April 22, 2013

Cleaner with Cottonelle

So this will be my final Blog post for Crowdtap of the day! ;)

I was super duper pooper excited to get a HUGE box from Crowdtap and Cottonelle of Toilet Paper and wet wipes. Y'all I was blown away! I got 2 4-packs of toilet paper to give away, 1 HUGE 18 (!!!!) pack of toilet paper for myself (I suppose if I was feeling generous I could have given it away but I kept it for us! ;) and 3 full packs of the wet wipes.

(sorry Hailey) Since Hailey is fully potty trained (and ON THE BIG POTTY! Can I get an AMEN people?!?!) I knew I would love the wipes to use on her instead of stealing some of Ellie's every time she goes and having to drag them in the bathroom with me. It's been so handy to have them on the back of the toilet and just grab one when I need one! I also love them and think I'm addicted! :/ Great something else to spend $$ on at the store right? Ha. Hubby is NOT a fan, poo. Haha I am hilarious! But whatever. Me and Hay will use them! They smell amazing and are super soft and just the right size!

Now the TP, hm not so sure. It feels rough, not as soft as my Charmin. I'm not a fan. :/ Oh well you can't win them all right?? I need to ask Steve what he thinks, he hasn't shared an opinion so he must not hate it! Thanks again Crowdtap and Cottonelle!

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