October 15, 2014


So I was chosen on my favorite #crowdtap to sample a whole bottle of Ragu Pasta Sauce for free!
I'll be completely honest and say we are a prego family through and through. So as much as I wanted to get a traditional sauce and compare I was feeling up for something completely different and grabbed a jar of Alfrado! I was super excited, since I LOVE me some alfrado pasta!

I chunked some chicken and sauteed it in a pan until it was cooked through. Meanwhile I cooked some pasta, and drained it when it was done. I dumped some of the alfrado sauce in a pan and chopped up some fresh broccoli and put it in the pan with the chicken. I heated it up and added the pasta! Everybody loved it and asked for more! Thanks #RaguSauceMasters we had an amazing #NewTraDish and #crowdtap!!!!

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