November 24, 2008

Just movin along......

Exciting news stay tuned for prego pictures in this blog! I know everybody is waiting with baited breath and I promise to deliver! :) Ha.

So we'll start off first that there is only like 5 weeks until we move!!!! I told Steve last night that is it about how long "normal" people that are buying a pre-existing home have to wait until they close and move. Of course they have carpet and toilets and things installed in their house and we don't but that is beyond the point! Ha. This week is Thanksgiving, next weekend I am in Denver and then Christmas 2 weeks after and then we start the closing process! Walk through, meeting with the builder, and then closing and moving!!! I really hope we get a lot of friends and family to help us move because it is going to drive me bonkers that I can't do anything or carry anything heavier then a pillow. I know Steve is going to be all over me and freak out if I do or lift anything so I will just give orders :) We went to see the house this past Saturday and we finally have cabinets! Yay! They are so so so gorgeous and I could NOT be happier. I was kind of worried because me and Steve are pretty particular about wood types and colors and we were worried these would be to dark but they are perfect!!!! Here is a shot of the kitchen:

And we found a piece of our countertop laying in the garage! Kinda hard to see and picture but I was excited!

And the master bedroom:

And here are all the interior doors! Aren't they pretty?? They weren't painted so once they are white they will look very sheek:

We also had some of our baseboards in which seemed weird to me b/c we don't have carpet yet?? But again I don't know how these things work. I did take a picture but I won't bore you with posting a picture of the floor with white piece of woodwork on it. Ha.

Now on to the $ shot. I know ya'll are dying to see Ms. Fatty:

I am pretty please with how the picture turned out. I'm not as fat as I thought. Please don't look at my face just my lil belly ;) Ha. 2 weeks and 2 days until we find out how the baby is and WHAT the baby is! YAY!!! It won't be a Bean much longer we can start calling it but a real name! Not sure if we are going to tell everybody the name or keep it a secret until after it's born. I am VERY indecisive and might change my mind. Ha. But I will be sure to tell you what the babies name ISN'T! Ha. Hope everybody had a good weekend!! :)

November 21, 2008

5 for Friday

Another installment of 5 for Friday! Whose excited??? Oh just me.......oh well. Here are 5 things I am looking forward to in the next couple weeks

1~ The Original 5 Cramers {no husbands :( } going to the State Championship football game and getting to see my BFF Jess who I haven't seen in like 2 1/2 months!

2~ Getting to see my other BFF Meg in 1 week and spending the day w/ her while she is in town for the Holiday! And then going the next week to Denver to see her! YAY!!!!

3~ Thanksgiving. Family. Food. Games. Fun. Naps. Need I say more??

4~ Finding out the gender of this lil Bean I am growing and that it is all healthy and fine!

5~ Growing my little group of choir girls at church and singing our hearts and lungs out to Jesus while learning some awesome Christmas songs!

November 20, 2008

Are you ready for some football??

So I realize this post will be boring for the minus 3 readers I have but I want to write these things down and post pictures before my scrambled pregnant brain forgets it all. Ha.
On Oct 25th I had the utmost pleasure of getting to experience a Husker Football game. Oh my y'all do NOT understand how red my blood is and how much I love this football team. Ha it's pretty pathetic actually. Back in the day when I was a cute lil teenager (and even pre teen) I would cover my cheeks in husker rub on tattoos, put on my #21 (I won't tell you who #21 was but my was he beautiful, still is actually) anywho, I would get my pom poms (don't judge) and watch the football game. My trademark was to see how much I could eat through out the entire game. I remember Oranges were always a staple for some reason. Maybe the Orange Bowl had something to do w/ it? Who knows. Anyway I am way off track back to last month.........seriously a month ago feels like last weekend!!!
I piled Brother Andy, Sister Natalie and her Hubby in my Monica (my vehicle a whole 'nother post) and drove the crazy 45 minutes to Lincoln. Found our lot for FREE parking (I have connections don't ask it might not be legal but I have yet to get caught! HA!) and walked the long walk to the stadium. Oh my I love the sights, smells, people on a Husker Football Saturday. It's the greatest thing ever!!! After my sister won some free loot from a local radio station we got to the stadium and waited in line to be let in the stadium. I hadn't been to a regular season game in about 9 years and how I missed it! The Stadium had changed a lot over the last couple years. New big screens, new seats, oh it was so beautiful to me! It was a GORGEOUS day and me and Andy sure enjoyed our awesome seats right under the uprights. It was awesome! Of course I ate my red hot dog and people watched and played attention to the game a lil ;) It was a great day and I hope to carry on the tradition that is Husker Nation with my children! Thanks for going Brother it was a great day!
Of course the game was followed by a DELICIOUS meal at
DaVinci's. Yum!

Here are some highlights in picture with an explanation cuz there are of course no action shots of the game just the crazy weirdos that sat by us! Ha. So entertaining I must say.

A cool view of the stadium but honestly if I was blooger/computer/picture savvy I would put arrows pointing to Sister Natalie and Hubby :( sad you'll just have to believe me that they are sitting there somewhere holding a balloon and wearing red. HaAwesome new screens. Woohoo we're big time now!
The most awesomest band EVER
Cheerleaders, band and sea of Red screaming for their team about to come out of the "Tunnel walk" so so awesome you just HAVE to be there to understandA huge banner the crowd waves as the team comes out on the field. So awesome but hard to read
Brother bein cheesyAgain if I was cool I would point out what is so exciting in this pic but there is a boy wearing a "CornHead" and he has a huge feather stuck in the top. Not sure why but we found this to be VERY humorous
The GREATEST part of my day. (well, after the fact that he Huskers won, had DaVinci's and a Caramel Apple) This man showed up in his tan fishing hat, yellow coat and put ear plugs in. WTF? He sat there for the entire game and showed no emotion what-so-ever. It was even more greater (not proper grammar. Don't judge) was when his weird wife showed up and they ate oranges. Who eats oranges AT a game? Peel on the bleachers and everything! Soooooo weird yet soooooooooo entertaining. Me and Brother were DYING laughing.
We ran into the band walking in the street when we were on the way back to our car. It was pretty awesome to be that close to them! Love them!!!!
So all in all it was a fantastic day I know I will never forget! I hope my Bean enjoyed the game in utero and feeling crazy Mom jumping and screaming like a mad woman :) Love me some Huskers!

November 19, 2008

To my little one......

Dear Bean,
I know your not even born yet, you don't have a name, and I haven't seen your face but I have been thinking the last couple days about how much I want to talk to you. I can't talk to you in my womb yet because you won't be able to hear me for another 2 weeks. I kinda feel bad for you when you can. I'm sorry little Bean Momma likes to talk and is very loud and never shuts up. My singing is horrible, and I tend to use far to many bad words :( I am working on this. Regardless I hope my voice will calm and sooth you and you will love me no matter what my flaws. I think if your Daddy can then you will be able to also ;)
I love you already more then words can say. You have been growing inside of me for almost 17 weeks now. My belly is starting to get hard and fat and I know it's because your growing and getting bigger and that makes me the happiest I have ever been in my whole life. I can't imagine you not coming and not being here already. What did me and Daddy ever talk about before?? What consumed my thoughts all day (and night when I am awake!)?? I know you have made me have such a closer better bond w/ my God. I talk to him all the time. I can see him watching over us and that he is holding my belly and you in his hands. That makes me much less scared of our future. Even if something happens and he takes you to your eternal home I know he will hold you and so will your G. Grandparents who are waiting up there for us.
In just 3 short weeks we will FINALLY get to see your face. FINALLY get to find out if you are a boy or a girl, and find out if your growing well and everything is fine. I wish I was one of the normal typical first time pregnant girls that is naive and knows nothing but I read far to much. I pray vastly every day and night for you to be safe and that I am doing everything right. I take my vitamin every single morning, I try to eat right but am failing miserably at that, and get lots of rest and not lift heavy things. Your Daddy loves you more then he will admit, he doesn't want to get to attached until your here and he can hold you, but he is so in love w/ you and the thought of you being here and being our child. He cooks for me, cleans, does the laundry, and picks up all the heavy things he won't let me lift even though it hurts his back and knees. You have made us a family little Bean and we love you more then words can say.
Please be safe and continue to grow and I promise not to play any Michael Bolton music into my belly, that will wait until you are here my love ;) I love you so much
Your Mommy

November 11, 2008

A little of this and a little of that

So it's been awhile since I posted. Steve has had a weird laps in un-busyness at work (hey people it's my blog and I can make up words if I want to) so I've been waiting for him to write about something more exciting then NBA I don't think it's going to happen :( Maybe I should make him fill out the quiz about me? Ha yeah right! OK anywho here are some updates:
Going MUCH better. I have more of an appetite and am keeping LOTS of food down. Although it's weirdo junk. Cheeto's and grape Kool-Aid are my favorites right now. Along w/ any fast food. Taco Bell, Arby's, Burger King. Blah. I am not rich enough to eat out all the time so an occasional eggs and toast dinner has to do :) But the Reglan must be helping a lot because the nausea is down and so is the heartburn. I wish I could say it's also from being further along in the pregnancy but I still have my spouts of it (this morning was especially bad) or if I forget/take my pills to late :( I'm hoping this goes away SOON as they say not to take these pills for longer then 2-3 months. Yikes then what??
Also I have not been sleeping well. Our living arrangements have been getting the best of me and I fear I have a bad attitude about it. I whine and moan and complain far to much. I am forever grateful I have somewhere to live and especially somewhere where we can save so much $. But it's not MY house with MY bed and MY things. And I miss all of MY things :( I go to bed about 8 (yes 8pm) and am awake every night anywhere for 1 1/2 to even 4 hours one night. No rhyme or reason. I don't have to go potty although I usually do hoping that will help me fall asleep. Doesn't work. I am either hot or cold, to many lights in the room keeping me awake, it's always something. Mainly it's just my head running and running. I can't stop thinking. So I pray. A LOT. I pray for the baby, for my pregnancy and delivery, for my pregnant friends, for my marriage and husband, for our families, you name it I pray for it. Maybe God is keeping me awake so we can have "US" time together. Ha. But I need my sleep for The Bean, God!!!!
I have my 16 week apt tomorrow with my amazing Dr. I am excited. It should be boring, give blood, get weighed (pray for gain but NOT to much!), and ask my trillion questions! Now as you all know Dr Reed has a history of DRAGGING me in for ultra sounds at every visit. I told Steve not to come as we are not SUPPOSED to have an ultra sound so there is no need for him to come. But if by some odd reason we DO have one we could find out the sex! So now I am torn. Do I say no and not have one and wait until Dec at 20 weeks to find out when for sure my Hubby will be there? Or do I do one by myself and find out and then go tell him?? Of course if something is wrong and it's an emergency I will have one w/out batting and eye lash, but just for kicks I don't know what to do! Honestly people I am WAY to obsessed over this. LOL. Oh my! So anyways, I am getting a belly and this excites Steve to no end. He loves touching it and I make him kiss it and rub it all the time. Ha. I promise to take pictures SOON it's just I don't always look the most flattering and I don't want to post that for all the world to see.

We have walls people! Our outside is mostly done, just needs grass, door bell, and exterior lighting. It's very exciting! We got our final move in date, and it will not change at all. We are moving in.........................DUN DUN DUN...............less then...............7 WEEKS!!!! Jan 2nd! OMG I am so so so so so so excited beyond words you have no idea! Seems like it will come up so quickly! We will have Thanksgiving, I am going to Denver to see Meg, then Christmas and then BAM we will move! :) Pray for good weather and NO snow or ice! :) hehe I know a lot to ask for in Nebraska in January! And now for an overload of pictures!!!
The outside!!! YAY! So cute! It's 2 different colors of tan. The bottom (main part) is creamy white and the peaks are darker shade of tan :) I LOVE IT! (p.s. you can see the monster of a house that is going in next door. Yikes our house looks tiny next to it!)
View into the foyer/living room from front door. LOVE me some windows!
My Kitchen! The food pantry is to your left
View of living room from Kitchen. And the door leading to our master bedroom is on your left.

Love me some windows! I am so excited about all the light that will come in the living room/kitchen from these. I love it!!!
Down to the "Man Cave"

Bean's Nursery and big window. Can't wait to decorate and paint!!!!

The spare room/guest room/computer room. Again I'm sorry people but I LOVE the windows! This faces the front of the house with the adorable flower box under them! :)

Our master bedroom one of 2 windows in the room

View from the picture above. HUGE walk-in closet to your left and master bathroom straight ahead.

Me and Steve are doing great. Trying to soak up all the "US" time we can get as we know our lives will drastically change in 5 short months. Plus with all the moving and house things we will be doing I know we won't have as much quality time together. A couple Saturday's ago I made him take me out on a real date. It was gorgeous outside like high 70's one night so we ate at Spaghetti Works downtown, went on the huge slides in the park, and for a horse drawn carriage ride. It was one of the best nights ever! I knew the weather would be changing and cold (it is. 30's this week. Burrrrr), and then Bean would be here before we know it and we wouldn't have the opportunity to do it again! It was so great and I have the best most understanding Husband in the entire world. I have no idea why he loves me but he does! And well I must say! :)
I took Thursday off for my Dr apt and also have a dentist apt that day (I swear I am trying to kill myself I always do that. Get them all over in one fail swoop), and then going Christmas shopping with my sister! YAY! It will be here before we know it people! I am teaching a Kids Choir at church on Sunday's and it's so fun! We are learning Christmas songs and when I told them we only had like 7 weeks to practice they got all excited!! :) I love Christmas!!!!

November 4, 2008


So I'm a day late for McMama's Not Me Monday but I must admit I have some to add.

I most certainly am pregnant here is the proof of pregnancy brain I have lately.....

I so desperately needed my morning breakfast of a bomb pop popsicle that I dropped in the drive way leaves sticks and all, decided it was fine wiped it off with a tissue and headed to work licking the cherry-lime-blue raspberry goodness. I would never do that. EVER

Rented some movies to watch with the hubby this past weekend. Got them from Hollywood Video and promptly returned them to BlockBuster Video. Yeah I am organized and on top of things I would NEVER do that. And thank goodness they called Daddy and told him so he could remind his daughter what a fruitloop she is! HA Oh my

I would never eat frozen M&M cookies the MIL is probably saving for the holidays cuz I am pregnant and NEEDED them. Nope NEVER.

That concludes enough embarrassment although I do have a couple other good ones.........we'll save them for a post after the baby and maybe a couple martini's.........pray for me girls I need it!

November 3, 2008

Forgot One

I see I forgot one team, the Rockets. Easy to do concidering their consistent first round exits. However, if they can get decent PG play and stay healthy, they have a chance. Considering Yao and TMacs injury list, the odds are low, but possible.