October 15, 2009

My Peanut

Oh dear it's been to long I'm going to jot down some stuff that has been on my mind bare w/ me. I have no time to pee anymore let alone blog so this will be all over the place!

*my daughter hates life. Ha. Seriously. This girl is HIGH maintenance. I really think God is testing me and teaching me patience. It is working. Seriously. I have been so much better the last couple weeks at not getting angry and just dealing w/ the screaming and the situation calmly.

*me and my dear old friend Reglan meet again. You may remember I was on this for my nausea during pregnancy. Apparently it helps w/ milk supply as well. I'm not very happy about it. But I tried everything. Herbs, malt, drinking more water, nothing would get my supply up. So now I am pumping every 3-4 hours at night (so long 10 hours of sleep!) and after every feeding :( I am not a very happy girl

*in addition to pumping at night I am also waking up to a screaming baby 4-6 times a night. She looses her bink and fahreaks out. She screams until it's put back in and then promptly conks back out again. Odd. She is swaddled still, so does she hate being swaddled? Just want her bink? want to be comforted? Hot? Cold? Hungry? WHAT?!! Oh my I am going crazy. What happened to my awesome sleeping Baby?

*and again in addition too not sleeping at night this girl BARELY sleeps during the day. I'm lucky if I get 3 40 minute naps out of her. Makes for LONG hard evenings of crying until it's bedtime routine. Oh my it sucks.

*We do have an AWESOME bedtime routine though which I am quite proud of I must say. And honestly no matter what else we have going on we always make sure we're home by 7:30ish so we are strict on this routine. This little girl thrives on it and has it down pat.
8:50ish-6 oz bottle
9:30ish-asleep in my arms and then in the crib!

*Oh my gosh how I am in love w/ this little girl! she drives me mad and I wish so badly I could read her mind and make her happy but I love her more then life itself! Her smiles and laughs make the whole night before fall away!

*She is a Momma's girl. If I walk out of the room she is screaming for me. Makes me feel good but wish she could be left w/ Grandma/Daddy/Aunts w/out screaming the whole time. It's hard on everybody. But secretly makes me feel great. I love that she will be crying and sees me and breaks into a huge grin and grabs my face. LOVE it

*all my years of baby-sitting/nannying I loved when Babies would hold out their arms for you. Makes you feel so loved! I always knew it would be better when it's your OWN child doing it, and Oh. My. Gosh. is it. First time Hay held out her arms for me to pick her up I think I cried. Seriously!

*this little tiny peanut of a child has some lungs on her. And a major tude. She runs this house and knows it. If you aren't giving her 110% of the attention she thinks she needs she lets out a scream like no other. Seriously this child could do voice overs for horror movies. It's embarrassing when in public and makes me want to jab out my eardrums. Not sure if I should discipline, distract, ignore?!?!? None work as I have tried them all. I digress.........

*even though Hay is a HUGE fan of Mommy she loves her some Daddy to. They are so sweet and cute playing together and I can see how much love Steve has for her already. I always said he will be an amazing Daddy to a big kid and won't really care to much for the newborn stage but it's hard not to love this little munchkin. They are really so sweet together and I know it will only get better and stronger as she gets older and can do more.

*can NOT believe tomorrow she will be 1/2 a year old. Where oh where does time go?!?!? :( I'm sad!

OK that is all I can think of now for jotting down. But I want to use this as a journal and write things down before I forget them but of course I have forgotten most of them! HA. Hopefully I'll get better..........