December 16, 2011

38 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 38 weeks

Size of baby: 19 1/2 inches long and about 7 lbs. the size of a Leek

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I lost a pound! Which is a miracle since I baked like 64 different kinds of cookies this week! Woohoo less weight I have to lose later :)

Maternity Clothes: Still nothing.Fits.Me. No pants go up high enough so I always have this 2'' belly hanging out. Wearing Steve's wool coat since I look like a stuffed sausage in mine! ha

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!! Can't wait to share her name :)

Movement: Well, she has been a little more quiet the last 2 days. Hopefully she is engaged and ready to come out so she doesn't have much room!

Sleep: Actually sleeping amazing. I think I am so worn out from the day and taking care of Hay and all my cooking/baking I am doing! I get about 4-5 hour stretches! Takes awhile to fall asleep cuz I am uncomfortable and can't breathe through my nose but once I fall asleep I sleep well!

What I miss: Being able to breathe through my nose, clothes fitting me, having my body back!

Cravings: Christmas cookies of course!

Symptoms: I am just done. Sorry I don't want to be wendy whiner. And I am going to publicly be the WORST person/Mother ever, but people talk about how GREAT and AMAZING it is to feel the baby move and kick and how I'll miss it one day. And I'm sure I will. But I hate it right now. When your like 18-25 weeks and it's just a lil baby fish inside of you it's great! I loved it! Now it's a freaking cinder block inside of me and it HURTS. BAD. It's not fun and I am ready for her to be out. There I said it. Sorry peeps just keepin it real

Best Moment this week: The house is completely ready for her to come. I just need to pack some clothes in my hospital bag, and a bag of snacks for labor, camera/laptop/etc and we're ready. I also froze a BUNCH of meals so I don't have to cook dinner for a while. This is the type a planner in me. I MUST be ready and do as much preparing as I can! Some people probably think I'm crazy but it's just me.
Had a midwife apt and after feeling defeated last week it was a little better. she told me she is LOW LOW LOW and ready to come out! WOOHOO! BUT she said she will see me for my apt next Fri :( She doesn't think I am ready to go yet. We have SO many people praying for this baby to come before 1/1/12. This type a planner is trying to give this over to God and know that HIS plan is perfect and NOT mine. She has her birth date picked and I just need to trust in that! I have an induction date set of 1/13/12 but if I make it that far I will die. We'l see! This is the longest I have ever been pregnant (Hailey was born yesterday! I knew this little one wasn't going to follow in her big sis's footsteps), and I'm ready to be done. But again if she waits until the 26th-27th that is perfect too :) And obviously I just want her HEALTHY and perfect and to come home!! That is and has been my biggest prayer. If she has to be in there until March to be healthy I would do it!

Large and in charge. Oy vey!

December 9, 2011

37 Weeks!!!!!!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 37 weeks

Size of baby: 19+ inches long and 6 lbs.and is the size of a stalk of swiss chard (sick what is that?? Google is my friend....)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I maintained my weight! Which is a miracle size we had Thanksgiving squeezed in there :) I gave up Pop and tried not to eat fast food so it worked!

Maternity Clothes: Still nothing. No pants go up high enough so I always have this 2'' belly hanging out. Soo attractive I feel so white trash. Ha oh well ALMOST DONE!

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!! Can't wait to share her name :)

Movement: crazy as usual. Since she isn't engaged (more later) she is all over. Hopefully she is thinking about dropping and getting ready to come out soon!!! She does love to kick me in the right side and try to get her foot out of my belly. Doesn't work that way kid.....

Sleep: Doing good at night actually. Waking once or twice a night to pee, some nights are worse then others but I know I am lucky!

What I miss: Being warm since no clothes fit me, feeling better physically and having more energy

Cravings: Junk, oranges, water, graham crackers with frosting, random things but not hungry much. Thanks 3rd trimester ;)

Symptoms: Major major back pain if I stand to long or try to do to much. I've had to stop picking up Hailey period because it hurts my back. :( Makes Momma sad. TMI but I seem more gassy this week. Ugh

Best Moment this week: Had a midwife apt Monday that depressed me. Not a lot of good news/things I wanted to hear. So I was feeling defeated. Then this morning at Mops everybody was asking if I am ready to go yet and clearly I am NOT since this girl is showing NO signs of coming any more then she was 9 months ago :( THEN today at 4pm I started having braxton hicks/contractions! They lasted about 2 hours and I was actually getting nervous! Feeling great now and no more cramping but I'm hoping that kicks this little girls butt in gear to move down and start the process! Still hoping she stays in until the 23rd though :) Had a fun week w/ Hailey and getting ready for Christmas!

December 2, 2011

36 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 36 weeks

Size of baby: 18 1/2 inches long and 6 lbs.(I honestly highly doubt she is that big, Hailey was only 6.6 at 38 weeks, so she is probably just over 5 lbs would be my guess but what do I know)
The size of a Crenshaw Melon (a huh?)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I go Monday, so far though I have gained about 25 lbs which is pretty normal hoping for not much more!

Maternity Clothes: NOTHING FITS! This was a HUGE frustration this week. Can't zip my coat (high of 26 today. oh joy), or make anything long enough to fit. It's horrible. I had a huge breakdown before church on Sunday and ended up wearing Hubby's coat :(

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!! So blessed and excited for another Princess!

Movement: This girl is crazy just like her big sis was. I thought she was so much more calm then her sis, but nope. As she has gotten bigger the movement is crazy!! Digging her feet/heels/legs all over me. Quite entertaining. Steve has felt it a couple times and I love how wide his eyes get. He can't believe what I have to deal with all the time. Makes me happy ;) lol

Sleep: Doing good at night actually. Waking once or twice a night to pee, some nights are worse then others but I know I am lucky!

What I miss: Clothes fitting me, sleeping through the night, not much I know I'm ALMOST done and trying to cherish it!
Cravings: Just junk food. Still my oranges, and sierra mist cranberry. Love me some sugar!

Symptoms: Pelvis is KILLING me. Feels like I am bruised inside. It seriously hurts so bad. My back is getting worse and worse (thank GOODNESS for chiro and the stretches he showed me). Heartburn, just overall soreness. I am defiantly ready to have my body back!

Best Moment this week: Hitting the 9 month mark and getting ready for her arrival! Decorating w/ Hailey was sooooooo fun and I am trying to treasuring our last few weeks just the 2 of us. Hailey is getting excited for "Baby Sister" and we're talking and trying to prepare her for her whole world to get rocked!

My "view" from here ;)

Left 36 wk 2 days with Hailey, right 36 wk with Peanut

November 25, 2011

35 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 35 weeks

Size of baby: 18+ inches long and 5 1/4 lbs. The size of a Honeydew Melon

Total Weight Gain/Loss: At the rate I am going I will end up weighing more then I did w/ Hay :( BUT I started higher this time......I gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks so I gotta watch it the midwife said

Maternity Clothes: I have this strip of belly that is always cold because NOTHING fits. ALL shirts are to short and pants just roll off my big belly. Ha. Not much longer now!

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!! So can NOT wait to meet her, tell everybody her beautiful name and dress her up!!!

Movement: She is insane. Always pushing herself on my left side RIGHT into my intestines. OUCH!! But it's OK I try to be patient b/c when she doesn't move I freak out and worry. And I know I will miss the feelings soon enough, and since this is my LAST kid EVER to carry I will miss it a LOT one day! :)

Sleep: Oh I need so much of it, yet I'm not getting hardly any it feels like. Just hard to get comfty and STAY comfty, to big and everything hurts! I pee once about every 4-6 hours so not to bad. My friend told me not to complain b/c right now is the easiest time and I am getting WAY more sleep since she is inside of me and not out ;) HOW TRUE!!!

What I miss: Just having my body! I am sore and getting to the end....

Cravings: Still nightly oranges, lots of fruit, pop, sugar, baked goods (SO EXCITED for the Holiday's! I am gonna be a baking machine and give it all away!)

Symptoms: Tired, hard to eat much at a time b/c my stomach is smushed (not complaining about that tho!), feel like a house, LOTS of back pain but I know it will be worth it. And crazy enough one day I will wish and want to be pregnant again so I'm trying not to complain and enjoy it
(Side Note;GREAT news, at 31 wk with Hailey I swelled up like a freaking elephant. Couldn't walk or move. This time NO EDEMA. Seriously this is a huge praise b/c that was one of my main concerns about ever having another Baby. I did however decided to stop wearing my wedding rings yesterday :( Due simply to weight gain they were to hard to get on and off and God forbid I have to have an emergency c-section I did NOT want them cut off :( )

Best Moment this week: THANKSGIVING!!! I got to see my 2 best friends, Jess and Meg! Unfortunately due to my stomach being smashed under my lungs I couldn't eat a lot of yummy food but that's OK I am trying to limit myself. We decorated for Christmas! Always fun and exciting, especially since Hailey was so into it and excited this year! She is really getting it this year which is such fun for Momma! Also since I found out my due date I kept telling myself that if I just make it to Thanksgiving time will fly after that and baby girl will be here SOON after! So here we go.................

November 20, 2011

34 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 34 weeks

Size of baby: 18+ inches long and 4 3/4 lbs. The size of a Cantaloupe

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Enough. Not sure will find out Monday at Midwife apt!

Maternity Clothes: Only sweat pants, tshirts, and sweatshirts fit me! Can't even zip up my winter coat!

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!!

Movement: Going crazy with the movements. She had the hiccups for like 1 1/2 hours the other night at 3:30, thus causing Mommy to miss LOTS of sleep. She is getting less shy and if you put your hand on my belly she still goes crazy! Just like her Big sis ;)

Sleep: Going pretty good. Only waking once at night to pee, having a hard time falling back to sleep sometimes but oh well. I know it's easier now that she is inside then out of me to sleep!

What I miss: Just having my body! I am sore and getting to the end....

Cravings: Still nightly oranges, lots of fruit, pop, sugar, baked goods (SO EXCITED for the Holiday's! I am gonna be a baking machine and give it all away!)

Symptoms: Tailbone is still killing me. Pelvis muscles kill, just overall sore at the end of the day

Best Moment this week: Honestly sorry to be a bummer, but not a great week. I love getting to know this baby and get ready for her, but I am sore and tired and chasing after a 2 year old!

November 14, 2011

Hailey's BFF.......

So this is kinda a silly blog but I just had to write it down so I can remember this sweet memory from Hailey's not-so-fun 2 year old stage ;) I'm sure all you fellow Mommy's know what I'm talking about, the days are long and hard and full of tantrums when something sweet and/or funny happens we MUST document it!

So me and Steve have started a small group through our church on Sunday's mornings. It's been SUCH a blessing and great new friendships have formed for us, but it's also been amazing for Hailey to have interaction with lots of other kids her age, and with the teachers. A couple kids from our small group are also in her sunday school room so every week we talk about going to see our "friends", Harper, Jacob, etc. It's pretty fun. Well, one week after picking her up from S/S (which makes Momma feel SOOO good as she throws a fit and cries and screams she doesn't want to leave. I digress) she kept talking and talking about "Ms Leah". I honestly don't know any of the teachers names in her class, but I remember asking one (only to forget. oops) and was positive it wasn't Leah. So I figured it had to be one of the kids in her class.
She had this obsession with Ms. Leah. If you ask her ANYBODY'S name it was Leah, Leah would drive places in the car w/ us, everything. It was funny but I kinda worried she already had an invisible friend. I know it's not the worst thing to have but I didn't know what to do with it! Ha.
We would ask alllll kinds of questions about Ms. Leah, was she at church or mops (our other "sunday school" setting where she would have friends and teachers), was Ms. Leah big or little, was she a girl or a boy, did she have a brother or a sister. It was quite hilarious. And for awhile the answers changed. Except that she as always at church not mops, and she had a brother and his name was Leah. lol.
Well, I decided to do some investigating. I knew none of her teachers at mops were named Leah, so I checked the sign in sheet one Friday morning only to find NO kids in her room named Leah. So Hailey was right Leah was at "church" and not mops. So finally this past Sunday I remember to check the sign in sheet for her sunday school. NO Leah on that sign in either. So I asked the ladies that sit at the table and assist with sign in. I asked if there was a Leah in room B. They said yes and that she was at a high school retreat today. Ha I almost hugged them I was so happy to have found out Ms Leah is a REAL LIVE PERSON that Hailey knows! ha. So I told them Hailey's obsession with Ms. Leah and how much she LOVES her and always talks about her. They thought it was so sweet and that next time they saw her they would tell her how much Hailey loved them. It was so cute the one lady said "oh it will bless her so much to know that!" :) I honestly hope it does, and I am so happy that Ms Leah has blessed MY Hailey so much that she talks about her 24/7 and loves her so much. :) I know these are memories she will have forever and remember going to church and playing in her room w/ Ms Leah and her other teachers who bless us and her and teach her all about Jesus :)

November 12, 2011

30 days of Thankfulness

So being pregnant with my 2nd blessing, is just that a HUGE blessing. But sometimes (like everyday)I forget and just focus on the uncomfortableness of pregnancy, having a Husband who is very limited to what he can do to help around the house, and chasing a toddler I feel like all I ever do is complain!! So I joined a couple friends on facebook to write 1 thing we are thankful for everyday in November. It's WAY easy for me to come up with something to be thankful for everyday and honestly I should just do it everyday of the year! Instead of blogging one everyday and falling behind I am just posting the whole darn month's worth at once :) Your welcome!

Day #1 of 30 days of thankfulness; Today I am super duper grateful and happy for our gorgeous 70 degree weather!!! Flip flops on November 1st is amazing! I wish this was the worst our winters got ;)

Day #2 of 30 days of Thankfulness- soooo grateful for this little baby growing inside of me. Haven't met her but I am so crazy in love w/ her and glad she is "perfect" and healthy!! Had such a perfect pregnancy I keep waiting for the "shoe to drop", but can't wait to meet her and love her!

Day 3 in the 30 days of thankful; today (and everyday!) I am most especially thankful for my amazing girl/Mommy friends God has blessed me with! So wonderful to have sweet friends with sweet friends that Hailey loves to play with and we can sit and chat and just get each other! So helpful and the reason I have my sanity ♥

Day 4 of 30 days of Thankfulness; Today I am soooo thankful for my amazing family. They are always there in the drop of a hat when I need them, and love and spoil Hay like CRAZY! She loves them so much too! So blessed to have my Mom and Sister has 2 of my best friends!!!

30 days of Thankful day 5; sooo thankful for all the non-medical people God has put in our lives and the knowledge he has given them. Between our Chiropractor, Holistic Dr, and Midwive we are so much more healthy then we have ever been and I am so grateful!

30 days of Thankful day 6; after having the worst I truly know that I have the BEST man in the world for me. I am soooooo appreciative of how hard he works for his lil family and takes care of us. He is the BEST Daddy in the world and his girls are sooo lucky. He treats me like a Queen and knows my heart and doesn't think I'm crazy ;) Love you

30 days of Thankfulness day 7; Thankful for our health! Even though I have a little cold/sinus junk right now we are soooo healthy most of the time. We are so blessed to not have serious illness in either of our families and keep the medical bills down! :)

30 days of Thankful day 8: sooo thankful for my warm house, electricity to have heat, and all our yummy food we are blessed with! I know not everybody has all these luxuries I do and I need to be more grateful!

30 days of Thankful day 9; sooo thankful for my sweet first born. She drives me crazy everyday and I am never patient enough, but she also makes me laugh no matter what. She made me a Momma and we are just walking down this road together learning as we go. I love her more then she will ever know!

30 days of Thankful day 10; might sound silly but I am soooo thankful to God for giving us delicious fruit! Most especially when I am pregnant I loooove fruit. Especially my nightly oranges ;) It's the little things in life!

30 days of Thankful day 11; so very very thankful for all our veterans for serving and keeping our country safe, free, and amazing. I don't think I could ever live anywhere else, and it's because of them! I am a spoiled American! Special thanks to my Grandpa's, Steve's Grandpa's, my Dad, neighbor, cousin, and many friends I owe them so much!!

30 days of Thankful day 12: so thankful for my country and state I live in. I am PROUD to be a spoil American and even more proud to be a Husker! Will always defend my state, town, and country. We are so lucky and blessed to live where we do! GO BIG RED!

30 days of Thankfulness day 13; so thankful for our small group and church. It's such a great place to learn and grow, and I love how they love Hailey in her sunday school, and excited for next fall when she can go to Awana's. If your looking for an awesome welcoming church in Omaha please ask me!

30 days of Thankfulness day 14; MUSIC!!! Music is seriously my life and I LOVE it. We have my mp3 running 24/7, usually KLove but I love all types!! Honestly the way to my heart is through music. You can laugh at me but one of the reasons I feel in love w/ Steve was he was a male version of me when it came to music. (he listened to Wilson Phillips! Ha he will hate me now!) :) It makes me happy and is my #1 way to worship

30 days of Thankful day 15; so thankful for my Hubby's job. It is such a blessing and answer to prayer. They are sooooo flexible and Family oriented! I'm so grateful for the friendships he has made, and that he doesn't dread/hate going to work or bring work home with him!

30 days of Thankful day 16: is just keeping it real y'all it's one of "those" days and I am thankful pregnancy is only 40 weeks and not longer. I can't do this much longer then 7 more weeks!

30 days of Thankfulness day 17; Our amazing Zoo in Omaha! (and FUN friends who go with you!) So fun to see the animals through Hailey's eyes, and I almost always learn something new about God's amazing creations every time we go. Such a fun time! Also grateful that my Hubby lets met indulge and buy a membership so we can visit often, he knows my heart and how much I love it there :)

30 days of Thankfulness day 18; so thankful that I love in the same city as my family/Steve's family. I LOVE that Hailey knows and LOVES her Grandparents so much (um can you say SPOILED??), and her Aunts and Uncles. She just lights up when she is with them and Momma and Daddy do not exist! We are so blessed and I hope we never have to move away, I don't know what I would do w/out them and all their help! But we do miss our extended Family and if I had to I think I could survive in Michigan ;)

30 days of Thankfulness day 19; thankful for my daughters kind and sweet helpful heart. She really tries to please Mommy (and Daddy) and LOVES to be "Momma's helper" it's so sweet and I hope and pray she always stays this way. (oh and that Little Sister also gets this trait where ever it came from ;)

30 days of Thankfulness day 20: for technology! I don't know WHAT I would do w/out email (talk on the phone?? UGH), facebook and other modern things we take for granted. Especially my dishwasher! I am so spoiled ;)
30 days of Thankfulness day 21; being able to go to walmart and stock my pantry/fridge FULL of food (more then we need!). I know not everybody is able to do this, and I complain about how much I spend and all that. I am grateful!
30 days of Thankfulness day 22; so thankful for my HOT showers! Such an indulgence that isn't good for me, but I LOVE them and so happy to have hot water in my warm house on this yucky cold day!
30 days of Thankfulness day 23; super thankful BOTH of my out-of-state best friends are here for the Holiday! Can't wait to see them and LOVE them both so much! Hope they know how important they are to me and I treasure their friendship. Especially Meg, for using almost ALLLLL your vacation time this year in Omaha to see me! LOVE YOU tons and bunches ♥
30 days of Thankfulness day 24; This is pretty much a given for every day for me, but I am most especially to God. He has given us this amazing country where we can have freedom and celebrate Thanksgiving. All my friends and family who I am so THANKFUL for, and all my blessings come from him!
30 days of Thankfulness day 25; thankful for weekends and fun family time! I LOVE Saturday and Sunday's when Hubby is home and is a HUGE help with Hailey and giving this tired Momma a break! Hailey is so lucky and LOVES playing w/ Daddy, he is SO much more fun then Momma and I'm OK with that ;)
30 days of Thankfulness day 26; thankful and excited for Christmas decorations! Especially this year and seeing it through Hailey's eyes. Teaching her about Baby Jesus and all the fun that comes along with it makes this Momma's heart so happy!!!!
30 days of Thankfulness day 27; thankful for my extra WARM house, comfty old sweatshirts, and slippers!!!
30 days of Thankfulness day 28; Is thankful for Matt. Matt works at the walmart we grocery shop at every Monday. He is older (30's?) and is a little mentally handicapped, he is the greater and Hailey has a love affair with Matt. If I could adopt him I would! He is soooo sweet and LOVES Hailey. Always giving her stickers and telling her to be Momma's good helper. It is so so sweet, and I'm pretty sure she blesses him and as much as he blesses us! Makes our shopping trip so much fun, and I love that randomly throughout the week Hailey asks to go to walmart and see Matt :)
30 days of Thankfulness day 29; thankful we are blessed by Steve's job so I can stay home with my precious girls! I could not EVER imagine sending them to daycare and not being there everyday to witness the hilarious things Hailey says/does, and all the milestones. I am excited to be able to stay home when #2 comes, not having a schedule and being able to come and go as we please! Don't know how you working Mom's do it, your amazing!
30 days of Thankfulness day 30; not that I would ever want to wish time away, especially with Hailey at such a fun age, but I'm thankful November is over and tomorrow is December 1st. The month I will get to meet our newest blessing!! I can't wait to hold her and see how similar/different she is then her sister. So glad I thought of 30 things to be thankful for, and could think of 1000's more, but I am most thankful for my God, my family, friends, my Hubby and 2 girls the most! ♥

November 9, 2011

33 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 33 weeks

Size of baby: 17+ inches long and over 4 lbs. The size of a Pineapple (yum my favorite!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained. We'll leave it at that. I'm almost to my top weight when Hay was born :( Just hoping it doesn't mean this baby will be like 9 lbs or something. Oy!

Maternity Clothes: pretty much all Baby belly. Pulling down my shirts and up my pants 24/7! Ha.

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!! Can't wait to see her gorgeous face and meet her!

Movement: She is so funny. Moves A LOT. Is still head down, doesn't like to interact with people touching my belly, shy or stubborn?? Ha we will soon learn!

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good, had a BAD cold the last couple weeks and trying to figure out what works to help me sleep!

What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy :( Not having to pull up my pants every 3 seconds. Having a cocktail, the usual stuff. But it's SOOOOO worth it and not much longer now!

Cravings: Any and all things sugar and un healthy. But I'm trying to balance and eat LOTS of fruit and healthy stuff. Oh I ALSO love my Sierra Mist Cranberry YUMMMMM

Symptoms: Tailbone KILLS if I sit to long/in the wrong position, my pelvis ohhh my aching pelvis the muscle are aching 24/7 so horrible!

Best Moment this week: Getting more things done around the house for Franklin's arrival, just surviving and getting excited about the Holiday's and meeting my newest Princess!

November 4, 2011

32 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 32 weeks

Size of baby: 3.75 lbs and 16.7 in long. The equivalent of a jicama (whatever that is!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Find out on Tues at midwife apt. Still no edema which I am pretty darn proud/happy about, so I think I'm doing good!

Maternity Clothes: pretty much all Baby belly. Pulling down my shirts and up my pants 24/7! Ha.

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!!

Movement: She is so funny. Moves A LOT. Is still head down as far as I can tell (PTL!), doesn't like to interact with people touching my belly, shy or stubborn?? Ha we will soon learn!

Sleep: S O R E. Hard to fall asleep at night. Everything hurts and no position feels comfty. But I know this is just preparing me for being up all night with my cute girl.

What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy :( Not having to pull up my pants every 3 seconds. Having a cocktail, the usual stuff. But it's SOOOOO worth it and not much longer now!

Cravings: All things Baked. Pumpkin stuff is amazing. Same stuff, brownies, cookies, pie, crisps, all things fall and holiday!

Symptoms: just feel HUGE. My tailbone hurts a LOT which I am going to discuss with my chiro tomorrow. Makes me nervous for delivery. My sinus are acting up also which isn't fun but I know it's mostly the weather changing. I know my girl still needs awhile to cook, but I'm ready to have my body back and not hurt and ache all the time!

Best Moment this week: Taking Hailey Trick or Treating and seeing the joy on her face. Getting some more baby gear (swaddle blankets, diaper bag, diapers), and some projects done around the house! Can't believe I made it to 32 weeks, I am so blessed to have had such an amazing pregnancy this far! Wayyyy different then her big sister that is for sure :)

October 28, 2011

31 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 31 weeks

Size of baby: 3.3 lbs and 16+ in long. The equivalent of 4 navel oranges (yummy my fave!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Don't feel like I've fully ballooned up yet, still mostly ALL baby belly :)

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much all maternity except gauchos. Glad it's getting colder out so I can wear big winter t-shirts/sweatshirts/and sweaters. Don't feel like ANY of my pants fit me :(

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!!

Movement: She is getting more interactive with me. It's pretty fun. She is moving A LOT, but is a good sleeper too :)

Sleep: Hailey is having a good week so I've gotten some good sleep! Only getting up once to potty, taking naps most days. Having to use the body pillow, it really hurts my belly to lay on my side. Ugh!!

What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy :( Not having to pull up my pants every 3 seconds. lol
Cravings: All things Baked. Pumpkin stuff is amazing. Oh a caramel apple sounds soooo yummy!

Symptoms: The normal "I feel like a house" stuff, but also the muscles right around my groin (sorry TMI) KILL. To the point where I can't walk by the end of the day they hurt SOOOOOOOO bad. I do not remember this at all with Hailey. My Chiro told stretch a LOT and that it's normal, just from my pelvis moving apart. Ouch!!

Best Moment this week: Our camera broke :( So I made Steve get me a new one before Baby comes! :) It's a nice new pretty black one! Fun! Also carving pumpkin w/ big sister was fun and looking forward to Halloween!

Sorry it's so huge you couldn't see it small ;) 31 weeks on the left with Hailey and 31 weeks with Baby Franklin on right :) Hard to compare but kinda fun!

October 24, 2011


So in an attempt to document more and be better at blogging I figured while I can still remember MOST days and what happened I would blog about our trip to Michigan/Silver Lake back in July/August!
We had SUCH an amazing time and are so blessed by Steve's family, who I consider not only to be my family but a lot of my best friends!!! These people love me like I've always been a part of the family, we email and chat all the time I love getting Mommy advice and their friendship! I always tell Steve that if we HAVE to ever move anywhere Michigan is one of the only places I will go :) I would have such an amazing support system and the play dates would be great! Of course I would miss our parents and siblings, but it would be second best :)

Saturday July 30th-
So we were all packed and ready to go on Friday July 29th, well after a series of events (none of which had to do w/ Hailey and her sleeping habits oddly enough), I was wide awake at 4:30am. Ughhhh seriously?? I go in the kitchen to find Steve awake also. What are the odds?
We had planned to leave Saturday morning by about 7:30am. So why not 3 hours early?? Ha. Not the time we completely packed up the car, coolers, showered and go ready we were on the road at about 6:30am. We had a 10-12 hour drive so honestly the earlier the better. I woke up Hay, changed her diaper and threw her in the car hoping she would go back to sleep. Nope. We weren't even out of the neighborhood before she had me bending over the backseat to get her colors, books, dolls, etc. Oh my. I knew I was in for a long drive! ;) Actually Hailey did AMAZING, she only slept for 1 hour in the car but it just happened to be the worst construction in the entire world and we went about 1 mile in that hour so it was the perfect time for her to sleep. Me and Steve barely made it, we wanted to get a hotel room just to take a nap but we managed to plug along.
Finally after not knowing where the heck we were going we met Uncle Fred and Aunt Julie and followed them to their absolutely gorgeous house where we stayed for 4 nights. We got all settled and un-packed and in bed as early as possible. I slept in a room w/ Hailey, so if she got scared she wasn't screaming and waking everyone up while I ran across the basement. It worked out great, I just wish she could have blessed her Momma and slept past 6:30am at least one day. But I digress.........

Sunday July 31st-
We got up, dressed and ready to go and walked up 2 houses to Fred and Julie's daughter, Steve's cousin Tammy's house. Tammy and Tom had an amazing breakfast waiting for us! Soooo yummy! Even Hailey ate really well. She LOVED playing w/ Riah and Abby and they were so sweet. Unfortunately Tom and Tammy were also leaving out of town so we only got to see them for those couple hours :(
After breakfast we went back to Julie and Fred's and got directions for a grocery store. BIG MISTAKE. Hailey was hysterical. In the car, in the store, oh my it was UGLY. And it was a sign of what was to come the rest of the week. The poor girl, bless her heart got tired of the car very quickly after our long drive to Grand Rapids. Can't say I blame her, but it was bad. So we hurried home and all took long naps. After naps we had some snacks upstairs w/ Aunt Julie and then guests started arriving!!! Steve's Gramma came, and oh how Hailey has a love affair with "Ama Morgan" loves her to death. It was sweet to see them together. Then Steve's cousin Christina, her hubby Brian and their 3 girls all came over for DELISH home made pizza (bbq chicken my FAVORITE!). Uncle Fred's parents also came over and joined us, it was a fun time!!! Uncle Fred and Aunt Julie's gorgeous house sits on a good size lake, so after dinner we all threw on our suits and went for a pontoon boat ride/swim in the lake. Hailey wasn't to sure about the water, so our swim was short lived. I was extremely disappointed I couldn't ride the jet ski's due to pregnancy, but maybe when we go back in a couple years I can have some fun :)
After our swim/boat ride we needed to shower off and get ready for bed. We loved sitting outside and enjoy the MUCH cooler weather on the water then we left in Omaha :)

Monday August 1st-
We were up and at um again due to someone and their sleeping patterns ;) Oh well she was just excited to socialize!!! We didn't rush getting ready, and mid-morning went over to Christina's play and swim! (except this prego Momma brain forgot the swim diaper AND swimsuit. DOH!) Other cousin Paul, his wife Jen and their sweet sweet girls came also! It was sooooo fun and honestly I have never seen 6 girls play together so well, be so sweet, and so disciplined. It was such a breath of fresh air! (that is one of the main things I LOVE about Steve's family, they all have the same beliefs we do and raise their kids the same way we do. It's awesome to not have to discipline each others kids or worry about them all playing together) We ate a picnic lunch on the driveway :) and played and played the afternoon away! Finally it was nap time and we headed back to Aunt Julie's to sleep.
Kyleigh (7) came home with Aunt Julie (her Grandma) and after nap we enjoyed going down to the lake to play in the sand and chat. After that it was on the GO again!
We headed to Gramma Morgan's beautiful apartment in the assisted living home she moved into last year. After getting quite lost and driving for a bit we finally found it and enjoyed dinner with her in the dining hall. It was hilarious meeting her friends, and having one older man yell at us about 8 times for not bring him any Omaha Steaks. LOL.
After dinner we saw Gramma's unit and played with some of the toys she keeps in her house for the 20 (Baby Franklin will be #22!) Great Grandkids! Close to her unit on the grounds is an amazing little play house they built for kids to play in. It's out-fitted with a child size table and chairs, some dolls, and a tea set. I think Hailey would have played in there for days! I can't say I blame her, it was a girls dream! There was also a gorgeous gazebo and lots of beautiful landscaping. It was so nice!
We left Gramma's pretty early to get home to bed for some more (broken) sleep.

Tuesday August 2nd-
Another early morning of course, and our last full day in Grand Rapids :(
Steve was feeling all the activity in his knees and back and decided he should rest and lay low Tuesday, especially since we had to drive early Wednesday morning to get to the cottage. So me and Hay loaded up and followed Christina and the girls to a great park. We met Gramma Morgan, Jen, and Steve's other cousin Patti and her 3 adorable kids to play for a couple hours. It was pretty humid though, so we didn't stay very long. It was so fun to see everybody and play and see their sweet kids though! Hailey LOVED it and was so in her element, like these were her best friends that we get to see everyday!
After the park, (and an EXTREMELY long drive home. Insert screaming toddler who did NOT want to be in her car seat. Then insert desperate Momma who gave toddler the camera to play with. HA) we picked up Steve and ran and got Applebees for lunch. We always go there. It's so funny. We have one up the st from our house and eat there all the time, but anytime we are out of town we ALWAYS still eat at Applebees! I was super stoked because they had a different menu then in Omaha so I was able to get my most favorite BBQ chicken sandwich. Yum yum!
After lunch we had a LONNNGGG nap, and then it was off to Paul and Jen's for dinner! Steve and Paul had fun playing wii, Hailey got to dress up in Izzy and Lili's dress up clothes, and I got to chat with Jen, which I could do for days! :)
After Paul and Jen's we went back to U. Fred and A. Julie's and sat and talked to A. Julie for WAYYY to long! It was a great way to end our "Grand Rapids" leg of the trip. We went to bed and got up early to head to the cabin and meet our other besties, Steve's cousin Daniel, his wife Crissi, Sadie (3 wk younger then Hay), and 3 mo old Baby Chloe!!

Wednesday August 3rd-
We got up and going, and after much talking about directions and such left to drive even MORE north to Mears Michigan, or Silver Lake. Gramma and Grandpa Morgan own a cute little cottage on the water, and after Grandpa passed in 2010 the kids and Grandkids took it over for Gramma to keep it in the family. It's an amazing get-away, for the weekend or longer if your so lucky! There is a pontoon boat right outside the front door, and lots of fun things to do in the cute little town!
After a very exciting drive there (construction, that took us about 30 minutes to get through, story of my life! Also while driving on the main interstate about 30 minutes away from the cottage we were in the left lane going on our marry little way, 3 wild turkey's bust out of the woods on the side of the road! God really protected us because there were no cars around us at all for miles and miles. Steve slammed on the breaks and swerved into the other lane (after looking for cars of course), only to have the stupid thing take off FULL FORCE into my beautiful car. Hit the side of the door between the driver window and windshield, bounce off the mirror, hit the side of the door, bounce off the back door, and land butt up dead as a door nail on the side of the interstate taking my glass mirror with him. Stupid turkey. Luckily it was only the glass part and the rest of the mirror was completely in tact. It was a simple $40 fix at the dealership but a PAIN to drive 13 hours home to Omaha with no mirror and having to merge onto the interstate all the time!) we FINALLY made it to the cottage!
After lots of hugging and most importantly loving on little sweet Baby Chloe, we ate lunch and got all our junk put away and settled as much as possible. Me and Crissi put the girls (& Daddy's) down for naps and went to "town" to get some groceries and fresh local produce!
It was soooooo awesome to chat and chat uninterpreted and catch up with one of my favorite girlfriends! Does a heart good. It was especially amazing to get advice on the life of 2 kiddos, and her thoughts.
After the grocery store we laid around and played and Daniel made us dinner. (we were sooooooo spoiled he grilled us dinner every night!!) We then went for a pontoon boat ride, which was so fun! The gorgeous sand dunes are quite a site, as are some of the HUGE houses people have built on the lake. So amazing!!!

Thursday Aug 4th/Friday Aug 5th-
So at the lake all the days are a blur........lots of yummy food, boat rides, playing at the dunes, LOTS of holding and cuddling Baby Chloe, playing with the girls, LOTS of girl chat ;), and naps! It seriously was fantastic and wonderful, one of the best vacations I've ever been on. Hailey loved it and was so good. I could have spent 3 weeks there and not wanted to go home! (ok partly had to do with the 13 hour drive home and the fact that my daughter HATED the car and her car seat)
I believe it was Thursday we drove about 10 minutes from the cottage to Lake Michigan. Oh my it was so beautiful! There was a little pond thingy (sorry the actual name is escaping me) and it was about 3'' deep, Hailey LOVED this. Pretty sure she would still be there laying in that water on her belly playing. It was super sweet, "Uncle" Daniel laid there with her for awhile and they just played and splashed. It was so precious, a memory I will have forever! She kept looking at him in awe laughing and smiling.
And unfortunately Saturday morning came and we had to woke up bright and early again to get on the road to go home :*( We were soooo sad and had Daniel and Crissi not had more friends coming up to take our place we might have stayed longer!
And Friday night we did something neither of our girls had ever done; built a big fire in the fire pit behind the cottage and made s'mores! SOOOO YUMMY! Hailey wasn't so sure about it, and even when my sugar-lovin-child bit into the graham cracker chocolatey marsh mellow goodness she didn't care for it. SAY WHAT??? Who is this child?? Oh no she was happy with the un-roasted raw marsh mellows straight from the bag. So funny. I digress.

Saturday was our loooonnnngggg car ride home. We finally got home around 6:45pm, un loaded the car, gave Hailey ONE more bath to wash off all that sand and lake water she brought back to Nebraska with her, and we went to bed ;) It was so great to have AIR CONDITIONER (which we went with out alllllllll week!) and our own beds! Only to be woken up at 11:45pm because 2 of our smoke alarm batteries decided to die and sit there and beep until we took them out. Seriously? Of all nights......... HA! Pretty funny now looking back......Anyways I will now post an over abundance of pictures! YAY! Can't wait to go back (Daniel, Crissi and the girls come to Omaha in '12 and we will go back to Michigan in '13!) and see everybody and build more amazing memories as a family! I know that these special fun times of playing w/ cousins and going on boat rides are what my girls will remember and talk about growing up :)

**Side note, months before we left I would buy stuff at the grocery store here and there for our trip. Suntan lotion, coloring books for the car, etc. and I would always tell Hailey it was for our trip to Michigan. We would go through the names of people we were going to visit and play with, well for some reason or another she got stuck on Baby Chloe. Baby Chloe became a HUGE obsession for about 3 months in our house. She was everywhere and did everything w/ Hay. It was hilarious and annoying at the same time. lol. I'll never forget one night at home Hailey farted in the bath tub, I pretended to be totally grossed out and asked her if she tooted. She looked at me full dead on serious and said "no Momma, Baby Chloe toot" lol. It was so funny. So once we finally got to Michigan and to the cottage you can imagine her obsession with the REAL Baby Chloe. She L O V E D her. She wanted to hold her 24/7. It was pretty sweet sitting on the couch me holding Hailey and Hailey holding Chloe. She was completely obsessed, it was so precious. I hope she is as sweet and loving with her own baby sister, but we'll see I won't hold my breath! ;)

**Side note #2; just because I NEED to make this longer. Ha. In case anybody googles this and needs help, when traveling over 10 hours in the car with a 2 year old. I made sure to bring one of her favorite blankets she sleeps with at night. I also brought all her binkies (3. 2 she holds in each hand and 1 in her mouth when she sleeps. She is an odd bird), and pulled them out whenever needed. She usually is only allowed to have these at bed/nap times but I changed the rules for the car and the car only. She did use them to take her 2 naps in the car and it was great to have to plug her up sometimes. lol. We did buy a dvd player and some new videos but my girl hates shows/movies/tv so it really wasn't used. What she did LOVE was cutting paper. We brought our laptop lap pad thing and it fit on her lap in the car seat, she had plain white scrap paper and kids safety scissors and just sat back there and cut forever! It kept she her quiet and entertained for hours. Seriously. I don't know if she would be that into it now, but it was amazing! She also loved coloring, and stickers. We would find stuff in the $ spot at Target and saved it until the trip. It was great. Oh also we found a dora wipe off board that she loved and colored on a lot. She loved that she could erase it with a kleenex and start over! Of course I also had her favorite doll, and some other fun toys but coloring/cutting was really all she mainly did. I also had an abundance of snacks (see candy/sugar) to keep her occupied especially through construction.
I also say to get them out of the car as much as possible. Every single time we stopped I got her out. Even if we were just getting gas I would let her get out and run/walk around. It wasn't that bad, and I'm glad we didn't have any melt downs!

Sleep training at 2

So this will be LOOONNNGGG. But again with #2 on the way I need to have a way to look back at these things.

So let's see where to start...........the first 10 months of Hailey's life she hated life. And everyone in it, including me. And she hated naps. Night time was fine. She took a bottle, fell asleep and slept 11-13 hours from about 8 weeks on. But during the day?? The most I could get out of her was maybe 40 minutes. S T R E S S F U L. And she would not fall asleep on her own. I had to swaddle and rock her. My fault. I am totally claiming messing up my child for life. I will accept responsibility. But it sucks.

After I was able to quit my horrible-no-good nanny job in March of '10 I decided Hailey was GOING to nap in her crib and not my arms (in my defense at the horrible nanny job there was NO where for her to sleep for her nap, so I held her. Ughhhh fun NOT). So I let her cry it out. It took a couple days, 1 day she cried for over an hour but she is smart and caught on quickly. Quickly I was able to lay her down w/ her bink, cover her w/ a blanket and she fell right to sleep. Success!!!
So from 11 months until 22 she took 2 1/2-3 hour naps. It was GLORIOUS! This was on top of sleeping 11-13 hours a night. Why oh why didn't we have another baby then? Ha. So once she turned 22 months she went down to 1 2 hour nap a day, but she was still sleeping great at night in her crib.

Then I found out I was pregnant. And the baby would need the crib and Hailey would have to be moved to the twin bed. So I decided EVER so slowly to transition her for this. I took out the beloved bumpers. The girl would snuggle her entire face and body into the side of her crib and sleep in the bumpers. Weird I know. So I took them out. And then her binkies fell out of the crib and she would wake up w/out it and scream and I would go in and re-plug her. One night I think I did it 9 times. Seriously?? It got a little better, and then in August we went to Michigan. She slept horribly there b/c of the time change, new surrounds, etc. But I thought maybe it would get better at home. It didn't. MORE waking in the night crying for no reason. (oh other then she tends to wake up a LOT when teething. And she has been getting her 2 year molars. Fun! Tylenol=Momma's bff)
So I decided if she was going to wake up in the middle of the night anyways we may as well get her one step closer to being out of the crib and take apart the one side of her crib and make it into a "toddler bed". She did AMAZING with this transition. WAY better then I expected. That first night I was sooooooo worried. She would get out of bed and go play in the toilet, or push a chair over to the counter in the kitchen and get the knives, or go outside and a million other crazy things. lol. But she never ONCE got out of that bed. I don't know if she knew she could or not. But when she would wake up she would just lay there and cry and scream until I opened the door then she could climb out. So funny! But I was HAPPY!

But her sleeping through the night did not get any better. Still waking up crying in the middle of the night or having a hard time going to sleep. It's been extremely wearing on this Momma. Remember this started back in June when I took the bumpers out.
So fast forward to last week. She decided she could and would get out of her bed and come and find Momma. WHAT?? I always swore she wouldn't do it, b/c after 2 months of sleeping in the big girl bed she never did! Who showed her this?? Why does she think this is a good idea??? So I think it was Tuesday night of last week, she got out of her bed and came into my room 8 times. We were awake from 2:15-8:30. Seriously. I was dead. It was horrible. I was crying. When Steve woke up at 6:30 to get ready for work I made him take over. She was hysterical and would NOT stay in her room. Finally at 7:30 we went in the big queen bed together and she finally fell asleep from 8:30-10am. Then, I kid you not was the sweetest, best behaved she has been in MONTHS. What the?? I love me a good 2 year old and a good day, but I need my sleep more. Ha.
So we went to walmart. And spent $30 on sleeping-through-the-night-bribes. Ha. Oh and a door handle child proof lock. Judge me if you want, but I will lock my child in her room if I have to. And I did.
So we got the lock, new binkies (again w/ the judging. I realize she needs to get rid of these, but now is not the time people!), a huge soft dora blanket, and a princess flash light. We also decided that instead of needing to be comforted by Momma we would push her to take a doll/stuffed animal to bed. Sounds opposite of what "normal" people would do, and not have their child be attached to something, but she is sooooooo attached to me we need to move that attachment to something other then Momma. I sound like a child psychologist right?? Or at least like I know what I'm talking about?? ha. Not-so-much. Honestly, I am so anxious about having this baby and being in the hospital for fear of how Hailey is going to do w/ me gone I haven't thought or worried about labor and delivery much. Or how our house is going to be effected by another baby, we just need SLEEP!!! So I will do whatever I have to do.
So that night after the horrible night she feel asleep great, slept great and was quiet until 6:10am when she came into my room. I took her back to her bed and she slept until 9. I knew she HAD to be tired and was glad we got some good sleep. The next 2 nights went amazing, went to sleep great and slept through the night w/out a peep! Praise Jesus!!
Then the next night (y'all I have no idea what day is what. Sorry), she came into my room 3 times. So I broke out the door handle lock. She stayed in her bed and slept after that. And the next 2 nights. Then this past Sunday night she decided she didn't want to go to sleep. So she tried to get out, but couldn't. Broke my heart and made me laugh hysterically at the same time. She stood at the door trying with all her little might to get the door open screaming "stuck! Mommmmmmaaaa!! Stuck! I commin out see Daddy, go Daddy bed! Momma my be good girl! I no go living room, my go Momma bed!" oh it was hilarious and heart wrenching at the same time. So I caved and went in and explained why the lock was there and why she couldn't get out. She slept the whole night and the last 2 since. Not sure if we have turned a corner or not. I expect there to be delay's and she will regress before fulling getting it. But she is smart, and wants to please so much.
She really is good and sweet, but man she can drive me insane! We decided if she wakes up crying, I will go in and check and make sure she isn't poopy/sick/hot/cold etc and then after that she gets to cry. It KILLS me but I know it will get better. She needs to learn to console herself to sleep and not have me patting her back, singing, or what she wants most of all to sleep with us. No happenin! So we'll see! I wanted to document this and to help if ppl google this. When I goggled almost all the stories I read were about stopping co-sleeping, something we never did. She has always been in her own bed, just never able to get herself to sleep. Again this is my fault. Oh the things we learn! I just keep telling myself that one day she will be in jr high and I will never be able to get her OUT of bed right??? ;)