keep asking questions little Momma and I will keep answering them!
You are my fun sweet BIG girl and I can't wait to grow up again along with you. Everything in life is SO much more fun through your eyes. I love you soooo much Sugar Bear!


P.S. I'm including another blog I started MONTHS ago just so the stories just down for my (and her!) memory :)

This is from a couple months ago but I keep forgetting to blog about it (and if I already did it's on here twice, deal with it people-who-don't-read-my-blog)
A couple months ago we were looking all over town for new tennies for Hailey. We went to one shoe store across town after dinner. As we are pulling into the parking lot a van was driving crazy and making me mad and pulled in across the parking lot for me. They had a bumper sticker on the back that said "Cancer sucks" and in my negative state of mind and being mad at them I thought to myself "DUH who is gonna say cancer rocks!? I mean that is surly stating the obvious stupid people". Then stopped and figured if they were that bold to have a bumper sticker that said that then it must mean somebody in their family had cancer. I mean I can NOT fathom my Mom/Sister/Dad/Brother/Hubby/Child having cancer so I suppose I would put that bumper sticker on my car to show my anger as well! (sorry I am going off as usual the story isn't about the bumper sticker or how they were sucky drivers) So as I'm getting Hailey out of her car seat I saw the family get out and walk into the shoe store as well. It was a Mom, Dad, older brother of about 13-15 and a little girl who was probably 9-13. She was completely bald and it was VERY obvious she was going through chemo. It tore my heart apart and I prayed and confessed my anger and sins and bad thoughts towards these people earlier. Now mind you I had not said a WORD about cancer, their bumper sticker, nothing about these people to my sensitive Hailey. She saw the little girl and before she got out of the car her eyes got big as saucers when she saw the little girl and asked what was wrong w/ her hair. I kept her in the car and explained to my 3 year old in her terms cancer. I said she was sick and getting special medicine from nice Dr's and that she had cancer. I told her the medicine made her hair fall out, but it would cure her and make her all better and she wouldn't be sick anymore! (everything HAS to be rosy and perfect in Hailey world or she will NOTGETOVERIT and you will never hear the end of it if something bad happens. Trust me people, I could NOT tell her this little girl could possibly die. I feel bad like I am "lying" or leaving out a big chunk of information for her but I know life is ugly and she has plenty of time to learn about death and ugly things. Now is not the time) She asked a couple questions but I just kept giving her my pc answers. It had been a couple months since we got back from Indy but she is super duper obsessed w/ my Grandma/her Great Grandma, Grandma Dee. I explained that Grandma Dee had cancer and was sick and lost all her hair and now she is fine! We just saw her! That helped. So we went in the store and tried on a couple things and left. As we are driving away Hailey starts sobbing. Can't even talk she is crying so hard. I had to pull the car over and talk to her and calm her down. She told me she was so sad for the little girl and didn't want her to be sick or lose her hair and wanted her to get all better. Stab my heart. We prayed and both cried and she was better. Of course she had to tell Daddy all about it and he was upset at me but what could I do! Sometimes she still asks about the "little girl with no hair" and we pray for her and I tell her God and the Dr's healed her and I'm sure she is fine!
Sweet innocent Hailey. She has SUCH a tender heart!

She is soooo sympathetic. Not only does she cry for strangers who have cancer, but when Mommy or Daddy isn't feeling well she immediately asks what she can do to make us feel better and offers the sweetest and usually most hilarious things to make us better. If I tell her I have a bad headache "Well, maybe you can take some Tylenol!" lol. Sweet Girl! I hope she never loses that quality and is always sweet, caring, and giving when she is older! We just have to be careful to not give her to much info and overwhelm her little heart.

My whole life I have HATED with a deep passion throwing up. It's sooo horrible, the smell, sounds, everything. I gag if somebody else throws up, when my siblings would get sick I couldn't get the smell/sound/thoughts out of my head. It's bad. I guess you could say I am OCD/anxiety about throwing up. I told Steve before we were married I would handle all the poop but he is going to have to be the strong one to handle throwing up. I just don't deal w/ it well. When Hailey was little, less then 2??  She had a bad horrible head cold, and she had JUST woke up for the day and Steve starts giving her all this water. Like tons and tons of water. I told him to knock it off and stop drowning the poor Girl she was gonna get sick. Then he was feeding her something weird, teddy grahams or something?? Anyway you can guess what happens next, horrible disgusting puke ALL over him. All he had was a tiny bowl and she is heaving everywhere. It was horrible. I just stood there and cried and watched her. It killed me. She has thrown up maybe 2 other times in her little life like that. I seriously pray ALL.THE.TIME for God to spare us stomach virus' and to NOT get sick. If the Girls can just handle no stomach bugs until they are out on their own that would be great K?? Yeah not gonna happen.
In January we got the plague of 2013. It was soooo sad and horrible. Hailey went down for a nap and told me her tummy hurt. She says this a lot, I ALWAYS asks if she needs to throw up/poop/hungry whatever. This time I didn't ask :( What was I thinking?? So she sleeps for over 2 hours and I go in to wake her up, I then go get Ellie out of her her crib and Hailey is walking to the living room and pukes a TON all over. Oh my I lost it. Steve is downstairs and I just start screaming for him. I managed to get a bowl (over the years I am able to move a little more and stifle my tears as it's happening. I STILL scream for Steve every time though like somebody lost a limb. He hates me for it but he promised in his vows to help w/ puke. Funny it ALWAYS has happened when he is home and not at work. Thanks God!) and put Ellie down somewhere where she wouldn't get "into it" UGHHH sick! So for the next 4 1/2 hours Hailey threw up (i.e. dry heave) every 15 minutes. Oh I was sooo worried and cried for her. She was so sad and in SO MUCH PAIN! Steve got it, I got it, Ellie however was spared. I also sent it to my parents where they got it along w/ my brother :( I felt SO bad! It was horrible. Sorry all of this was TMI but I knew I needed to record it for my own self. I survived! Now we all have colds. Colds I can handle. Fluids, vicks, steam showers, humidifiers, vitamins, caugh syrup, I got this!


Just some fun things about my little Ellie Jelly at 15 mo (my most FAVORITE age ;)

-Words (most she has been saying since she turned 1 or little after)

Hiiii (we still hear this all day and it never gets old. Cutest thing in the world!)

Bye/bybye (this is the newest, just started this week! Previously when I would tell her to say bye she would just wave, sometimes even saying hi instead lol)

Momma/Mommy (says this for Daddy too. Hilarious!)

Sissy-long S sound



Please-PEAS (whenever she wants something she just begs and begs, it's so cute and never gets old)

Thanks/Thank you- Tanks

Daddy/Dada- Da (rarely says this but I have heard it before and I know she can just chooses to call him Momma ;) Again that is fine with me! Ha!)

Cheese (for pictures)- Cheeeeeeee (hilarious and sooo adorable! usually puts the camera ON her face and screams cheeee at it)

Okay-K (this is sooooo cute. We hear this along w/ hi and peas 24/7 but again it NEVER gets old and is the cutest thing ever!)

-Nods her head correctly when we answer a question. DEFIANTLY knows what she wants and when she wants you and lets you know!!

-Is STILL nursing twice a day. At 2pm for nap time and whenever she wakes up before 9am. Ha. Usually between 5-7am but I have had a very rare couple of 8+ams! Those were glorious!

-So one day my neighbor/bff Eve was telling me about her little guy's bedtime routine. He is 5 weeks younger then Ellie and he had the same schedule as her, would nurse around 9-9:30 for like an hour then go to bed and wake up around 5, nurse again and go back to sleep. Then one night at 8 when the older siblings when to bed he sat at the stairs crying so Eve let him upstairs and he took her to his crib and cried to get in! She laid him down thinking it was a fluke and he would be screaming. But, he didn't he slept really really well and this is his new normal!
Well, I guess Ellie heard our little conversation. Usually she and Daddy play in the living room while I put Hailey to bed. One night she screamed and screamed and he couldn't handle it so I put her in her room with all the lights on and k-love on the radio. I went in a couple minutes later (after her screaming like she was dying) and she was silent so I was afraid of what I would find. She was DEAD asleep. I was afraid she would be up at 1am screaming but nope she slept until 8:30am!!!!!! :O AND she did it the next night! So for over a month now she has had this new routine! Momma LOVES it and it's so great to have the extra time at night not nursing and it means I might be able to be away from them at night and not HAVE to do night time routine! Yay thanks Girl!!!

-She is extremely smart, fun, sassy, and GOOD. We love her, she is so playful and FULL of personality. I think 9 times a day I tell somebody (usually Steve) that it's a shame she has no personality! Ha!

-She had noro virus the week before Easter. I bet she lost over 2 lbs. It started with her refusing every.single.food I tried to give her. Except breakfast?!?! She would throw anything in her mouth until 11:30am then she refused everything. It was horrible. I was making 3 and 4 meals at lunch AND dinner only for her to turn her head and not eat anything. We wasted a LOT of food. Then Thursday night she puked a TON, Friday morning I thought she was better since it had been 14+ hours of no throwing up, and she puked all over me again :( She was so tired, puny, whiny, clingy, and just wanted to nurse. So nurse we did. I bet we nursed 8-10 times a day Friday. Then she pooped 6-8 times in 30 minutes and screamed the entire time. I was so tired and stressed. After a 45 minute cat nap she woke up a new women! I actually literally cried I was so happy. I kept running to Steve and making him watch her to see if it was true! I was so so so close to taking her to the ER for dehydration, I was a mess of worry and stress all week! Praise Jesus she is better I could NOT handle that!

-She is a little tiny thing like her sis, only 19 lbs 5 oz last week at the Dr (I think she was probably over 20 before stupid noro). She is only in the 15% for height, no idea how tall but she is a shortie like her sister!

-Wears 9 mo, 6-12, 12 mo, and very very little 18 mo clothes. The summer 18 mo clothes are gonna have to work cuz I'm not buying her AND Hailey new summer wardrobes! I think she will be fine since we won't have to deal with long sleeves or long pants ;)

-Size 3 or 4 shoe. She is just as obsessed about her shoes as Hailey was. Maybe even more! Every.Single.Day. she has learned how to open her closet, get out the sock/shoe basket and bring them to me begging to put them on! Cute smart girl


Momma loves you SO MUCH! You really have no idea. You light up a room, you're super duper silly and will do anything to make us laugh. My favorites are when you stomp stomp, bang bang (hit yourself on the head. Hilarious!), jump (only moving the top 1/2 of your body), dance, and when you sing. We decided your going to be the class clown, especially while your sister is crying and being dramatic ;)
I just love this age and would have 19 more babies to experience it. Since that obviously isn't going to happen I am trying to soak you all in right now. If only you slept better. My darling. I really would never wish a baby like you on you, but I know one day you when you have your own babies you will understand Mommy's frustrations.
You are so so so fun, goofy, LOVE to hug (cuddle) and kiss. Oh your kisses just melt me and you LOVE to shell them out! I'll take 'em!  You LOVE your sissy and have to always know where she is. You 2 fight over everything in the house but I know once you both know how to share you will love each other! You are wicked to her and are always taking her special things and running with them until she finds out. Secretly though when she isn't around and you are able to get them you want nothing to do with them! Lil stinker!
You LOVE your Tiny Baby, tv on, juice, fruit snacks, vanilla wafers, and most meals Momma makes. You're learning to eat what I put in front of you or you'll be hungry later!
Momma and Daddy love you to the moon and back and you complete us. I never knew there would be such room in my heart to love another little girl as much as I love you!


April 22, 2013

Cleaner with Cottonelle

So this will be my final Blog post for Crowdtap of the day! ;)

I was super duper pooper excited to get a HUGE box from Crowdtap and Cottonelle of Toilet Paper and wet wipes. Y'all I was blown away! I got 2 4-packs of toilet paper to give away, 1 HUGE 18 (!!!!) pack of toilet paper for myself (I suppose if I was feeling generous I could have given it away but I kept it for us! ;) and 3 full packs of the wet wipes.

(sorry Hailey) Since Hailey is fully potty trained (and ON THE BIG POTTY! Can I get an AMEN people?!?!) I knew I would love the wipes to use on her instead of stealing some of Ellie's every time she goes and having to drag them in the bathroom with me. It's been so handy to have them on the back of the toilet and just grab one when I need one! I also love them and think I'm addicted! :/ Great something else to spend $$ on at the store right? Ha. Hubby is NOT a fan, poo. Haha I am hilarious! But whatever. Me and Hay will use them! They smell amazing and are super soft and just the right size!

Now the TP, hm not so sure. It feels rough, not as soft as my Charmin. I'm not a fan. :/ Oh well you can't win them all right?? I need to ask Steve what he thinks, he hasn't shared an opinion so he must not hate it! Thanks again Crowdtap and Cottonelle!

The Perfect Tee

So my friends at Crowdtap and Old Navy chose me again to get some free clothes! Have I told y'all how much I LOVE free clothes?? I may not have warn my dress yet :/ But I KNEW I would love and wear some t-shirts from Old Navy. In fact they are the only kind I own in my wardrobe!

So I loaded up BOTH Girls (grrrrr norovirus was going through our house and it was Hubby's turn! Can we EVER be healthy in 2013? The answer is no, no we can not) and my bff/neighbor Eve and her little guy Sam and headed to Old Navy!

So since these are completely my OWN opinions and I'm not what to say or anything I'll tell you straight. I was a little pissed. There were soooooooo many stipulations on this one. When I went with my friend before we were able to get different types of the perfect tee's (there are many different t-shirts in the Perfect Tee line) and even get a perfect tank. So we were excited and tried on a bunch of stuff. I settled on 2 Henley's which were super cute and had little buttons down the front. I was excited and didn't own any of these already!

So we went to check out and had a HECK of a time. First of all the cashier was like 17 and a TOTAL snobby know it all. Now I have worked retail for 10+ years and I know these girls. They think they know everything when they know very little, it's just obnoxious and extremely hard to work with them and especially be the customer and have that attitude! So after a long time it turns out we could only get plain crew neck or V-neck t-shirts. After fighting with the cashier, then getting the SWEETEST sales girl and manager involved that is what ended up. Whatever! I think if it said Perfect Tee on it we should have been able to use it but the computer wouldn't let us. So whatever! I'll still take 2 brand new shirts for free right?? It was just frustrating! Here are the shirts I got!

Thanks Crowdtap and Old Navy AGAIN for giving this Momma such MUCH needed new FREE Clothes!

*I was compensated 2 free t-shirts, but all opinions are completely my own!*


OK ya'll are about to be bomb shelled by Crowdtap posts. But nobody but me reads this anymore right? :( Oh well my life is busy and the blog gets pushed to the back.

Anywho, the awesome peeps at Crowdtap and Woolite chose me for another sample and share! I got 10 packets of 1 use of detergent and each came with a $1 off coupon. I'll admit I was one of the niave people who thought woolite was only for delicates but it's just like your favorite everyday detergent! It worked awesome, nobody broke out (since Steve and the Girls have such sensitive skin I am always afraid of trying a new laundry detergent or anything that could smell, irritate their skin, etc. ) and it was awesome! This is from a tried and true Tide-For-Life girl! I now have another great choice if my Tide isn't on sale/have a coupon (cuz y'all that stuff is EXPENSIVE!!!!!) If you are looking for a great laundry detergent I would whole heartily tell you to try it!

*I was given free samples/coupons of woolite for myself and 9 friends from Crowdtap. However opinions are fully my own!)*

April 16, 2013

Hailey's 4th Birthday Interview

You can catch the first Interview from July 2012 Here

1. What is your name? Hailey (sounds like Hayee) Elaine Sessions

2. How old are you? Four

3. What is your mom’s name? Becky

4. What does your mom do during the day? I don't know, washes dishes, does laundry

5. What is your dad’s name? Steven Mark

6. What does your dad do during the day? Takes care of the kids (HA! Really? Whose kids?). Then tells me he goes to work (more like it!)

7. What is your favorite color? Pink & Yellow & Pink & Purple

8. What is your favorite thing to eat? (what don’t you like to eat?) Candy (I had to give multiple choice). Gross- Broccoli

 9. Who are your friends? Eleena, Samara, Zion, Abby

10. What is your favorite song? The B-I-B-L-E and "The Hoppin Frog" (they sing it at MOPS)

11. What is your sister’s name? Ellie

12. What is your favorite place to go? Chick-Fil-A & Walmart & Grandma's to ride my new bike

13. What is your favorite thing to do? Play with Jenna in her new pink carseat (Birthday toy she got today), Ride my new bike from Grandma & Papa, watch Dora and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

14. What do you like about your Mommy? (Daddy, sister, etc.) Mommy-Cuddling with you
Daddy- Play outside with him
Ellie- Playing and helping her

15. What do you want to be when you grow up? A Mommy

16. What is your favorite book? Books that Ellie can rip (LOL)

17. What does (sister/brother) like to do? Play