April 22, 2013

The Perfect Tee

So my friends at Crowdtap and Old Navy chose me again to get some free clothes! Have I told y'all how much I LOVE free clothes?? I may not have warn my dress yet :/ But I KNEW I would love and wear some t-shirts from Old Navy. In fact they are the only kind I own in my wardrobe!

So I loaded up BOTH Girls (grrrrr norovirus was going through our house and it was Hubby's turn! Can we EVER be healthy in 2013? The answer is no, no we can not) and my bff/neighbor Eve and her little guy Sam and headed to Old Navy!

So since these are completely my OWN opinions and I'm not what to say or anything I'll tell you straight. I was a little pissed. There were soooooooo many stipulations on this one. When I went with my friend before we were able to get different types of the perfect tee's (there are many different t-shirts in the Perfect Tee line) and even get a perfect tank. So we were excited and tried on a bunch of stuff. I settled on 2 Henley's which were super cute and had little buttons down the front. I was excited and didn't own any of these already!

So we went to check out and had a HECK of a time. First of all the cashier was like 17 and a TOTAL snobby know it all. Now I have worked retail for 10+ years and I know these girls. They think they know everything when they know very little, it's just obnoxious and extremely hard to work with them and especially be the customer and have that attitude! So after a long time it turns out we could only get plain crew neck or V-neck t-shirts. After fighting with the cashier, then getting the SWEETEST sales girl and manager involved that is what ended up. Whatever! I think if it said Perfect Tee on it we should have been able to use it but the computer wouldn't let us. So whatever! I'll still take 2 brand new shirts for free right?? It was just frustrating! Here are the shirts I got!

Thanks Crowdtap and Old Navy AGAIN for giving this Momma such MUCH needed new FREE Clothes!

*I was compensated 2 free t-shirts, but all opinions are completely my own!*

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