February 27, 2012

Put your hook on kids.......

Here are some random things about Hailey. I am not good at writing down funny/cute things she says/does so I try to post them every couple of months. So here is what has been going on in her world lately at 2 years 2 months (almost 3?!?!? :( She is getting so big so fast!)

So since Ellie has come on the scene (and wants to nurse 24/7) we have the tv on more often then we ever did.
She has since found a love of America's Funniest Home Videos. She LOVES this show and asks to watch it several times a day. We stream huluplus on our tv and they only have 2 seasons (out of 22. ARGH!) and I've already seen every episode like 45 times! AHHH! It's hilarious to watch her watch it though, and luckily I LOVE the show. Funniest part; her favorite part is when the announcer guy says TOM BERGERON. FREAKIN HILARIOUS. We have to get her saying it on video, her voice gets all low and she says it all dramatic. Hours of entertainment.

In addition to AFV (which is what she calls it; AFB) she will watch snippets of Wipeout, Dora the Explorer, and a christian song DVD, and youtube videos. The song DVD is thee single most annoying dvd I've ever seen. It's one of those things that you watch as a kid and LOVE it and think it's awesome and then you watch it as a grown up and think OMG that is horrible why did I love it so much?!? LOL. I can't wait to show it to her when she is older and see if she thinks it's as ghetto as I do! The kids are doing horrible lip syncing and it's songs I don't know and they get stuck in my head for days! But it keeps her occupied for like an hour and it's teaching her about Jesus so whatever!
She also LURVS her some kiddy youtube videos. She will sit on the desktop computer and just watch cartoon videos with songs for a long time!
We sound like horrible parents and that all we do is sit our kid in front of the tv/computer but honestly it's maybe an hour a day!

Some amazing Hailey-izms-

Special Treat-Pechal peet

Any hood on a jacket/sweatshirt-Hook

Ellie's swaddle blankets-Foddle blanket


I/Me-my. I know almost every kid does this but it's hilarious, and when she uses the proper terms I am going to be sad. Everything is "my do it" "my sad" It's super cute and one of her funny quirks

If nothing else my child is SUPER polite. She is always saying thank you and sorry for EVERYTHING wither it's appropriate or not. A couple weeks ago I re-arranged the living room and for days she would say "Tant you Momma for moving the couch and the table and the tv" LOL. Such a sweet girl!

Some random stories of silly things she has said the last couple of weeks:

We were at Aunt Nat and Uncle Binan's (Brian) last weekend and Nat had a big bag of balloons and they were picking some out and Nat would blow them up. One was a weird long crinkle balloon and Nat was attempting to blow it up, she blew it up so much it exploded and popped VERY loudly. Hailey jumped and got very scared. We assured her it was OK and she picked a different balloon and asked Nat to blow it up. As Nat started Hailey sat on the side of a big arm chair in the corner away from Nat (obviously scared the balloon was going to pop and scare her again) and said "I'll be over here" it was hilarious and soooo grown up!

Poor sweet girl, her jeans (they have hearts stitched on the back pockets and she is O B S E S S E D w/ her "heart jeans") kept falling down causing her to resemble a plumber. I knew they had those sincher things inside and figured I needed to make them smaller due to her wearing panties and not a diaper anymore. Long story short they needed fixing so I went in the kitchen and put them on the counter to figure it out. I had started dinner and had everything laid out, and chicken marinading on the counter. Hailey looked at me her eyes wide open afraid of what I was doing to her beloved heart jeans says :
"Momma you not cut my heart jeans?"
"No Baby, Mommy is fixing your jeans"
"Momma you no put my heart jeans in da dinner?"
lol I lost it. Where does she come up with this stuff??

We ate Taco Bell one day for lunch and Hailey ate 1/2 a bean burrito. (Bless her, she loves junk food just like her Momma. Poor Girl) Later that night she had horrible stinky gas and I told Steve it was from her burrito. She looked at us super seriously and said "my had beado for lunch now my stinky toot" LOL we both died! A couple days later when Natalie asked her what was stinky from her burrito and she goes " My BUTT" LOL It was awesome!

We go to my amazing MOPS group at church every other Friday. Last Friday when we went I picked her up and she had on different pants then the ones I sent her in. I was super sad and figured she peed herself. (we wore panties!) The teacher said no and that she had water dumped on her pants. I didn't ask a lot and was confused but just changed her pants and we went home and dried them. When I asked her what happened at home she told me "this one boy was tryin to get my goldfish and he spilt my water on me!" I asked her if the teacher did anything and she told me she wiped it up. I asked her what she did when he spilled the water and she told me;
"did you tell the teacher he spilled your water?"
"did you cry?"
"did you just sit there?"

My little baldie who from about 3 months until the age of 2 looked like a cancer patient finally had enough hair to get her first official hair cut!! She was rockin a pretty bad mullet and she doesn't let me pull it up with a cute bow anymore so off to my friend Jenny's we went! It was so nice to go to a friends house (she has a salon in her basement!) instead of a big scary salon with people staring at my shy girl. It looks sooo cute and I kept her hair in a little baggy and put it in her baby book! A milestone more for this Momma then anything ;)

My Girl LOVES her some puzzles. She has quite a few and although some of them are far above her level she has them all memorized and can do them in a few seconds! It amazes us how smart she is, but honestly we shouldn't be she is always amazing us with her smarts ;) And with the 291093821039 questions she asks a day she better be a rocket scientist! HA!

Another HUGE milestone was that after sleeping on her crib turned big girl bed since August of 2011, we took the crib out of her room for baby sister and put the twin bed in Hailey's room! We got some adorable bedding from Wally world and she has done amazing! She loves it, we still have some trouble going to bed (she has all the sudden gone through a period of being scared of night night and screaming in her room for hours on end) but it has gotten MUCH better! PTL this Momma needs her girls to SLEEP!

When I told Hailey that our amazing friends/cousins are coming to visit again this summer from Michigan I asked her what we should do while they are here;
"ummm share our toys?" (such a sweet girl. It's a good thought but I'd be shocked if she really did.......we're learning.........)
"Yeah that's a great idea! What else?"
"ummm......go to carters!"
LOL sweet girl knows her Momma's heart and our favorite store!

So I'm not sure if I blogged it or not but I was told by a couple people that Hailey was totally ready to potty train when she was 21 months old. (first problem, never listen to others when it comes to your children, trust your gut and let your kids direct you. Momma's know better then anybody else in the world!) It was an epic fail. We tried for 5 days, she was peeing in the potty some, and staying dry at nap but once we left the house she peed all over herself. It was horrible. So I gave up and put her back in diapers. Over the next year I tried a couple more times, if we put her on the potty she cried like I was cutting off her limbs. It was horrible. And then there is the issue with poop..........she was scared to death to do it. Even in her diaper.
So of course when Ellie was like 4 weeks Hailey changed her OWN diaper like 4 times in an hour. (yes my child could change her own diaper. Um ready to potty train much?) But I had to get her over her fear of the potty. When we had gone to Ellie's 2 wk apt I talked to the pedi about it and she said to just strip her down and put the potty in the living room, she would learn quickly that going pee on the floor and herself wasn't cool and she would use the potty. The first 3 times she went (after holding it for over 4 hours!) I had to physically force her on the potty and hold her on there while she screamed and cried, she finally got over it and was happy to go! And once Daddy told her she could wear her Dora panties diapers were a thing of the past! I am so proud of her. She only had 2 accidents the whole time we potty trained! And both time she was wearing pants, and honestly I think she just forgot she didn't have a diaper on. We went about 2 weeks of just wearing panties at home and no pants. It took another 2 weeks until we could go in public w/out a pull up. I am SO SO SO proud of her! Buying pull ups still sucks but it's WAY cheaper with only 1 kid in diapers full time! :) And as of this past Friday she FINALLY pooped in the potty! Once again I took Ellie to our AMAZING pedi whom I LOVE and want to live with us and she said since Hailey would only poop while sleeping to put the potty in her room and tell her to get up and use it, wouldn't you know once I gave her the control she did it! It's been 4 poops in the potty and hopefully no going back! I am so happy, I honestly thought I would send my child to college pooping in her pull up while she slept and crying hysterically every time it happened! LOL