November 25, 2011

35 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 35 weeks

Size of baby: 18+ inches long and 5 1/4 lbs. The size of a Honeydew Melon

Total Weight Gain/Loss: At the rate I am going I will end up weighing more then I did w/ Hay :( BUT I started higher this time......I gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks so I gotta watch it the midwife said

Maternity Clothes: I have this strip of belly that is always cold because NOTHING fits. ALL shirts are to short and pants just roll off my big belly. Ha. Not much longer now!

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!! So can NOT wait to meet her, tell everybody her beautiful name and dress her up!!!

Movement: She is insane. Always pushing herself on my left side RIGHT into my intestines. OUCH!! But it's OK I try to be patient b/c when she doesn't move I freak out and worry. And I know I will miss the feelings soon enough, and since this is my LAST kid EVER to carry I will miss it a LOT one day! :)

Sleep: Oh I need so much of it, yet I'm not getting hardly any it feels like. Just hard to get comfty and STAY comfty, to big and everything hurts! I pee once about every 4-6 hours so not to bad. My friend told me not to complain b/c right now is the easiest time and I am getting WAY more sleep since she is inside of me and not out ;) HOW TRUE!!!

What I miss: Just having my body! I am sore and getting to the end....

Cravings: Still nightly oranges, lots of fruit, pop, sugar, baked goods (SO EXCITED for the Holiday's! I am gonna be a baking machine and give it all away!)

Symptoms: Tired, hard to eat much at a time b/c my stomach is smushed (not complaining about that tho!), feel like a house, LOTS of back pain but I know it will be worth it. And crazy enough one day I will wish and want to be pregnant again so I'm trying not to complain and enjoy it
(Side Note;GREAT news, at 31 wk with Hailey I swelled up like a freaking elephant. Couldn't walk or move. This time NO EDEMA. Seriously this is a huge praise b/c that was one of my main concerns about ever having another Baby. I did however decided to stop wearing my wedding rings yesterday :( Due simply to weight gain they were to hard to get on and off and God forbid I have to have an emergency c-section I did NOT want them cut off :( )

Best Moment this week: THANKSGIVING!!! I got to see my 2 best friends, Jess and Meg! Unfortunately due to my stomach being smashed under my lungs I couldn't eat a lot of yummy food but that's OK I am trying to limit myself. We decorated for Christmas! Always fun and exciting, especially since Hailey was so into it and excited this year! She is really getting it this year which is such fun for Momma! Also since I found out my due date I kept telling myself that if I just make it to Thanksgiving time will fly after that and baby girl will be here SOON after! So here we go.................

November 20, 2011

34 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 34 weeks

Size of baby: 18+ inches long and 4 3/4 lbs. The size of a Cantaloupe

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Enough. Not sure will find out Monday at Midwife apt!

Maternity Clothes: Only sweat pants, tshirts, and sweatshirts fit me! Can't even zip up my winter coat!

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!!

Movement: Going crazy with the movements. She had the hiccups for like 1 1/2 hours the other night at 3:30, thus causing Mommy to miss LOTS of sleep. She is getting less shy and if you put your hand on my belly she still goes crazy! Just like her Big sis ;)

Sleep: Going pretty good. Only waking once at night to pee, having a hard time falling back to sleep sometimes but oh well. I know it's easier now that she is inside then out of me to sleep!

What I miss: Just having my body! I am sore and getting to the end....

Cravings: Still nightly oranges, lots of fruit, pop, sugar, baked goods (SO EXCITED for the Holiday's! I am gonna be a baking machine and give it all away!)

Symptoms: Tailbone is still killing me. Pelvis muscles kill, just overall sore at the end of the day

Best Moment this week: Honestly sorry to be a bummer, but not a great week. I love getting to know this baby and get ready for her, but I am sore and tired and chasing after a 2 year old!

November 14, 2011

Hailey's BFF.......

So this is kinda a silly blog but I just had to write it down so I can remember this sweet memory from Hailey's not-so-fun 2 year old stage ;) I'm sure all you fellow Mommy's know what I'm talking about, the days are long and hard and full of tantrums when something sweet and/or funny happens we MUST document it!

So me and Steve have started a small group through our church on Sunday's mornings. It's been SUCH a blessing and great new friendships have formed for us, but it's also been amazing for Hailey to have interaction with lots of other kids her age, and with the teachers. A couple kids from our small group are also in her sunday school room so every week we talk about going to see our "friends", Harper, Jacob, etc. It's pretty fun. Well, one week after picking her up from S/S (which makes Momma feel SOOO good as she throws a fit and cries and screams she doesn't want to leave. I digress) she kept talking and talking about "Ms Leah". I honestly don't know any of the teachers names in her class, but I remember asking one (only to forget. oops) and was positive it wasn't Leah. So I figured it had to be one of the kids in her class.
She had this obsession with Ms. Leah. If you ask her ANYBODY'S name it was Leah, Leah would drive places in the car w/ us, everything. It was funny but I kinda worried she already had an invisible friend. I know it's not the worst thing to have but I didn't know what to do with it! Ha.
We would ask alllll kinds of questions about Ms. Leah, was she at church or mops (our other "sunday school" setting where she would have friends and teachers), was Ms. Leah big or little, was she a girl or a boy, did she have a brother or a sister. It was quite hilarious. And for awhile the answers changed. Except that she as always at church not mops, and she had a brother and his name was Leah. lol.
Well, I decided to do some investigating. I knew none of her teachers at mops were named Leah, so I checked the sign in sheet one Friday morning only to find NO kids in her room named Leah. So Hailey was right Leah was at "church" and not mops. So finally this past Sunday I remember to check the sign in sheet for her sunday school. NO Leah on that sign in either. So I asked the ladies that sit at the table and assist with sign in. I asked if there was a Leah in room B. They said yes and that she was at a high school retreat today. Ha I almost hugged them I was so happy to have found out Ms Leah is a REAL LIVE PERSON that Hailey knows! ha. So I told them Hailey's obsession with Ms. Leah and how much she LOVES her and always talks about her. They thought it was so sweet and that next time they saw her they would tell her how much Hailey loved them. It was so cute the one lady said "oh it will bless her so much to know that!" :) I honestly hope it does, and I am so happy that Ms Leah has blessed MY Hailey so much that she talks about her 24/7 and loves her so much. :) I know these are memories she will have forever and remember going to church and playing in her room w/ Ms Leah and her other teachers who bless us and her and teach her all about Jesus :)

November 12, 2011

30 days of Thankfulness

So being pregnant with my 2nd blessing, is just that a HUGE blessing. But sometimes (like everyday)I forget and just focus on the uncomfortableness of pregnancy, having a Husband who is very limited to what he can do to help around the house, and chasing a toddler I feel like all I ever do is complain!! So I joined a couple friends on facebook to write 1 thing we are thankful for everyday in November. It's WAY easy for me to come up with something to be thankful for everyday and honestly I should just do it everyday of the year! Instead of blogging one everyday and falling behind I am just posting the whole darn month's worth at once :) Your welcome!

Day #1 of 30 days of thankfulness; Today I am super duper grateful and happy for our gorgeous 70 degree weather!!! Flip flops on November 1st is amazing! I wish this was the worst our winters got ;)

Day #2 of 30 days of Thankfulness- soooo grateful for this little baby growing inside of me. Haven't met her but I am so crazy in love w/ her and glad she is "perfect" and healthy!! Had such a perfect pregnancy I keep waiting for the "shoe to drop", but can't wait to meet her and love her!

Day 3 in the 30 days of thankful; today (and everyday!) I am most especially thankful for my amazing girl/Mommy friends God has blessed me with! So wonderful to have sweet friends with sweet friends that Hailey loves to play with and we can sit and chat and just get each other! So helpful and the reason I have my sanity ♥

Day 4 of 30 days of Thankfulness; Today I am soooo thankful for my amazing family. They are always there in the drop of a hat when I need them, and love and spoil Hay like CRAZY! She loves them so much too! So blessed to have my Mom and Sister has 2 of my best friends!!!

30 days of Thankful day 5; sooo thankful for all the non-medical people God has put in our lives and the knowledge he has given them. Between our Chiropractor, Holistic Dr, and Midwive we are so much more healthy then we have ever been and I am so grateful!

30 days of Thankful day 6; after having the worst I truly know that I have the BEST man in the world for me. I am soooooo appreciative of how hard he works for his lil family and takes care of us. He is the BEST Daddy in the world and his girls are sooo lucky. He treats me like a Queen and knows my heart and doesn't think I'm crazy ;) Love you

30 days of Thankfulness day 7; Thankful for our health! Even though I have a little cold/sinus junk right now we are soooo healthy most of the time. We are so blessed to not have serious illness in either of our families and keep the medical bills down! :)

30 days of Thankful day 8: sooo thankful for my warm house, electricity to have heat, and all our yummy food we are blessed with! I know not everybody has all these luxuries I do and I need to be more grateful!

30 days of Thankful day 9; sooo thankful for my sweet first born. She drives me crazy everyday and I am never patient enough, but she also makes me laugh no matter what. She made me a Momma and we are just walking down this road together learning as we go. I love her more then she will ever know!

30 days of Thankful day 10; might sound silly but I am soooo thankful to God for giving us delicious fruit! Most especially when I am pregnant I loooove fruit. Especially my nightly oranges ;) It's the little things in life!

30 days of Thankful day 11; so very very thankful for all our veterans for serving and keeping our country safe, free, and amazing. I don't think I could ever live anywhere else, and it's because of them! I am a spoiled American! Special thanks to my Grandpa's, Steve's Grandpa's, my Dad, neighbor, cousin, and many friends I owe them so much!!

30 days of Thankful day 12: so thankful for my country and state I live in. I am PROUD to be a spoil American and even more proud to be a Husker! Will always defend my state, town, and country. We are so lucky and blessed to live where we do! GO BIG RED!

30 days of Thankfulness day 13; so thankful for our small group and church. It's such a great place to learn and grow, and I love how they love Hailey in her sunday school, and excited for next fall when she can go to Awana's. If your looking for an awesome welcoming church in Omaha please ask me!

30 days of Thankfulness day 14; MUSIC!!! Music is seriously my life and I LOVE it. We have my mp3 running 24/7, usually KLove but I love all types!! Honestly the way to my heart is through music. You can laugh at me but one of the reasons I feel in love w/ Steve was he was a male version of me when it came to music. (he listened to Wilson Phillips! Ha he will hate me now!) :) It makes me happy and is my #1 way to worship

30 days of Thankful day 15; so thankful for my Hubby's job. It is such a blessing and answer to prayer. They are sooooo flexible and Family oriented! I'm so grateful for the friendships he has made, and that he doesn't dread/hate going to work or bring work home with him!

30 days of Thankful day 16: is just keeping it real y'all it's one of "those" days and I am thankful pregnancy is only 40 weeks and not longer. I can't do this much longer then 7 more weeks!

30 days of Thankfulness day 17; Our amazing Zoo in Omaha! (and FUN friends who go with you!) So fun to see the animals through Hailey's eyes, and I almost always learn something new about God's amazing creations every time we go. Such a fun time! Also grateful that my Hubby lets met indulge and buy a membership so we can visit often, he knows my heart and how much I love it there :)

30 days of Thankfulness day 18; so thankful that I love in the same city as my family/Steve's family. I LOVE that Hailey knows and LOVES her Grandparents so much (um can you say SPOILED??), and her Aunts and Uncles. She just lights up when she is with them and Momma and Daddy do not exist! We are so blessed and I hope we never have to move away, I don't know what I would do w/out them and all their help! But we do miss our extended Family and if I had to I think I could survive in Michigan ;)

30 days of Thankfulness day 19; thankful for my daughters kind and sweet helpful heart. She really tries to please Mommy (and Daddy) and LOVES to be "Momma's helper" it's so sweet and I hope and pray she always stays this way. (oh and that Little Sister also gets this trait where ever it came from ;)

30 days of Thankfulness day 20: for technology! I don't know WHAT I would do w/out email (talk on the phone?? UGH), facebook and other modern things we take for granted. Especially my dishwasher! I am so spoiled ;)
30 days of Thankfulness day 21; being able to go to walmart and stock my pantry/fridge FULL of food (more then we need!). I know not everybody is able to do this, and I complain about how much I spend and all that. I am grateful!
30 days of Thankfulness day 22; so thankful for my HOT showers! Such an indulgence that isn't good for me, but I LOVE them and so happy to have hot water in my warm house on this yucky cold day!
30 days of Thankfulness day 23; super thankful BOTH of my out-of-state best friends are here for the Holiday! Can't wait to see them and LOVE them both so much! Hope they know how important they are to me and I treasure their friendship. Especially Meg, for using almost ALLLLL your vacation time this year in Omaha to see me! LOVE YOU tons and bunches ♥
30 days of Thankfulness day 24; This is pretty much a given for every day for me, but I am most especially to God. He has given us this amazing country where we can have freedom and celebrate Thanksgiving. All my friends and family who I am so THANKFUL for, and all my blessings come from him!
30 days of Thankfulness day 25; thankful for weekends and fun family time! I LOVE Saturday and Sunday's when Hubby is home and is a HUGE help with Hailey and giving this tired Momma a break! Hailey is so lucky and LOVES playing w/ Daddy, he is SO much more fun then Momma and I'm OK with that ;)
30 days of Thankfulness day 26; thankful and excited for Christmas decorations! Especially this year and seeing it through Hailey's eyes. Teaching her about Baby Jesus and all the fun that comes along with it makes this Momma's heart so happy!!!!
30 days of Thankfulness day 27; thankful for my extra WARM house, comfty old sweatshirts, and slippers!!!
30 days of Thankfulness day 28; Is thankful for Matt. Matt works at the walmart we grocery shop at every Monday. He is older (30's?) and is a little mentally handicapped, he is the greater and Hailey has a love affair with Matt. If I could adopt him I would! He is soooo sweet and LOVES Hailey. Always giving her stickers and telling her to be Momma's good helper. It is so so sweet, and I'm pretty sure she blesses him and as much as he blesses us! Makes our shopping trip so much fun, and I love that randomly throughout the week Hailey asks to go to walmart and see Matt :)
30 days of Thankfulness day 29; thankful we are blessed by Steve's job so I can stay home with my precious girls! I could not EVER imagine sending them to daycare and not being there everyday to witness the hilarious things Hailey says/does, and all the milestones. I am excited to be able to stay home when #2 comes, not having a schedule and being able to come and go as we please! Don't know how you working Mom's do it, your amazing!
30 days of Thankfulness day 30; not that I would ever want to wish time away, especially with Hailey at such a fun age, but I'm thankful November is over and tomorrow is December 1st. The month I will get to meet our newest blessing!! I can't wait to hold her and see how similar/different she is then her sister. So glad I thought of 30 things to be thankful for, and could think of 1000's more, but I am most thankful for my God, my family, friends, my Hubby and 2 girls the most! ♥

November 9, 2011

33 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 33 weeks

Size of baby: 17+ inches long and over 4 lbs. The size of a Pineapple (yum my favorite!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained. We'll leave it at that. I'm almost to my top weight when Hay was born :( Just hoping it doesn't mean this baby will be like 9 lbs or something. Oy!

Maternity Clothes: pretty much all Baby belly. Pulling down my shirts and up my pants 24/7! Ha.

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!! Can't wait to see her gorgeous face and meet her!

Movement: She is so funny. Moves A LOT. Is still head down, doesn't like to interact with people touching my belly, shy or stubborn?? Ha we will soon learn!

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good, had a BAD cold the last couple weeks and trying to figure out what works to help me sleep!

What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy :( Not having to pull up my pants every 3 seconds. Having a cocktail, the usual stuff. But it's SOOOOO worth it and not much longer now!

Cravings: Any and all things sugar and un healthy. But I'm trying to balance and eat LOTS of fruit and healthy stuff. Oh I ALSO love my Sierra Mist Cranberry YUMMMMM

Symptoms: Tailbone KILLS if I sit to long/in the wrong position, my pelvis ohhh my aching pelvis the muscle are aching 24/7 so horrible!

Best Moment this week: Getting more things done around the house for Franklin's arrival, just surviving and getting excited about the Holiday's and meeting my newest Princess!

November 4, 2011

32 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 32 weeks

Size of baby: 3.75 lbs and 16.7 in long. The equivalent of a jicama (whatever that is!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Find out on Tues at midwife apt. Still no edema which I am pretty darn proud/happy about, so I think I'm doing good!

Maternity Clothes: pretty much all Baby belly. Pulling down my shirts and up my pants 24/7! Ha.

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!!

Movement: She is so funny. Moves A LOT. Is still head down as far as I can tell (PTL!), doesn't like to interact with people touching my belly, shy or stubborn?? Ha we will soon learn!

Sleep: S O R E. Hard to fall asleep at night. Everything hurts and no position feels comfty. But I know this is just preparing me for being up all night with my cute girl.

What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy :( Not having to pull up my pants every 3 seconds. Having a cocktail, the usual stuff. But it's SOOOOO worth it and not much longer now!

Cravings: All things Baked. Pumpkin stuff is amazing. Same stuff, brownies, cookies, pie, crisps, all things fall and holiday!

Symptoms: just feel HUGE. My tailbone hurts a LOT which I am going to discuss with my chiro tomorrow. Makes me nervous for delivery. My sinus are acting up also which isn't fun but I know it's mostly the weather changing. I know my girl still needs awhile to cook, but I'm ready to have my body back and not hurt and ache all the time!

Best Moment this week: Taking Hailey Trick or Treating and seeing the joy on her face. Getting some more baby gear (swaddle blankets, diaper bag, diapers), and some projects done around the house! Can't believe I made it to 32 weeks, I am so blessed to have had such an amazing pregnancy this far! Wayyyy different then her big sister that is for sure :)