November 17, 2012

Dress shopping we will go.........

So this past spring right after my Jelly was born my friend called and asked me go to Old Navy with her because she had a coupon for some free shirts. I was super confused and honestly didn't really listen to her explain (hello distracted much with 2 children while on the phone) but I figured I would meet her and see what was up and involved.

Turns out she is a part of this website crowdtap, basically it's a bunch of companies that you fill out survey questions for and you get chosen for samples/free stuff/parties. It's fun but yes it is time consuming. I have been a member for over 9 months and finally got chosen by ON (Old Navy) to get some free clothes! (basically you have to build up a reputation so they will chose you, they don't just want to hand out free clothes to people who will collect but not write the reviews/do the little tiny bit of work after involved. Honestly it's not that hard!) So after getting turned down for bathing suits, and shorts I was excited for the opportunity to get a free dress and one free for a friend!

Now I just have to put this out there; I DO NOT WEAR DRESSES. The only one I even own is a super cute black halter that I got at White House Black Market (oh if only I was a millionaire I would only shop there no offense ON) for our rehearsal dinner. Cute yes, pretty sure I could fit 1/2 an arm in it but darnit it's cute and I'll keep it forever in hopes of wearing it again.  And the last dress I bought was my wedding dress. Yes folks it's been 5+ years since I have worn/owned a dress! Yikes! So I was excited to step out of my comfort zone and see what was out there!

We went to the store and grabbed about 5-6 dresses each and a pair of leggings to try on under the dresses. After some size switching to see what worked and didn't we both loved these wonderful amazing grey turtle neck dresses. They looked amazing with jeans, black leggings, knee high boots, everything! I was so excited I was going to wear it everyday! Then we go to ring up and they are considered sweaters not dresses :( BUMMED were we! Luckily we had back ups, some super pretty silk-like drop waste 3/4 sleeve numbers. They were comfty! I liked the way it moved, felt and fit my post-baby body! Even Nat loved them and she NEVER wears dresses so this was huge for her! We are excited to wear them and see how comfortable we are out on the town in them :)

 This was a wrap dressed I tried on, but didn't get. It was cute and comfty (although in typical Becky tardness I could NOT for the life of me figure out those dumb ties!) but I wasn't lovin the way it showed off my mommaof2muffintop. Um yeah notsomuch

LOVED these comfty sweaters. (and Sissy! and the fact that my 3 YEAR OLD took this picture. Such a prodigy that one is) Might have to ask Santa for one!

Utter fail that I didn't get myself in the dress I bought but since was last minute OOPS! :) Thanks Old Navy I will be back as always since I <3 all="all" br="br" clothes="clothes" nbsp="nbsp" your="your">

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