April 22, 2013


OK ya'll are about to be bomb shelled by Crowdtap posts. But nobody but me reads this anymore right? :( Oh well my life is busy and the blog gets pushed to the back.

Anywho, the awesome peeps at Crowdtap and Woolite chose me for another sample and share! I got 10 packets of 1 use of detergent and each came with a $1 off coupon. I'll admit I was one of the niave people who thought woolite was only for delicates but it's just like your favorite everyday detergent! It worked awesome, nobody broke out (since Steve and the Girls have such sensitive skin I am always afraid of trying a new laundry detergent or anything that could smell, irritate their skin, etc. ) and it was awesome! This is from a tried and true Tide-For-Life girl! I now have another great choice if my Tide isn't on sale/have a coupon (cuz y'all that stuff is EXPENSIVE!!!!!) If you are looking for a great laundry detergent I would whole heartily tell you to try it!

*I was given free samples/coupons of woolite for myself and 9 friends from Crowdtap. However opinions are fully my own!)*

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