July 24, 2012

Brain Dump

Weird random things like diarrhea of the mouth coming out of me. Don't have whole blog posts for each of them so here they are all are!

-Ellie is doing my most favorite baby thing; when you put your arms out/up/down to pick her up she reaches for you. Ohhh it melts a Momma's heart! Most Mom's probably don't think about it, but it's one of those weird little things that I LOVE! Makes me feel like she loves and wants me to hold her! (even when it's annoying and I can't!)

-this is TOTALLY weird and random but I never blogged it (I don't think?? Which probably means I have blogged it 7 times already) but this morning I was thinking about my Cousin who tried out for the Olympics, she "retired" 10 years ago and has 2 boys, I can't remember how old her oldest son is (8 maybe?) but her youngest was born on the same exact day as Hailey! I love that!!! Even though we have never met him (they live in Ohio :( BOOOO) they share a special bond and hope someday they can meet and play together!

-I HATE to be cold, but a million times more then that I HATE HATE HATE to be hot. The worst thing in the world to me is to be hot. When your cold you just add layers or a blanket, when your hot you can't shave your head (well boys can which is unfair) or run around naked with no skin.

-Probably equally as much as I hate to be hot I hate to be wet. (sweat much?? SICK!) So when 99% of women LOVE to have cold washcloths on their head during labor/pushing I CAN.NOT.STAND.IT!!!! Steve made sure w/ Hailey to keep the evil things away from me when I was pushing so they got me a fan instead. (it HAS to osculate though I hate direct cold air on me. Yuck!) But when I was in labor w/ Ellie the nurse got a super cold washcloth for my head and stuck it on there w/out anybody noticing. Of course I didn't scream at the sweet lady but I think I picked it up and pitched it on the floor, the nurse was shocked and confusing and Steve just looked at her and goes "oh NOOOO washcloth she hates to be wet" ha it was funny. Before Hailey was even born I told him this was one of my wishes in the delivery room; NO WASHCLOTH! So weird

-Hailey is cracking us up daily. She is still a pain diffacult but she is hilarious too! Some funnies recently;

When she is hot (cuz ya know it's been like 100 degrees since March this year!) she says "I'm soakin hot!"

She opened the fridge, took out her sippy of juice (with cell phone in hand of course) and SAT on the inside ledge of the fridge with the door open. Looked at me dead serious and said "Mom my need to drink ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL my juice so I pee lots and lots"
Me (trying to keep a straight face): "what happenes if you pee lots and lots?"
H: "My will gets lots of energy!"
lol I don't know where she gets this stuff
She was "playing" with Ellie, after retrieving a hunk of Hailey's hair out of Ellie's hand Hailey looks at E VERY serious and says "Ellie Marie, do NOT pull my hair God made it!"
She was looking through Steve's paperwork from the hospital, she told me she wanted to go work at the hospital when she gets bigger. I asked her what she thought she wanted to do at the hospital and she said "My will make everybody wears pecial socks!"about time she narrowed down a career, and such a lucrative career. Me and Steve will for SURE be able to retire off her early! (she is talking about the socks post-op patients wear with the grippers on the bottom she is OBSESSED with those dumb socks!)
Steve was wearing a Coke Cola shirt and Hailey asked what it said. He explained to her it was pop like cherry coke that he drinks, she got all excited and started singing some song about cherry coke and told us it was on her "blue dbd" (aka her christian song dvd's she LOVES). Turns out it was "Joshua fought the battle of "cherry coke" (Jerrico)
I guess you would really have to know Steve personally, but he is extreamly laid back, un-emotional, never riled kind of person. (which you know is polar opposite of me, which is why we work so well together!) Hailey is EXACTLY her Momma in her Daddy's look alike body, so she still doesn't understand why I get so passionate and excited about things, and he doesn't bat an eyelash. Well, for about a year now Poop has had MUCH control over our house, she almost always only goes during sleeping hours (I mean honestly who wakes up to poop???), so one day she went in the middle of the afternoon and this Momma was excited! I told her to go in to Daddy's room (he was web surfing) and tell him. She walks out of the room with her head hung, I asked her if she told Daddy she pooped in the potty and she says yes, followed by;             "Him just said oh good job. :proceeded to throw both hands in the air "touchdown" style:  not OH GREAT JOB!"                                                                                                                                              LOLOL I about fell over, clearly she doesn't know that is her Momma's reaction and NOT her Daddy's!
-Hailey FINALLY after over 3 years is completely binkie free!!! I talked her into giving her last 2 (which just happened to be pink and purple) to our neighbors baby who actually uses binkies (unlike her sister who has refused them since she was 2 mo old). It was so funny taking Baby Sam, a boy the pink and purple binkies. But she was SOOO excited to share them which made me such a proud Momma! She only held them in each hand, almost never put them in her mouth, but it's been about a month and she sleeps like a pro without them!! She asked and looked for them about 3 times after getting rid of them, and we just remember her that Baby Sam was using them and she would just grin! Super sweet!
-We were also able to take the "knock lock" off her door. (the child proof door handle so she couldn't turn her handle and come into our bedroom 293802938 times a night) It happened about 3 days after getting rid of the binkies and I was quite nervous but again she has done great and stayed in her room! Lots of big girl changes in the Sessions house hold!
-Hubby lost his job. AGAIN. He was downsized in Jan of 2010 when Hailey was 9 mo. After 3 mo he found a really great job that he LOVES with amazing co-workers and is really good friends with his boss. Well, in May they called about 13 of them in an office and told them they are going to place their jobs at the bank headquarters in Tempe, AZ and not in Omaha anymore. For a few scary hours we thought we were going to have to go to Tempe and I was NOT happy, but God answered me and my Mom's prayers ;) and instead he is out of a job Aug 3rd. I know it is Morbid to pray for your hubby to lose his job instead of being transfered, and honestly if I felt that was God's plan I would have packed and moved without blinking an eye to support my Husband. But, leaving our families, friends, church, the only city I have ever lived in, PLUS try to sell our house was far to overwhelming to me. So God in a way answered a prayer! Obviously I wish he still had employment but God will provide and I'm not that worried about it. He has had a couple interviews, and has a very important one this week! Praying everything falls into place, and this is the job GOD wants him to have not US! I told Steve it's good we are not having anymore babies cuz I am tired of giving birth and then him losing his job. HA!
 -We had mold on about 20 ft of concrete wall back in March. It was HORRIBLE. Thank GOD for my Mother who scrubbed the walls with bleach for about 5 hours to get rid of it and make it safe for my Babies. We got it cleared up, but it was touch and go for a couple days. Not to mention stressful. Oh yeah plus when we found it, the company that built our house (that we just built and moved into 3 years ago) declared bankruptcy. Great timing right?? But, like I said we got it cleaned up and figured out for the most part. Need to call our 2/10 warranty  company and see what they can do for us. Good thing we had left it un-finshed!   
-At the beginning of June Hubby came home from work with what he called a bad stomach ache. (TMI SORRY) We just thought he was "stopped" up and that it would clear the next day. It just got worse. By Wednesday he wasn't feeling better and not able to go back to work so he made a Dr. apt. The Dr was afraid it was either his appendix, or something wrong with his large intestine. So he went to the hospital and got an emergency CT scan. (which I about DIED when we got the bill and it was $4,400 :O Holy cow!) They found his appendix to be enlarged and infected and he needed emergency surgery to remove it before it reputed. Did I mention that I have a nursing 5 mo old who refuses bottles, and this happened the day before me and 3 neighbors were holding a huge garage sale together?? Yeah great timing. OH and Steve's parents are out of town on a mission trip with his Mom's work. So I told him to call his brother and see if he could go be at the hospital with him. Luckily he did (I sooo owe his brother), because I was not going to take my 5 mo old up to the hospital and wait for hours. Nobody would have wanted that. Insert major wife guilt for not being there for my hubby. But I made him reassure me 293812 times to stay home with the girls because they needed me more and he had Scott. I know I would have wanted him to do the same thing, but still. Luckily the surgery went totally smooth, God has his hand all over the whole situation. And he got discharged the next day, so I was able to go pick him up and bring him home! After a week and a half he was even back at work! 
-So yeah major moldy basement, job loss, emergency surgery, I think God is testing us!!! Hopefully we are passing with flying colors and he will lay off us for awhile! I am waiting for a flood, fire, car to break, something but I think we are done with crazy stuff! They say bad things happen in 3's right?? 
-If you don't want to count the basement as the 3rd thing, they you could say my other disappointment was finding out our BFF's (Steve's cousin, wife, and their 2 baby girls) can't come visit for a week in August. TOTALLY understand, they both have to work and DUH we are in the same boat. You have to do what you have to do to survive and keep a roof over your head and food on the table, but I am still pouting and going to miss them so much! Hopefully we can make our trip to Michigan next year and see them then!
 -Hailey's bed/nap time routine is quite expansive. She has to turn on her fan, I turn on her ceiling fan, she turns on her night light, and I turn on a sound machine. She goes potty in her little potty that sits in her room, and then she crawls in her bed. I cover her up with her special Dora blanket (her bedspread in the winter. My gosh are my girls are HOT sleepers like their Daddy!) and sing Jesus Loves Me, Rock-A-Bye Baby (which MUST be sung with HER name, i.e. "and down will come Hayhee cradle and all". If I am being naughty I change it back to the real words and say baby or I'll say Ellie or another silly name but she makes you RE sing it to her name so honestly in order for me to hightail it out there I just sing her name to make her happy), and twinkle twinkle. We do this for every nap and every bed time. I sing those songs twice a day. 14 times a week. That is a LOT of singing!!! But that girls loves her a routine so we have to do it the SAME every.single.time
OK enough randoms! :) 


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