July 26, 2012

The BIG 3-0

In a couple weeks I will be 30. This is exciting, shocking, crazy, and not-really-a-big-deal all at the same time to me. I'm not one to care about the number of how old you are, more how you act, feel, and whatnot. Most days from having 2 young kids, housework, and all the running around I do I feel like I'm 80. lol. But, my mind tells me I'm not a day over 23. Seriously, I'm married?!?! Have a house?!?!? Have not 1 but 2 kids?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?! I still shop in the juniors section of stores (when do I have to stop doing this?? When my girls can shop there?), act like I'm 23, yet I am a mother, am extremely responsible (always have been) and am older then I think. Such in life.

"They" (not sure who) say that the 1st year of life is when you learn and grow the most. I'm sure this is true. But I also think that between 20 and 30 is the most changes in ones life. You can legally drink, gamble, get married (depending on the state), get huge discounts on your insurance (woohoo!), and generally should just GROW UP! (of course most men don't realize this) I was thinking the other day and wanted to do bullet style all the things that have happened/changed since I was 20.

-At age 20 I was dating my gross abusive ex and working at a tanning salon and nannying part time

-At age 21 I started my teller job at the bank. Not the funnest best job ever, but I pretty made all my friends I have now, and met my Hubby so it was a good experience! I grew in my "career" the most at that company

-At 24 I  finally moved out of my parents house into my little apt with my bestie Megan! BEST time of my life living there!

-At 24 I also got fired for the first time in my life. One of the worst experiences of my life :(

-At 25 I got my first and only waitressing job. It lasted a whole 2 days. HA

-Met and fell in love with my Hubby when I was 22

- We started dating when I was 23

-Got engaged at 24

-Got married when I was 25

-Gave Birth to my first sweet amazing baby girl Hailey at 26

-Gave Birth to my second sweet amazing baby girl Ellie at 29

-Bought 3 cars between 20-30 (one completely on my own! I was so proud to only have my name on a car title!)

-Owned 3 houses (one technically wasn't mine, was only Hubby's but since I got married and lived there the state of Nebraska viewed it as half mine!)

-Held over 6 titles at well over 15 companies (/people some were nannying/babysitting jobs)

-Grew enormous amounts in my walk with God! This is by far one of the best things to have happened to me!

-Gained, lost, and re-kindled many many friendships. I am blessed to have amazing friends who have seen me through so much!

-lost and gained a LOT of weight. (most of it was pregnancy, but some is still "fluff" hehe)

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