April 30, 2008

Moving up and out...........

So we are doing a LOT of this.................

And even more of this.............
(might I point out NOT our house nor will we be using any form of Palm Trees. I don't believe they would survive Nebraska Winters. Now back to your regurally schedule Blog)

So that this LOVELY Gem of a realtor Jen can sell our house quickly!!!!

So for those of you closest to us you have known almost the whole time me and Steve have been together we have talked about how "one day" we will sell our tiny yet adorable starter home in hopes of more storage, sqft, and Steve's most coveted "Man basement" haha. Well, the day is coming just about 3 years sooner then we thought...........
We have decided to aggressively attack our house with paint and silver hardware. Jen is going to come over (keep your fingers she had an "out patient" surgery to remove her gall bladder. I don't believe any surgery is "out patient" especially if you have a 4 month old daughter waiting at home) Saturday morning to rip apart our house and tell us exactly where to spend our $ and what not to do. I'm hoping it won't turn into one of those Flipping shows we know and love on TLC and HGTV, but I want the truth so we can get the most bang for our buck! We are currently searching the web for the perfect house. It must be with in 15 minutes of the First National Tower (i.e. why this whole thing started. Besides getting the evil ex wife off the mortgage, the 45+ minute EACH WAY commute on my poor Hubby is wearing on him and us), 1500+ Sqft, 3 bedrooms, dining room, master bath with 2 sinks, walk in closets, and an unfinished basement. Ha impossible right?? All this for a whapping budget of $140! So we found a couple good options to go through w/ Jen and in 1 day our top 3 were gone. I was sure God was sending us a sign that this was not the time and to stop our search. As soon as we stopped though he plopped something in our laps (computer screens to be accurate). Last night we went through some model homes. They are about 15 minutes of a drive for Steve (yes that is a savings of over an hour in the car each day! And about $800 a month is gas), un finished basement, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, large eat in kitchen (enough room for 8-10 people), 2 car garage, and gorgeous brand new neighborhood! And hold the phone but it is a RANCH. Holy Moly!!! We still have a LOT of details to figure out but it really seems to perfect to be true! Like I say I am just jumping the gun (who me? NEVER (scarism) ), who knows maybe we will do all these upgrades fall in love w/ our house all over again and stay! You never know!
I will keep everybody updated but for those of you that love me and want to keep me sane if you want to come over the next oh 3-4 Saturday's to help paint and/or landscape we would appreciate it and feed you!!! If you think of us say a prayer for God's guidance and will through this whole process as Steve is already losing sleep over it :) (love you Honey) Thanks everybody we love your support and prayers!!!! Here are some random pictures of our current house for your viewing enjoyment. Sorry I don't have many here at work!

Our Christmas Tree in '06. Oh those horrible bland white walls!

Oh what good a little color in your life can do! haha. (ignore the fat pmsing girl in the picture. What was I thinking if the MIL is coming over you MUST do your hair and makeup and wear a more figure flattering shirt because there will most def. be picture taking involved!)

My Cheesey boy in the kitchen (you can KINDA see the lovely yellow paint!). With what he loves most in life (besides his wifey of course); video game controllers for Christmas. Haha

Our FAR to big bed in our FAR to small bedroom. (new smaller bed comes Thursday May 8th. Thanks Uncle Sam for the extra tax return this year!)

Us in the kitchen. Since it's so close up you'll just have to trust me. OK these were supposed to be pictures of the house but it's just to cute of us! What you also can't see is that Steve is SITTING in a chair at the stove cooking me Spaghetti. haha. I love that boy.......

P.S. for those of you out of towners it is going to be a high of 80 degrees here in the big O! Yup Becky finally got to pull her flip flops out and wear them to work! YESSSSSSSSSSSS my dream come true job! haha Of course it will be 50 degrees on Friday but what can you do!

April 23, 2008

Oh my.......

Oh how I love me some chocolty caramely brownie goodness. Doesn't get much better then this! Pass the water please (no milk for me).................

April 18, 2008

April 17, 2008

Pictures as promised!!!

Most of the pictures are from the putt putt place we went to. So fun!
My cute Hubby at the Putt Putt place in Overland Park! There was a huge waterfall it was awesome!

So Happy Together!

I was bein a Tiki Girl! lol

Those darn Fajita's Steve loved so much (never seen him react that way to food before EVER)

Haha I guess you would have to know me well to appreciate how weird I am........we were "beachin" it in our hotel room while it was 35 Degrees outside haha. I'm crazy I know!

Changes & Lake Answer

Shortly after writing that there was not many changes.. Bam changes arrive. First an old co worker who just retired and I took his position, passed away from Liver cancer. Then Becky's grama's sister passed away. This also changed our vacation plans, we had planned to visit grama in Indiana. But she was going out of town for the funeral. So we went to plan B and went to KC [See B's blog]. Then my old boss and one of two managers in the Purchasing Dept. informed the group that she would be retiring on 4/18. She is fighting cancer and will concentrate on getting better. All forms of Cancer seems to be more and more common. I know of 5 people that are/were battling cancer in the past year.

Silver Lake answer
Wanted to give a final decision on the sliver lake question. Unfortunately we will not be making it to the lake this year. The days planned, we are both not able get off from work, and our available vacation time off is short, giving us too few days to spend there. We will try again next year.

April 15, 2008

Goin to Kansas City.......(Ok so we're home but there is no song about coming HOME from kansas city)

So our lovely trip to Indianapolis to visit Grandma Zenner and the Aunt/Uncle/Cousins was cut off due to a family funeral we decided to go w/ Plan B to Kansas City/Overland Park Kansas! It is great to live in Nebraska and such close proximity to bigger cities. I love that we can be in the car for less then 3 hours and bam your there! We will probably plan on taking a trip there every year if we can we love it so much! Some highlights in no particular order are...........

*Oak Park Mall period. One of the best malls ever for great shopping. Love it!

*Becky thinking there is a "you are here dot" on every paper mall map. Ha. The pamphlet can detect you every single step you take. lol

*GPS trackers are amazing. We would still be lost and driving around with out it! (hence the mall map, I was used to the little lady in the tracker knowing where we were every single second!)

*Buying Steven new bathing suit and getting him into the 2000's ha

*Chili's fajita+Steven=stinky hubby. Be warned for anybody wanting to eat them!

*Putt putt!

*Steve thinking I told him the putt putt place was by the dollar tree. A couple days before the trip he had a funeral for an ex-co worker and the funeral home was by a dollar general. lol this gave Becky MUCH amusement

*2 points for every correct turn with the gps tracker!

*dopplers (only Cramers will understand this)

*spending alone/quiet time in the hotel reading, listening to iPods, talking, just being together! Amazing!!!

*Coming H O M E!!!!

P.S. Pictures to come!!!

April 4, 2008

One View- Intro/Respect

One View is a collection of short articles about my views on many topics. Some date back to 2003. These topics range from respect, parenting, teaching, to religion. I thought a blog is a good place to publish them, for those interested.

I feel it is important for people to hear and understand others points of views, of those they respect. The object is not to make you agree with my viewpoints but to hear another viewpoint. The more educated views you consider the more it expands your thinking.

Another way to think of it is, as you walk down a hallway of opinions you never know what is behind the doors. While listening to others views and opinions, they are giving you hints as to what is behind those doors. They are educating you to make better designs. If they are talking about something you don’t want to be involved in, walk to the next door. If they are talking about something you are interested in, listen and see if this is the door for you. One View will lay out my view on many doors.

The first door to open is general, respect. As the years go by we have seen the level of respect take a nosedive. The level of respect for everything has plummeted. Respect for teachers, parents, and even our selves. There was once a time that teachers and parents worked together to raise a child that had respect for elderly, parents, and teachers. Where did this disappear? Bigger houses, bigger TVs, and faster cars. The lack of respect can be traced back to the parents. The fact that we have gone to two income homes is highly related. These children don’t have the role models at home anymore. The only role models they have are the daycare workers, teachers, the actors on TV, friends, and the characters on video games. The reminder to respect others needs to be daily for children. Instead, this reminder is often forgotten, worse yet the opposite is reinforced. The lack of respect for loved ones and even our children are shown through our actions every day. The children are getting the message we are sending to them; the problem is we are sending the wrong message.

April 1, 2008

Update from Omaha

Hello everyone. Instead of sending out my update email, I thought I would try adding to our Blog. Well, Becky's blog mostly, I just got added today. But, this way you can read Becky's blog as well. She updates it more often then I write. So you get two for the price of one! :)

Updates, well nothing big to report. Becky's parents and she painted most of the inside walls of the house a tan color. It looks really nice, it is rich looking. The kitchen is a yellow, which is nice too. I thought it would be too much color, I like things plan including white walls, but done with the right colors, color can be good. We also replaced most of the ceiling light fixtures. Becky found some on craigslist.com [like a locale garage sale for each city] that we both liked, 5 for $25 bucks! It is nice that we both like nice things, but both like finding deals even better. We wait for things to be on sale or find a bargain before buying.

Speaking of bargains, I had been toying with the idea of getting a medium size blowup pool. Then I found one 50% of at Dicks sporting goods, and snatched it up. It is 10feet diameter, so we are looking forward to soaking up the sun in our pool this summer.

I can't end my first blog without talking about the nba. It has been an exciting year, and the race to the playoffs will be interesting. Hope the playoffs live up to the high expectations. It is a wide open race for the championship this year. It will depend on matchups and injuries more this year then ever. Pistons, have about as good of chance as anybody, to all those piston fans. :)

Well, that ends my first blog -Steve

It's a love/hate thing.........

Some random things that annoy me:

1) going to my car after work and it being freezing cold from sitting in the dark cold parking garage for 9 hours.

2) cold and winter period

3) commercials on the radio instead of music while driving home

4) the fact that my husband is always sick and we don't get to go out and do very many "fun" things together.

5) going to walmart go buy groceries period. A main annoiance of mine

So some of these things popped into my head last night as I was having one of my normal dramatic/meloncoly moments. I all the sudden had a huge slap in the face and realized that I could turn all these stupid "bad" things into something good!

1) At least God provided me with an amazing job where I get to park my car INSIDE a parking garage so I don't have to scrape/defrost my car in the chilly winter months!

2) I live in a wonderful state w/ both our immidiate families where we get to have all 4 seasons! Not just blasted cold and then horrible hot weather all year round!

3) KLove- Commercial free christian music that I can rock out to and get all my stress out with! Fun!!!!

4) God gave me the MOST amazing man in the whole world that loves and respects me to no end. And in his health issues it means that we get a LOT of cuddle/tv in time our sweats and I can be lazy! :)

5) God provides me and Steve with awesome jobs so that we can have a beautiful home and fully stocked cabinets with yummy food. He also placed us with a walmart in our front yard so it takes me less then 2 minutes to go there and get home, which means less time away from my most awesome Hubby! (who ALWAYS makes sure to help me unload the car and put all the food away!)

So when your down and your feeling sorry for yourself just always remember all the blessings you have! I will post all my other favorite non-negitive things in life another day!!! :)

But for now here is a picture of my most favorite blessing in the whole world!