December 16, 2011

38 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 38 weeks

Size of baby: 19 1/2 inches long and about 7 lbs. the size of a Leek

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I lost a pound! Which is a miracle since I baked like 64 different kinds of cookies this week! Woohoo less weight I have to lose later :)

Maternity Clothes: Still nothing.Fits.Me. No pants go up high enough so I always have this 2'' belly hanging out. Wearing Steve's wool coat since I look like a stuffed sausage in mine! ha

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!! Can't wait to share her name :)

Movement: Well, she has been a little more quiet the last 2 days. Hopefully she is engaged and ready to come out so she doesn't have much room!

Sleep: Actually sleeping amazing. I think I am so worn out from the day and taking care of Hay and all my cooking/baking I am doing! I get about 4-5 hour stretches! Takes awhile to fall asleep cuz I am uncomfortable and can't breathe through my nose but once I fall asleep I sleep well!

What I miss: Being able to breathe through my nose, clothes fitting me, having my body back!

Cravings: Christmas cookies of course!

Symptoms: I am just done. Sorry I don't want to be wendy whiner. And I am going to publicly be the WORST person/Mother ever, but people talk about how GREAT and AMAZING it is to feel the baby move and kick and how I'll miss it one day. And I'm sure I will. But I hate it right now. When your like 18-25 weeks and it's just a lil baby fish inside of you it's great! I loved it! Now it's a freaking cinder block inside of me and it HURTS. BAD. It's not fun and I am ready for her to be out. There I said it. Sorry peeps just keepin it real

Best Moment this week: The house is completely ready for her to come. I just need to pack some clothes in my hospital bag, and a bag of snacks for labor, camera/laptop/etc and we're ready. I also froze a BUNCH of meals so I don't have to cook dinner for a while. This is the type a planner in me. I MUST be ready and do as much preparing as I can! Some people probably think I'm crazy but it's just me.
Had a midwife apt and after feeling defeated last week it was a little better. she told me she is LOW LOW LOW and ready to come out! WOOHOO! BUT she said she will see me for my apt next Fri :( She doesn't think I am ready to go yet. We have SO many people praying for this baby to come before 1/1/12. This type a planner is trying to give this over to God and know that HIS plan is perfect and NOT mine. She has her birth date picked and I just need to trust in that! I have an induction date set of 1/13/12 but if I make it that far I will die. We'l see! This is the longest I have ever been pregnant (Hailey was born yesterday! I knew this little one wasn't going to follow in her big sis's footsteps), and I'm ready to be done. But again if she waits until the 26th-27th that is perfect too :) And obviously I just want her HEALTHY and perfect and to come home!! That is and has been my biggest prayer. If she has to be in there until March to be healthy I would do it!

Large and in charge. Oy vey!

December 9, 2011

37 Weeks!!!!!!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 37 weeks

Size of baby: 19+ inches long and 6 lbs.and is the size of a stalk of swiss chard (sick what is that?? Google is my friend....)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I maintained my weight! Which is a miracle size we had Thanksgiving squeezed in there :) I gave up Pop and tried not to eat fast food so it worked!

Maternity Clothes: Still nothing. No pants go up high enough so I always have this 2'' belly hanging out. Soo attractive I feel so white trash. Ha oh well ALMOST DONE!

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!! Can't wait to share her name :)

Movement: crazy as usual. Since she isn't engaged (more later) she is all over. Hopefully she is thinking about dropping and getting ready to come out soon!!! She does love to kick me in the right side and try to get her foot out of my belly. Doesn't work that way kid.....

Sleep: Doing good at night actually. Waking once or twice a night to pee, some nights are worse then others but I know I am lucky!

What I miss: Being warm since no clothes fit me, feeling better physically and having more energy

Cravings: Junk, oranges, water, graham crackers with frosting, random things but not hungry much. Thanks 3rd trimester ;)

Symptoms: Major major back pain if I stand to long or try to do to much. I've had to stop picking up Hailey period because it hurts my back. :( Makes Momma sad. TMI but I seem more gassy this week. Ugh

Best Moment this week: Had a midwife apt Monday that depressed me. Not a lot of good news/things I wanted to hear. So I was feeling defeated. Then this morning at Mops everybody was asking if I am ready to go yet and clearly I am NOT since this girl is showing NO signs of coming any more then she was 9 months ago :( THEN today at 4pm I started having braxton hicks/contractions! They lasted about 2 hours and I was actually getting nervous! Feeling great now and no more cramping but I'm hoping that kicks this little girls butt in gear to move down and start the process! Still hoping she stays in until the 23rd though :) Had a fun week w/ Hailey and getting ready for Christmas!

December 2, 2011

36 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 36 weeks

Size of baby: 18 1/2 inches long and 6 lbs.(I honestly highly doubt she is that big, Hailey was only 6.6 at 38 weeks, so she is probably just over 5 lbs would be my guess but what do I know)
The size of a Crenshaw Melon (a huh?)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I go Monday, so far though I have gained about 25 lbs which is pretty normal hoping for not much more!

Maternity Clothes: NOTHING FITS! This was a HUGE frustration this week. Can't zip my coat (high of 26 today. oh joy), or make anything long enough to fit. It's horrible. I had a huge breakdown before church on Sunday and ended up wearing Hubby's coat :(

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!! So blessed and excited for another Princess!

Movement: This girl is crazy just like her big sis was. I thought she was so much more calm then her sis, but nope. As she has gotten bigger the movement is crazy!! Digging her feet/heels/legs all over me. Quite entertaining. Steve has felt it a couple times and I love how wide his eyes get. He can't believe what I have to deal with all the time. Makes me happy ;) lol

Sleep: Doing good at night actually. Waking once or twice a night to pee, some nights are worse then others but I know I am lucky!

What I miss: Clothes fitting me, sleeping through the night, not much I know I'm ALMOST done and trying to cherish it!
Cravings: Just junk food. Still my oranges, and sierra mist cranberry. Love me some sugar!

Symptoms: Pelvis is KILLING me. Feels like I am bruised inside. It seriously hurts so bad. My back is getting worse and worse (thank GOODNESS for chiro and the stretches he showed me). Heartburn, just overall soreness. I am defiantly ready to have my body back!

Best Moment this week: Hitting the 9 month mark and getting ready for her arrival! Decorating w/ Hailey was sooooooo fun and I am trying to treasuring our last few weeks just the 2 of us. Hailey is getting excited for "Baby Sister" and we're talking and trying to prepare her for her whole world to get rocked!

My "view" from here ;)

Left 36 wk 2 days with Hailey, right 36 wk with Peanut