November 28, 2014

Scott Tube Free Toilet Paper

Once again I was picked by the amazing peeps over at #crowdtap to sample some new toilet paper!
So I'll just put it out there, we are T.P. snobs in this here house. I won't name names but it has a RED package ;) I've tried others and they just don't match the quality and softness of our favorite. I can't stand toilet paper that is super thin, or balls up and leaves some white stuff "behind". Yuck! Obviously our favorite doesn't do either of these and unfortunately it is the only kind I have found that I love the softness, thickness, and it doesn't leave anything behind!  
When I saw on crowdtap that Scott came out with an amazing tubeless toilet paper I was excited and defiantly intrigued! So I was super excited when it showed up on my door step. I had high hopes for it, hoping to get hooked on this and save some carbon copy with no more T.P. tubes!

But, alas it is so thin we use double the amount to wipe that we do with our fav :( I was sad I so wanted to love it! If they would redesign it to be thicker and more durable I would so buy it!!! So there is my honest truth!!! Thanks again #Scotttoiletpaper for letting me try it!!!!

 See no tube! Totally awesome!!!!

October 15, 2014


So I was chosen on my favorite #crowdtap to sample a whole bottle of Ragu Pasta Sauce for free!
I'll be completely honest and say we are a prego family through and through. So as much as I wanted to get a traditional sauce and compare I was feeling up for something completely different and grabbed a jar of Alfrado! I was super excited, since I LOVE me some alfrado pasta!

I chunked some chicken and sauteed it in a pan until it was cooked through. Meanwhile I cooked some pasta, and drained it when it was done. I dumped some of the alfrado sauce in a pan and chopped up some fresh broccoli and put it in the pan with the chicken. I heated it up and added the pasta! Everybody loved it and asked for more! Thanks #RaguSauceMasters we had an amazing #NewTraDish and #crowdtap!!!!

September 9, 2014

Intimate with skintimate

I was given an amazing FULL SIZE bottle of Skintimate Mandarin Burst shave gel from my awesome friends at #crowdtap!!!!
Let me tell you after I used this on my prickly legs they were defiantly #Skintimatehappylegs! If I can get real w/ y'all I am not the best at keeping up with my hairyness :( It's not my best attribute, but I'd like to think Steve still loves me despite that! So when I found out I was chosen for the #samplingskintimate I was thrilled! I used it and boy my legs were soft and amazing!!!!! I honestly don't think my legs have been that soft and smooth since I got them waxed for our wedding! :O It was amazing! I am hooked!!!! I used it on :ahem: other areas too which came out amazing! (my under arms. What were YOU thinking?!?! ;) )

 Oh so lovely selfie #not

Thanks so much again crowntap and skintimate!!!

July 20, 2014

Cottonelle Clean Part Deux

So I was graciously chosen by Crowdtap and Cottonelle to do another sample and share. Um hello THANK YOU for free toilet paper and butt wipes! ;)

So it's not a big secret but I am not a fan of Cottonelle toilet paper :( I want to love it but I can't! But, we are purely obsessed and love the wipes. They are amazing! Now that everybody (!!!!!) is completely potty trained in our house no more baby wipes, but we still need to stay clean, especially after #2. Teehee! Their wipes are amazing and leave us feeling soooo clean!!! Thanks Cottonelle we are hooked!!!

They also sent me a couple to-go packs and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them for my diaper/Mom/kid bag!! 

July 8, 2014

Kleenex Brand Believers

I was chosen on crowdtap to sample some Kleenex tissues. But, let's be honest that is the ONLY brand we ever have in our house because we are completely loyal to Kleenex and ONLY Kleenex! (honestly, if we are running low and I can't find them at the store during my normal weekly shopping trip I will make a special trip to another store. Un-heard of for me!)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design of the travel pack I received and will be used up quickly in my diaper bag!

Thanks #crowdtap for the opportunity and know that we will never stray from our love of #kleenexbrandbelievers!!!

May 11, 2014

Hailey's 5 year old Interview

So you know I'm only 39403284 days late for this, between 2 kids, house, hubby, school, friends, and LIFE blogging is no longer an outlet for me :( I miss it! But, I like to take time for little things like this that I can look back on and remember!Hailey turned 5 (!!!!) April 16th. She is such a joy and sweet girl. I need to update about 32901283 more things, hopefully I will get to do it SOON! Nap-times are just to fun to sit and do nothing I don't want to use my brain power to blog!

4 years old interview here

Random interview at age 3 here

1. What is your name? Hailey Sessions

2. How old are you? 5

3. What is your mom’s name? Becky- Mom

4. What does your mom do during the day? Get ready to go somewhere during the day

5. What is your dad’s name? Daddy- Steven

6. What does your dad do during the day? Works, and eats his lunch. He makes money

7. What is your favorite color?  Pink, green and blue

8. What is your favorite thing to eat? (what don’t you like to eat?) Favorite- Hamburgers.
Least Favorite- Cauliflower

 9. Who are your friends? McKenna, Emelia, Eleena, Kael, Sam, Zo

10. What is your favorite song? Shake by Mercy Me

11. What is your sister’s name? Juju

12. What is your favorite place to go? Carters (for new clothes), Grandma's house, Target

13. What is your favorite thing to do? When Mommy tickles me

14. What do you like about your Mommy? (Daddy, sister, etc.)
Mommy- When Mommy tickles me. Paint my toe nails.
Daddy- When he reads to me
Ellie- When she lays on me in the bath tub

15. What do you want to be when you grow up? A baby sitter

16. What is your favorite book? Frozen Book

17. What does (sister/brother) like to do? To be loud! and play

February 15, 2014

Taco Bell

So it's not a secret that I am a fan of fast food. Especially Taco Bell. (judge away, but I'm still kickin and we eat it a couple times a year. Delish!) My girls love it and ask for it when we drive by. We aren't huge fans of spicy or sauce, but I was super duper excited when #crowdtap hosted a party giving away full size bottles of Taco Bell sauces! I recieved (FOR FREE PEOPLE!) verde, mild, hot, and fire sauce! Obviously we haven't touched the Hot or Fire but I will be giving those away to friends that will use them up!

In my box of yummy sauces I had a insert that had some recipe ideas. One was guacamole using the verde salsa. Well, that was right up my ally! I grabbed up the ingredients and on Superbowl Sunday Hailey helped me mash up the avocados and stir everything together. It said to use the whole bottle of verde salsa but I put about 1/4-1/3 c in. It was delicious! Hailey gobbled it up and would hate eaten the whole bowl in one sitting if I had let her! That girl is just like her Momma! ;)

Then we had taco's topped with our delicious mild sauce! It was like taco bell right at home. Except with out all the convenience :/ Ha! So yummy! Thanx #crowdtap and #tacobell for the yummy sauces!!!

Recipe at the bottom;

Taco Bell Zesty Guacamole Dip:

3 ripe avocados- peeled, pitted and mashed
1 tomato chopped
1/4 Cilantro chopped
1 bottle taco bell sauce- Verde

Mix well in bowl and store in fridge.

*HUGE HINT!!!! cover your guac with saran wrap pressed tightly on guac. Keeps air out so it won't brown. Lasted in my fridge like this for about 6 days! Would have lasted longer if I had a lid on top but my bowl didn't have a lid :( I was so sad to have to dump some!