June 25, 2008

Good News!

After only 3 weeks, 1 open house (which only had 1 couple come through in less then 30 seconds scoped our house and ran out. I'm thinking it was neighbors), and 1 showing we sold our house! Of course provided we make it through the inspections and their financing goes through. It's very very exciting though! They are being very reasonable and offered exactly what we wanted, we don't have to pull their full closing costs (VERY pricy in Nebraska with all our stupid taxes), and so far only 1 minor repair. One of our windows has a crack in the seal and although I don't have any idea what it entails to fix it I don't think it will be a big deal. So here is the kicker, we have to be out in like 4 weeks! AHHHHHHHHHHH! So we're going to live with Steve's parents for the next couple months until our house is built, which I am very grateful for as we will save thousands of dollars on rent! So everything is falling into place and I can finally get excited and relax about the new house and start decorating (in my head). Oh the choices! Shower curtains, paint colors, furniture placement, land scaping, it's all so exciting! Thanks for all your prayers :)

June 18, 2008

Boston Celtics are the NBA Champs

Even though I predicted LA to win, I am happy Boston one it. It came down to two things, Pierce outplayed Kobe, and desire. Boston wanted it more then LA. It was evident in the defence and rebounding the most.

I am glad 3 great players [KG, Pierce, Allen] that had played so well for so long on bad teams, were able to come together and win it. I have been a Paul Pierce/KG fan for a while. I like players who have the complete package and fill up the stat sheet with Points, boards, and assists. Pierce raised his game this year and added great defence. [He was more able because he didn't have to carry the whole load on the offencive end] Boston had a great reagular season and continued it all they way to the ring.

June 10, 2008


So just a quick update on the new house! We're pretty excited it's a brand new neighborhood only like 12 houses are being built right now! Don't change our address or start sending mail there yet, the house will be completed sometime between the 1st and the 3rd week in December. We'll know exact dates once it gets closer and is about a month from being finished! We are soooooooo excited! Tonight we go to meet w/ the mortgage broker and finalize all of our choices. We get to make sure the carpet/vinyl/cabinets/outside paint and door colors all match and will look good together. I am pretty excited! It makes me more and more anxious for the house to be done and built already but it will be super nice because that means after this week we are all done with appointments! It will be soooooooo nice to not have to rush to appointments right after work and have our weekends crammed with house stuff!! We can relax a little and get back to church and hanging out w/ friends more. Yay!

June 9, 2008

Some pictures

So we are officially owners of 2 plots of land! Not as exciting as 2 houses but that is way scary! Our house is on the market and you can see some awesome pictures our realtor took here

Sorry that is a long link but I don't know how else to do it on here!! hehe. Isn't it cute? Don't you just HAVE to buy it? (PLEASE?) haha. We haven't had any showing yet, it's only been on the market like 3 days but hopefully we'll get some interest this week! So we went to the model house w/ Rick and Sheri this weekend and of course we got to take some pictures of me and Steve inside the house. (*NOTE remember this is the model home and will not look like this one inside at ALL like our house once it's done but it gives you an idea of layout and such!*)

This is the exact outside of our house though. I am excited about the cute little porch and my whole life I have always been in love w/ pillars on the front of houses! And we really love the color. Of course we will have a drive way and not bushes in front of the garage ;)

This is the master bedroom, I am so excited for the huge windows, closet space to die for, and how great our new furniture will look in here! Yay! Here is me in the basement looking sooooooooo attractive as usual. Oh I am so photogenic! (NOT) Haha. We are opting to leave the basement unfinished (which Steve is most excited about) so it will be a big concrete slab! It will be great to have so much storage and I am already trying to decided wither I should buy in bulk from Costco or Sams ;)

And here is a picture of the GIANORMOUS spider on the window in the basement. I freaked out until I was sure it was outside and not in the house. Yikes!

June 5, 2008

Busy Bees

So of course Steve stole the show and posted about the house. Ha. We are busy busy busy the next couple weeks getting everything ready. I like this stage, I must be busy at all times and keep everything moving and in control. God is already trying to teach me patience, I still am not grasping this. Tonight we go to formally reserve our lot (aka give them $), and then our realtor is coming over so we can legally have our house on the market and decide on a asking price for it. And then (be still my heart) it will be put online for every one in the world to see! (I will post a link as soon as it's up!) I don't know why this excites me but it does. I have spent most of my adult life obsessed with looking at other peoples houses online and on tv shows. If I could only come up w/ a job where I go through houses for a living, yet I could never be a realtor and sell them! Anyways I'm getting off track. Saturday we are taking Steve's parents through the model home and then we are going to make our final selections. I decided that if the job doesn't exists for me to look at other peoples houses then I should be hired to design and put everything together to build their house. Is that a designer? I don't want to pick out furniture and paint and fabric just carpet, wood floor, cabinets I am good at this stuff. (more then anything I am good at spending $ and especially if it's not mine!) So exciting! It's been a very stressful and a very time consuming process. And although me and Steve make excellent choices together we always tend to surround ourselves with amazing educated people that help us in that decision process. Because of the company we are building through we are pretty much shoved into working with their people so we save the most $ and time. That is scary for us. I only like things and people that are familiar to me. Sad enough that means my friend Jen (see previous post) is not able to sell our house, and my other good friend Sandi can not process our mortgage :( BUT after a couple days of prayer and lots of late night talks we decided we had to do it their way. So we started meeting w/ the appropriate people and thank the Lord I love them all!!! Shellie our realtor is super sweet and bubbly and an awesome people person, I would buy any house from her she is so nice and fun to talk to! Megan our lady at the new neighborhood is amazing. Spending hours going over layouts, lots, stupid silly endless questions and always being super sweet and doing it with a smile. Mike our mortgage broker, he was so easy to talk to and totally un pushy and understanding with everything! We have been blessed, me and Steve joked today that you would think after all of our endless annoying questions they would just give us the home for free so we will leave them alone! lol no such luck. These people have treated us like their friends and have been so amazing. We have been blessed to have God put them in these situations and make the process a whole heck of a lot easier!
I know I have already done my fair share of mushy blogs about my great hubby but I will say it again, going through all this has been amazing. We agree on everything and when I am tired and wanting to give up on this whole thing he is so strong to hold me and rub my back and let me whine to him. I've had lots of couples before tell me their marriage could never handle building a house together, but ours has just gotten stronger! I love you Bubbie and I can't wait until December when we will finally have our very own house TOGETHER that is OURS! :)

P.S. Sorry pictures coming soon I keep forgetting to load them on our computer!

June 4, 2008

We bought a house!!

We bought a house yesterday! Well, we reserved a lot and the house will be done in Dec! It will sure be nice to have a fun basement for the long NE winters.

We picked Lot 177. It backs up to a commons ground and a park over a hill. So we will not have any houses behind us. Linkbelow is a pic of the model house. Ours will be almost the exact same. Same elevation[style], and colors. We opted for the driveway instead of the bushes. JK:)


June 3, 2008

Very close to the start line

We are very close to finishing all the decisions, so we can start building our new house. We have gone to the home gallery selection store twice, and will need to go back 1 or 2 more times. It was fairly easy. They give you a lap top and you go around to all the different areas of the store. Each area has different options. There are a lot of options and it takes time.

We are hoping to finish the details with the realtor and select a lot tonight. We have two good options, lot 177 that would be done in Dec. And lot 150 that would be done in March. Exciting times!!

June 2, 2008

NBA Finals

Bos Vs LAL… What a good finals. Boston has had a harder road even with weaker opponents. Ray Allen is finally shooting better, so it will be a more interesting series. Also Boston having home court helps them a little too. In the end, I think LA bench will be too much for Boston. My guess is LA in 6.

Time for Dumars to pull off some more good trades, including Wallace, and have the Pistons back next year.

How good will the Bulls be, who will they pick with the number 1 draft pick? [Lots of signings, and trading in store]

Will the Heat trade their pick to get a PG, if Rose is gone?