October 31, 2008

NBA Predictions

Ok, so I finally have some breathing time at work and B [Becky] has been asking me to blog so here it goes. And YES bloging about nba counts dear. :)

The teams that have a chance to win a NBA championship are; [in no order]

What they need to do to win:
Pistons- Need a shake up of the roster. One or two big trades. I hear Prince is on the block. Not sure he is the one that needs to go, but might be the most marketable.

Celtics-Need to stay healthy and hungry. I think KG will keep them the later

Lakers- Need to stay healthy. With Byum back, they are the most talanted team. Odom off the bench is another smart move by Phil.

Hornets-Need to pull off a trade that will give them more depth

Cavs- Keep James healthy and you have a chance. But with help this year they will be good. If only he gould get more players at their true postion. A pg that passes, a C that posts, a PF that scores, a SG that shoots, any of that would be good.

Suns- Need to trade for a good backup PG or they will lose again.

Spurs- Need big three peaking at the right time to have a chance. New blood would help.

In the end I will predict the LA Lakers will win the Championship this year.

5 for Friday

In keeping w/ my insane amount of posts this week I thought I would do a fun 5 for Friday! Here are 5 songs that remind me of my Hubby whom I love then words (or these songs!) could ever say

1) Could Not Ask For More-Edwin McCain

2) Love Of My Life- Michael W. Smith and Jim Brickman

3) With You -Jessica Simpson

4) Yeah-Usher

5) I Can Only Imagine-Mercy Me

Happy Halloween Everybody!!! <3

October 30, 2008

Winds of change

Ha do you like my subject line? I rock. OK I think I've officially lost it. I'm being a little dramatic but honestly there are lots of changing going on in our lives right now. Apparently Steve is dead. Or he actually works at his job. Either one. Ha. So boring stuff first, our jobs are going well. My dept has been very awesome and understanding about all my pregnancy sickness and going to Dr apt. Steve's office has been wonderful and are very exciting for us. They even let him leave an important conference to hear the heartbeat for the first time a couple weeks ago. So awesome! So we have been very blessed and I am trying to stick through the sick times to save up my PTO. :) Now onto one of my favorite subjects; THE HOUSE! So we had butt loads of rain a couple weeks ago and everything got pushed back and back and back. :( Sad. We were supposed to have siding on the exterior but we don't yet so hopefully that will be up by this weekend. I haven't taken pictures lately cuz honestly not much has changed. We have windows and a front door, sliding back door, and garage door which is very exciting and we went last night to see the siding (which was non-existent) and we have bath tubs, almost all the plumbing and electrical! YAY! So that is huge if I can live on the inside I don't care what the outside looks like right? ha. It's been super hard on me. Especially nesting and being such an organized person to not have a house to clean and organize and not being able to buy baby things like normal people at this stage is hard. I try not to be depressed or let it get me down but driving by our old area of town is super hard. I miss that house so much! But I know in an odd way it's been best for our marriage. In our old house we were always split and I would sit upstairs and be on the computer watching tv in the guest room and Steve would be downstairs watching basketball or playing xbox. Now since we live in less then 200 sq ft we are forced to be together. He watches my shows, gets me popsicles, rubs my back, and holds me after I puke. Ha. So wonderful! I am so blessed to have such an amazing man that puts up w/ me. But more on that later! So we get our final move in date on our new house next week and I will be sure to update you and probably add a ticker so I can start counting down the weeks and days! YAY! So now on to my most favorite subject in the whole entire world! THE BEAN! Oh my how I have fallen in love w/ this little baby. Everybody is telling me it's a girl and getting my hopes up. They say your sickest with girls, and because of the heart rate being so high. We'll see as I know neither of these mean much only God knows at this time what he is making! I am super excited to find out in 10 weeks. To long to wait! Steve is un-able to come to the next apt (honestly nothing exciting will be happening. Just hear the heartbeat and give more blood to them vampires I call the nursing staff. lol) in November so if Dr Reed decides to have a look see there is a possibility we could find out if Bean is a boy or girl but I won't let that happen w/out the Hubby there :) We'll see and of course you know I'll update! Health wise I am slowly but surely getting better. I am 14 weeks today and entering my 2nd trimester so this is the time when everything magically goes away right? Ha. We'll see. I got "sick" again this past Sunday night and Monday morning before work so I broke down and got a prescription filled from my dr. I got Reglan and so far I have no idea what it's doing except making me hungry and eat more and not feel quite as nauseous as before. Still a lil bit but nothing compared to the last 8 weeks. So Praise God! I haven't been eating healthy or caring what I eat just as long as I eat something. I know this will soon change but I am cutting myself a break since I have lost over 10 lbs since I first found out I was prego. I ordered a pregnancy work out video to start and also a pregnancy journal to start documenting things. Cuz we all know how much I love to write and document things :) I keep saying I will take a prego pic but honestly they wouldn't be that exciting so I am holding off until I am officially showing. I need to do it sooner then later tho. In other news we are getting really excited for the Holidays and to spend Thanksgiving with our families thanking God for all our blessings and our wonderful amazing families! I am super duper excited for Christmas!!! I love this time of year and all things fall and Holidays! Winter and snow not so much but I know it comes along with it. :) I also booked me a flight to go from Omaha to Denver to see my Megpie! YAYAYAYAY! I already had this trip planned so hopefully all things will go as planned and I can actually go this time! I am super duper excited to see her and her life outside of Nebraska! Love you Megs can't wait to come visit! OK this was dumb and boring so I'm outta here now! Loves to all! LEAVE ME SOME COMMENTS PEOPLE! Ha

P.S. Remember to check on Stellan and prayers of Thankfulness to a loving amazing God that could only perform a miracle like this!

October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

To the one that always keeps me warm.......

October 28, 2008

Ode to my Boo

So I know ya'll are gonna stop reading my Blog if I don't stop stealing Meme's from other people but this one is about one of my most favorite people in the world so I had to fill it out!

1. He is sitting in front of the TV, what is he watching?
Honestly most likely playing xbox 360, but if for some reason the TV is actually on a channel it's either something on Discovery Channel (Mythbusters or Dirty Jobs), or HGTV I love me a home makeover Hubby! Oh and depending on the time of year almost always NBA

2. You are out to eat, what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Nothing at all if it does have dressing it's all mine he eats his salad plain. So weird!

3. What's one food he doesn't like?

4. You go out to a bar, what does he order?
Water, we don't do the bar scene

5. Where did he go to High School?
Wheeling in Chi town and then graduated from Elkhorn in Nebraska

6. What size shoe does he wear?
10 1/2 but it can depend on the shoe

7. If he were to collect anything, what would it be?
Basketball cards and xbox games

8. What is his favorite sandwich?
Roast Beef plain just bread and meat. He is my plain man so boring!

9. What would he eat every day if he could?
Hmmmm probably spaghetti and meatballs or Beef Stew
10. What is his favorite cereal?
Captain Crunch Peanut Butter

11. What would he never wear?
Jeans :( No matter how cute he looks in them he hates them

12. What is his favorite sports team?
Doesn't really have one follows players not teams (this annoys me to no end)

13. Who will he vote for?
Dunno we don't talk about that it could just start a fight so it's pointless

14. Who is his best friend?
Me, his brother, my BIL

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn't do?
whine at him all the time and lay guilt trips on him (even tho I am joking)

16. How many states has he lived in?
2- Ill and Neb

17. What is his heritage?
heck if I know a mix of everything like me I think?!?!

18. You bake him a cake for his birthday, what kind of cake is it?
no cake. He would rather have a loaf of bread. Seriously

19. Did he play sports in High School?
Yeah HUGE into basketball even ruined his knees for it. He played 1 game of Football and got hurt to. Ha I love you Honey!

20. What could he spend hours doing?
Playing his video games and luckily for me spending time with me and watching tv/movies!

OK so I'm tagging all you girls out there that read this (all 2 of you!) to fill it out so I can read it to!!!! :)

October 23, 2008


So this week is crawling by and today is the worst. I am sooooooo ready to go home! So I found this on a random blog I started reading today and yes I stole it. Yes I am a blog stalker (the first step is admitting you have a problem right??). So I don't do a tag or anything just fill it out and leave me a comment so I can read it and comment on your blog! YAY!


1. Initials: Well the long answer is RLS used to be RLC so I went from being RC Cola to being BS haha

2. Name someone with the same birthday as you: OK I had to look this up cuz I had no idea and I found nobody at all. All I could find that I knew was Fidel Castro and I don't want to claim that!

3. Last thing you ate?: Some dried apricots. Blah they weren't very good

4. For or against same sex marriage?: We won't go there

5. Last person you hugged?: My Steven

6. Are you single?: Nope married and lovin it!!!!

7. How many U.S states have you been to?: Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Dakota, Minnesota, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, California, Nevada, Michigan, Colorado, Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee

8. How many of the U.S states have you lived in: Just good ol Nebraska why leave everybody is right here for the most part! :)

9. Ever lived outside of the US: See above ^

10. Name something you like physically about yourself: My feet esp after a pedi and my bum. Ha

11. Who is your best friend?: I have lots!

12. Why are you still up?: Cuz it's only 8:40am I would love to be in bed but I have to make a buck!

13. Who made you angry today?: Nobody yet give me time tho.......

14. Favorite type of Food?: Salad and Cheesecake (but not mixed together)

15. Favorite holiday?: Christmas! Actually Christmas Eve is the BEST! 4th Of July is a close 2nd

16. Do you download music: Of course!

17. Do you think Elvis is still alive?: um no

18. Have you ever lied about being in love with someone?: No I probably used the term "love" to loosely in my younger days but live and learn

19. First Song on your iPod?: 6, 8, 12 by Brian McKnight love it!

20. Has anyone ever sang or played for you personally?: Um no not that I can think of

21. Do you love anyone?: Very much!

22. Do you like Bush?: I'm sure he is a very nice person and I pray for him. We'll leave it at that

23. Have you ever bungee jumped?: Heck no I do NOT have a death wish and am deathly afraid of heights

24. Have you ever gone white-water rafting:? Again with the death wish, NO

25. Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you?: Yeah dirty ol men comin' in the bank. Gross

26. How much money ya got?: Just some random change in my wallet

27. Have you met a real redneck?: I live WAY to close to Iowa and Missouri

28. How is the weather right now?: Cold and rainy and dark :( Depressing week!

29. What are you listening to right now: The stupid phone ringing at work

30. What is your current favorite song?: Ohhhhh to many to count! Probably Be Near by Shane
& Shane

31. What is the last movie you watched: The Notebook w/ Hubby

32. Do you wear contacts: nope to dope

33. Where was the last place you went besides your house?: Applebees for dinner!

34. What are you afraid of?: Bats, Midgets (it's my blog and I will use that very un-pc word if I want to), Clowns (midget clowns make me pee myself. Oh my)

35. How many piercings and tattoo's do you have?: 2 and 1

36. How many pets do you have: 0

37. What's one thing you've learned?: Never to pick your nose while driving or at least not when people are looking

38. What do you usually order from Starbucks?: A smoothie or Hot chocolate. Yum! But if I am feeling daring I will get a decaf white chocolate mocha. Oh heaven!

39. Have you ever fired a gun?: A BB gun that is it

40. Are you missing someone?: yea my Megpie

41. Fav. TV show?: The Hills, House Hunters, America's Funniest Videos (Sorry but I love it), Wipeout

42. Do you have an iPod?: Sure do it's red and super cute!

43. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celeb?: My friend Kristi used to tell me I looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt but we were online/pen pals and she never saw me in person. But trust me I never looked like her. At all

44. Do you like ponytails on men?: Heck no!

45. Who would you like to see right now?: A couple different people

46. Favorite movie of all time?: ohhhhhh a million! Haha we'll just go w/ Drop Dead Gorgeous

47. Do you find yourself loved?: Very very very much!!!

48. Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't supposed to?: Yeah high school was a very long hard time. Ha

49. Favorite flower: Tulips

50. Butter, plain, or salted popcorn?: Lots and lots of extra butter!

51. What Magazines are you reading: Old lady ones. Ha. And people.com every day. Don't judge me

52. Have you ever ridden in a limo: for my sis's wedding

53. Has anyone you were really close to passed away?: Lots of Grandparents and a couple other close friends :(

54. Do you love David Hasselhoff?: Um not so much

55. What's something that really bugs you?: Rude ppl that don't know how to drive

56. Favorite 80s song?: Footloose

57. Do you like Michael Jackson?: His early 90's stuff

58. What's your favorite smell?: Babies and my Hubby right out of the shower

59. Favorite basketball team: Bulls I guess NBA is Steve's thing

60. Favorite cereal: Lucky Charms

61. Do you drive: Everywhere!

62. What's the longest time you've gone without sleep?: um 1 day I think. I die w/out my sleep I NEED lots of it

63. Last time you went bowling?: August for Brother Andy's Birthday!

64. Where is the weirdest place you have slept?: At a Catholic Church (I am not catholic) for a lock in for highschoolers w/ my ex boyfriend. It was fun but I almost died I was so tired!

65. Who was your last phone call?: Customers blah

66. Last time you were at work?: Currently

67. What's your favorite state to be in?: right where I am! Penn w/ Jessie or Colorado w/ Meg are good to!

October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Because I love him more then he'll ever know..........

October 17, 2008

Oh the randomness of it all

So thank you thank you thank you to everybody who was thinking and praying for us yesterday at our dr apt! I only had a SMALL anxiety attack on my way to the office. Ha. Of course my radio and praise songs helped me to calm down. Plus the 23982103 prayers I said over and over for God to keep his hand on us and be taking care of this baby!
So after waiting for what felt like an hour my dr finally came in and we went over all the sickness and junk I have been going through and he answered all my questions (with minimal sarcasm. Love my dr we are just alike, honestly I don't think we ever have a normal conversation). Then he checked and since I am so up to date and a good girl with my pap smears (sorry TMI) I don't have to have one until like my last trimester. Woohoo! Call me strange but the less poking and prodding he does in that area the better for me! So Steve scooted his chair right up next to the exam bed and held my hand while Dr Reed took out his trusty doppler and put it on my belly. It is weird ya'll. It sounded like a fish tank in my stomach. So weird. So we didn't hear anything at first except all the whooshing water sound. Then a very very faint heart like a little thump. Of course I got worried and thought that something was wrong and it was to faint. Steve is like squeezing my hand and all nervous right there w/ me. Well, when Dr R started he was searching a little high and on my left side. He re-positioned it lower and on my right and WHAM the loudest heartbeat I have ever heard! Oh I was almost in tears. It was so amazing. Dr R said it sounded wonderful and very strong. Then he put away his doppler and said he had a secret and to pretend he couldn't find it so we could have another ultra sound! LOL. Honestly ya'll I don't know of anybody else that has an u/s every time they step into their Dr's office. I LOVE it! So I was super duper excited! Oh but of course the u/s came after filling up 5 HUGE vials of my precious blood. Blah. I HATE giving blood I bruise so so bad. The nurse did an amazing job but I still have a huge bump on my inside elbow that kills every time I bend my arm :( Do you feel bad for me yet? NO? haha. No worries I'll make it though. So we got to go see my favorite Tech Casey, this time (was the 1st out of all 4!) she got to put the normal little doppler thing on TOP of all my belly fat and see the baby that way! It was so so amazing. It looks HUGE to me even though Babycenter.com says it weighs like 1/2 an ounce and is the size of a lime. It was laying on it's back kicking it's HUGE limbs all over the place! We could see the head and it's ears, it's body and arms and legs! We saw and heard the heart and it was beating 157. Woohoo! A perfect strong little heart so far! But the most amazing thing was seeing how active it was and how much it was kicking and moving. Oh my we both almost lost it. Steve was almost more in awe then I was. It was soooooo amazing a true miracle. It's odd how much it was moving and I still can't feel a thing. So so awesome. Even Casey said it was a very active baby and she was surprised! :) Go little Bean! So I was on a high for the next couple hours and just wanted to go home and stare at the pictures of my Baby! Of course I already have them online and now you can see it!

Sorry I know it's horrible quality, and looks yellow. If I use the flash then it reflects off and you get a huge glare otherwise it's kinda orangish yellow like this. Sorry! But you get the idea right? Isn't it beautiful?? Haha I am a little partial.........

OK enough Baby talk, we got to go see our house a couple times last week and OMG is it coming along! Just to give you an idea we had visited on a Sunday and it was still a cement slab, went back and a Tuesday and this is what we saw!

Woohoo we have walls! It was very exciting, we went back on Friday and nothing else had been done. We are hoping by this weekend we will have windows and hopefully a roof coming soon! It's awesome and I know the next 12 weeks will fly by because so much will be done! Hopefully our windows, electrical, plumbing, and roof will be up so next week they can put the siding up! Yay! It still feels like a dream to me and that we will never get to live in this gorgeous new home that we built ourselves! Time will tell :) Here are a couple more of the inside sorry if they are boring it's exciting to me!!View from the kitchen into the living room and then our master bedroom is on the other side of those wall studs. I can't say enough how much I LOVE all the windows and natural light we will have! I am refusing to cover them all up w/ dark yucky curtains!

Me in my kitchen standing against the window where the sink will be. Ah such a great view of the neighbors house I will have while washing dishes! Haha. And that is the MIL taking my picture. We'll use this as my 11 week picture. Can't you see my lil bump? What you can't?? Hmmmmmm OK I promise to take an OFFICIAL real baby bump picture this week for you!

And a picture of my Hubby. Because he is a dork and I love him. Haha. He wanted to go Go-carting for his Birthday a couple weeks ago so he went with his brother. They had a great time. To bad prego couldn't go with them :( So I was there for moral support and to take embarrassing pictures. They had a blast. He was wearing the fireproof mask head thing they make you buy. Yeah you need a fireproof hat to go go-carting? I was a little nervous but they made it out alright. I love you Baby! ;) Sorry you didn't get your own Birthday post but your Birthday was kinda boring and not really blog material..........sorry! Haha. Love you all!

October 15, 2008

Down and out

So I will admit this post might be depressing and pathetic and horrible. I pride myself on almost always being an up beat fun person to be around. Yeah not so much the last oh 5 weeks. This pregnancy is killing me. I know I have other factors in my life that are NOT helping, but honestly I don't know how much longer I can go on like this. I hate my job and don't get along w/ any of my co workers, so I don't want to go to work. At all. Ever. I don't have my own house. My own space. I have about 200 sq ft to call my own and even it is laden w/ other people's furniture. I can't ever be alone or go to the "other" living spaces without questions and talking. Sometimes I just want to be alone. Sometimes I don't want to talk or answer questions. Even w/ Steve. He knows when to leave me alone he has seen the ugly side of me. Ha. Be afraid.
This sickness stage, I am so done w/ it. How much longer? I wish somebody would just give me a date or week when it will be done. If it is going to last all 40 weeks so be it then I can try a special diet, medication (although right now I am refusing. I can barely take Tylenol), or whatever the heck my Dr says to do. I can't even drink water w/out gagging. Now I am in this most glorious stage of throwing up every morning while getting ready for work. I actually came home Monday from work at 12 and called in sick yesterday. This is the first time in 10 1/2 months at this job I have called in. I just don't do it folks. I am strong. I come to work no matter what. But this Baby is kicking my butt. What if something is wrong? I am barely eating and when I do it's mainly junk. Popsicles, cookies, ice cream, Gatorade, nothing healthy or normal. I couldn't even eat toast yesterday w/out almost throwing it up. I am so scared. Is the Baby getting enough nutrients? I know I have PLENTY of fat to live off for months, but is the Baby living off that? I have no idea! I know for sure I am losing weight. I got weighed Monday morning for this stupid health thing for our insurance at work and her scale said I weighed 10 lbs less then when I got weighed at my Dr when I first found out I was prego. I am excited about this, like I said I have weight to lose, but not at the sacrifice of my babies health. I was eating fairly well and normally until this weekend. Sunday I was super duper lazy, no shower, didn't change out of my PJ's nothing. I barely moved. Then Monday I threw up twice. So so horrible. I can't handle that. And now I can't eat anything. At all. Things I would eat before and crave I don't anymore. It's soooooo hard. I don't know what to do! It's so hard not to get depressed and down about it. I can't control it and I don't LIKE that. Becky likes to have control. :( I know it's bad. I am praying so so hard so much. Asking God to heal me and make my stomach better. I know if anybody can it's only him. I called my Dr office this morning b/c I am getting worried. I haven't heard back I am assuming they are swamped, but tomorrow I have my 12 week apt and we're supposed to hear the heartbeat. PLEASE if you read this be praying for a strong and healthy heartbeat.
In the back of my mind I am so scared this pregnancy still isn't going to be viable. I won't let anybody buy anything for this baby. We bought a rocking chair w/ a ottoman cuz it was SUCH an amazing deal ($50 for both! pretty much brand new. I really love it. Just needs to be recovered but my Mom can do that cinch), but that is something we can use wither we have a baby or not. But no clothes, crib, stroller, car seat, pack 'n play NOTHING. It scares me. I will not buy anything until after our 20 week apt. And now that I am sick all the time what does that mean? It's seriously horrible and a blessing to have my friend Google. I Google any and every symptom I have. It's scary to read some of the things it comes up w/. So I try not to read anymore and I will just bug the living crap out of my dr. Ha. He'll love me.
So a somewhat funny story from this weekend. OK for last like 4 years I have gone to the biggest
Pumpkin Patch I have ever seen. (aside from the little people one on that TLC show. SCARY) Honestly people even though it costs a small fortune to get in you MUST go. We get discount tickets from the bank I work at so it's half price plus we get coupons off for food and pumpkins so it's worth it. But kids LOVE this place. It's so amazing. These people are millionaires from being open 1 month a year. Crazy. Anywho sorry for going on and on anyways, every year I go w/ my friends Sandi and Dawn and their kids. It's fun and I get girl chat and to hang out and it's fun. Well, EVERY year I get a caramel apple rolled in sprinkles. Now my hubby and pretty much everybody that knows me knows I love me a caramel apple. Like seriously it's bad. We used to have these in Omaha and for some unknown reason they took them all away from me. Seriously?? OMG I almost died the day I found out. So I looked forward to my apple from the P.P. even more this year. I was all excited and got home and showed Steve my one and only purchase. I stuck it on the computer desk in our bedroom until I was ready to eat it. He was excited to and made fun of me. I went out to dinner w/ one of my besties and came home and my apple had disappeared. After a slight heart attack I looked in the kitchen and there it was in all it's glory sitting in the cupboard. Now I know my hubby and I know how much he hates clutter and junk so I figured he took it downstairs since that is where the knives are (duh kitchen) and was tired of looking at it. Fast forward to Sunday afternoon; fat preggo lady takes a 2 hour nap and wakes up craving her said apple. I go curl up on my Hubby's lap and asked him to come downstairs and help me eat a little bit of it. (read; like maybe 1 slice) He tells me he already ate it all and it was gone. He was laughing so I didn't believe him. He likes to joke and be naughty about stuff so I didn't believe him. He tells me he did eat it all and even shared some with his Mother. Oh my I think smoke came out my ears. It took me about 10 minutes to believe him and then the water works turned on. Seriously people this was a full fledged hissy hormonal fit. Snot all over my face crying everything. I was so tired. tired of being sick and tired. tired of our living situation. Tired of my crappy job. tired of laying around doing nothing. And now my one precious apple is GONE? Oh my I lost it. He felt so bad the poor boy almost cried himself. Now the thing is there is NO where in Omaha to get a good apple. I will drive the 45 minutes Lincoln to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to get me a caramel apple. Can you say psycho? I know it's just a thing and I shouldn't get so bent out of shape but few things in life excite me and disappoint me like food does. If I get my mind wrapped around eating something then you better not get in my way. God is working on me in this area but I am still upset over it. ha. So pathetic! Luckily for my most amazing Hubby that I love w/ all my heart I am going to the Husker game in 2 weeks and will get my apple and maybe even some daVinci's! Oh be still my heart! :)
OK I am done complaining I just have to get all my feelings down before I forget them. Now years later I can look back and remember how crappy the first trimester of my pregnancy was and maybe it will stop me from wanting 7 children! haha. Love to you all and honestly I have no idea if this makes any sense at all. Sorry for rambling!

P.S. Tomorrow like I said is 12 weeks expect a update tomorrow afternoon my apt is at 12:15 CST

October 9, 2008


So when I was getting approval from my bestest buddy in the whole world Megan, about putting up her pictures on our blog for our wedding/anniversary post she asked me why she is never mentioned in the blog. Haha. Honestly I don't think she even reads it! ;) Do you Meg?

So it's not like I'm just going to start writing random blogs about every person I've never met, but you never know with me! She is special and she deserves her very own blog! Actually I am pretty sure she should START her own blog, but she doesn't have enough time in the day to eat (and grow a butt. Sorry inside joke!) let alone blog like me. :( Sad! Any who here we go I hope your happy Megan Michelle!

Megan and I met when we were both working in the hell of all places. Haha OK it wasn't THAT bad, considering all the amazing friends I got out of it! But it wasn't a piece of cake to work there either. Busy, weird customers, old people up the wazoo, Spanish, fraud, crazy stuff! Wow I am WAY off base sorry..........I had the opportunity to train her a lil and we talked a lot and although we had little in common we always made each other laugh and had a good time. She made the long slow days go by a little quicker, and I made her attempt to understand/translate some of the Spanish speaking customers for me. (even though she would try to hide on the floor in my teller window sometimes so she wouldn't have to. Remember that Meg? LOL) We became fast work friends and over time even started to hang out together outside of work. Eventually she like every other teller left and went to another branch. It sucked. Bad. We emailed back and forth but nothing could ever take the place of our back rubs for each other, and her drama filled stories of her and her roommate. (more on that later) I eventually got hired at the branch she was working at also! Can you say stalker? haha but honestly it was good for me and I learned a lot from the move. We became a lot closer and hung out all the time. She had started to date a guy we used to work with at the old branch and we would all hang out together. It was great! I knew she was moving in a year or so to Denver Colorado for Vet school and to live w/ her older sister. :( I was sad and worried our friendship wouldn't continue once she left.
One night while we were out having a girls night (Burger King and Super Target cuz that's how we roll ya know) w/ our other amazing friend Julia talking about Meg's HORRIBLE living situation. She lived in a very nice 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment like less then 3 minutes away from our work with her THEN best friend Darcy from high school. They had lived together for about 2 years and had always got along, until recently. I don't know what it was but Darcy snapped. She freaked out and started putting her initials on everything in the house and not letting Megan use anything that had a DW on it. Oh my this was VERY entertaining to us at work and Darcy and Meg used to write notes back and forth to each other trying to communicate and work through their issues. Honestly Darcy's notes were like a 3rd grader and to funny for words. Meg used to bring them into work and we would cry with laughter over the drama. So any who back to girls night, we're walking through Target talking about this bad situation and I being 23 had never moved out of my parents house and really thought it was time I lived on my own and paid my own bills and proved my independence to everybody including myself. Meg was ecstatic at the prospect of Darcy being gone and us being roomies! Now I worried since we worked together all day and then living together how it would work and if we would still get along. Long story short (ha nothing is short w/ me!) I ended up moving in in February of '06, until the lease was up in August. Honestly I can say it was the best, funnest, greatest times in my life. Me and Steve were still newly dating so it was fun for him to come over to MY house and I would cook dinner, we held a baby shower for a co worker at our cute lil digs, and I had my very own place! I just loved everything about it. If Meg wasn't moving away we probably would have extended our lease and I would have lived there for another year with her. We got along so well. I SHARED the milk and bread with her, (and vice versa) we would help do each other's laundry, we were both total neat freaks and would clean the kitchen floor like once a week, we always respected one another and were quiet if the other's door was shut. Honestly it was great!

This amazing picture of the 2 of us looking horrible after our "moving" out party, we had to much to drink but yet we were still psycho cleaning and both have trash bags in our hands. Kinda like our mantra or something right? ;)
Anyways she is now far far away, 9 hours to be exact, and although we still see each other a couple times a year I miss her so much everyday! She is doing AMAZING in school, the best Vet Tech at the clinic she works at, has made a bazillion friends even though she hasn't even lived there 2 years, has an amazing Dog Austin, and is still my best friend in the world and never forgets lil ol me in Omaha :) Not to pat my own back or anything but I am the only person in Omaha out of all her friends from h/s and such that has seen her every single time she has come home the last 2 years. I love her and nobody will or ever could replace her and our awesome friendship! I always know if somebody will understand ME it's her. :)

Some of my favorite things/stories about Meggie Megan;

  • Jeans shopping. Nuff said. I can't ever shop for jeans w/out you Meg I HATE them!

  • While working at the bank together we were going to lunch (or the gas station to buy her DEATH sticks aka cigarettes. Same diff) one day and she was driving and God bless her the animal lover she is, there was a stupid bird in the middle of the road just sitting there staring at us coming at it. Now a normal bird would fly off and get scared, nope not this one, it just sat there. Now a normal PERSON like me would have kept going and got 40 points for running it over. Oh NO not Meg. She slams on the breaks and blares her horn forever until the dumb bird flew off. I don't know why but I was crying from laughing. Only Meg. I guess you just had to be there but still one of my favorite stories.........

  • Rollerblading in the apartment. Nuff said. I have photo documentation of it somewhere I might have to find that to. So so fun. Steve doesn't let me do this at our house :(

  • After our Fish Pluma (Rip Pluma) passed on we attempted to go to the pet store at like 8:30 one night in the cold in our pajamas to buy more fish. Although I don't recall their names they were passed on by morning when we woke up as well. After that we thought it best we not kill anymore fish and we just mourned Pluma the rest of the time we lived in the apartment.

  • I HEART her Dog. Anybody that knows me knows I am NOT a pet person (except for fish) at all. But I honestly love that Dog. He is so relaxed and calm at least when I am around. And he loves me to pet him and he is almost always a perfect lil boy! Meg called me one night freaking out, I guess everyday she comes home from work/school she is singing some song or another. Austin always ignores her and puts up w/ her craziness. But one night she was singing "Ding Fries Are Done" (warning that may not be the most appropriate song in a child is in the room but I pee myself a lil every time I hear it). One of his Aunt Becky's favorite songs. Well sure enough as soon as he heard her singing it he went crazy. He jumped up and licked her face, was running in a circle and was super duper excited. Haha we are related!

  • Meg always leaving her vitamins in her pockets and me having to fish them out of the washing machine

  • Stealing her Bath and Body works lotion cuz I LOVED the way it smelled and it reminded me of her

  • Meg walking into the kitchen and apparently losing all feelings in whatever hand she was carrying a GLASS glass in. Dropping it and shattering all over the floor. LOL. This almost always seemed to happen on the days she had to open at work and get there at 6:45 and I was supposed to sleep until at least 10, but at 6:15am I would rush in the kitchen and make sure she was alright

I hope you know how much I love you girl and even tho your not the biggest Baby fan I know you'll be the greatest Aunt EVER in the whole world to The Bean and I can't wait to see you soon cuz it's been far far far to long! I MISS YOU!!!! :)

My other Sister and my Nephew Austin

Meg and Julia at one of our favorite hang outs when she comes home. (Meg does CJ look psycho back there or is it just me? haha)

Her Kevin (aka Buttcheese) and her nephew Taj

At Julia's Wedding

One of my favorites I LOVE this pose! lol. Anybody that knows her knows it's HUGE for Meg to wear a dress and especially heels! It meant SO SO much to me girl you'll never know!

Us dancing and singing to "Our Song" at my wedding. So special I'm sure people though we were freaks but oh well I love her!

October 7, 2008

Things I'm lovin right now

  • My most amazing Hubby for putting up w/ me and all my pregnancy demands
  • Saltine crackers
  • pretzel sticks
  • Gum
  • Zantac
  • My amazing friends who listen to me whine and moan about not feeling well
  • The Hills
  • This Baby I am growing. Never knew I could feel so much love for something I've never heard, seen, felt, or talked to before
  • Jon and Kate Plus 8
  • My awesome church and the kids I am doing Choir with
  • The fact that my house is getting walls and is almost less then 3 months away from being completed!

October 6, 2008

Oh the joys

The joys of pregnancy. This part really sucks. Growing a baby is HARD work. The hardest thing I have ever done. I do not want to eat or drink. Anything. At. All. It's bad. I am such a drama queen and so pathetic I sat in Arby's and cried over my amazing chicken salad wrap because I felt so crappy and every swallow was like a load of bricks. Hey it's my blog and I'll be dramatic if I want to. Honestly it was very sad. Steve just looked at me. The poor guy doesn't know what to do with me. He fetches me popsicles and ice cream every night for my cravings, he has been on his own for dinner for the last oh 4 1/2 weeks and I feel horrible. (I made him chili the other night! that has to count for something right?)
I went and got myself sonic for lunch since I've wanted it for the last oh 6 days now. I feel like C R A P. I am trying to make it the 3 hours I have left at work but I don't know if it's gonna happen. I feel like I have a fever but don't feel hot myself. So so so tired. And sooooooo gross. My stomach is just turning churning. Is this normal? Is it normal to feel big and fat and bloated? I swear my stomach fat is stretching across my hips now. Not like a baby belly just my FAT. Ha so so attractive. That is why I haven't taken any "belly shots", they all look exactly like me in the past 5 years but now I can blame it on pregnancy. Ha. I do think I'm getting a little bigger (seeing as how NONE of my pants other then my big ol gross sweat pans fit me anymore) but I dunno!
So I am trying to stay positive and not get to depressed and over whelmed by this all-day-sickness crap, but it's hard. I am trying to remember the light at the end of this tunnell. A beautiful gorgeous Baby we can call our own! Oh it also helps me a LOT that all last week my amazing Hubby was sick and felt like crap from sympthany nausea :) For some reason that makes me VERY happy and feel a lot better! Hey if I have to go through all this he should have to put up w/ a little something right? is that bad? Ha gotta love raging hormones! If any of you have any words of advice or encourgement I would so so so appreciate it! I try to eat when I can (often) and whatever I want and am craving, making myself drink stuff no matter what, and eat saltines like they are going out of style. I am out of ideas and don't ever want to leave my bed or sweat pants again!!!

October 1, 2008


What the flip is going on with blogger? I tried to change to a new background yesterday and while I am not the most savvy blogger I certainly did NOT change it to this background! What happened to my cute brown argyle?? And my fun ticker? And my cute picture?? AHHHHH I might cry! Whoever can tell me how to fix it or give me a F R E E makeover will get 1000 points cuz I know you bloggers out there love contests and points! PLEASE HELP I am seriously frustrated!! :(