November 28, 2014

Scott Tube Free Toilet Paper

Once again I was picked by the amazing peeps over at #crowdtap to sample some new toilet paper!
So I'll just put it out there, we are T.P. snobs in this here house. I won't name names but it has a RED package ;) I've tried others and they just don't match the quality and softness of our favorite. I can't stand toilet paper that is super thin, or balls up and leaves some white stuff "behind". Yuck! Obviously our favorite doesn't do either of these and unfortunately it is the only kind I have found that I love the softness, thickness, and it doesn't leave anything behind!  
When I saw on crowdtap that Scott came out with an amazing tubeless toilet paper I was excited and defiantly intrigued! So I was super excited when it showed up on my door step. I had high hopes for it, hoping to get hooked on this and save some carbon copy with no more T.P. tubes!

But, alas it is so thin we use double the amount to wipe that we do with our fav :( I was sad I so wanted to love it! If they would redesign it to be thicker and more durable I would so buy it!!! So there is my honest truth!!! Thanks again #Scotttoiletpaper for letting me try it!!!!

 See no tube! Totally awesome!!!!