July 6, 2009

Oh Dear

So my life is not all about the blogs anymore. Long gone are the B O R I N G days where the only highlight was sitting there reading the over 100 blogs I had in my reader at work. I still work mind you, but the pay sucks and I NEVER have time to read blogs let alone write any! I have had a trillion things formulated in my head to write about over the last 11 weeks but I never seem to get time to write them down. :( Everytime I sit at the computer in the back of my head is "I need to be vacuuming the house" or "empty the dishwasher/washing machine/dryer" etc. You Mom's all know! But I still miss this creative side of myself! Anywho here are some bullet points of things I want and need to remember over the last 11 weeks;

  • The very first second of Peanut's life Dr Reed placed her on my belly and she peed. Hello world I am peeing! Should have known right at that second what I was in for..........
  • She FINALLY started smiling at us. Albeit about 3 weeks after "normal Babies" (according to Babycenter.com). O M G I freaking love her so much more then I ever imagined. She is so freaking gorgeous! She mainly just smiles if I don't look at her and then all the sudden with a huge stupid Mom grin on my face I say "HI Peanut" and almost scream it at her. This is why I refuse to video tape it. I sound like a tard. But it's hilarious seeing her open her mouth all big like she wants to laugh but can't get out a sound. Oh it's the little things in life!
  • My Baby LOVES to clean the house. I put her in my Moby wrap sling thing and she falls right to sleep and stays asleep as long as I am cleaning/putting away/vacuuming. It's glorious. Until she feels like she weighs 50 lbs and I am aching. Oh well.
  • She also loves when I take a bath. Mostly. Sometimes she screams, and other (most) times she falls asleep. We had a HUGE water bill last month. I'm pretty sure mainly due to me running the water for oh 25-30 minutes straight. I just put her in her vibrating bouncy seat and she falls right asleep in front of the tub with the water running. It's pretty funny but I'm sure it reminds her of the womb. I wonder how long I can get this to work?? Do they make vibrating bouncy seats for 4 year olds?? haha

OK seriously now all my points I wanted to make that were in my head have vanished. That is usually how it is. When I am awake at 5:30am during a feeding I think of all these great things I need to blog so I can remember them and then when I DO get 5 minutes to myself to blog them they all disappear making me feel like a total loser for forgetting. Oh well it's called Mom brain right?? It's like pregnant brain permanently. Ha.
But honestly life is awesome. I need to find part time work but Peanut is sooooo demanding 24-7 I don't know when that will be. Honestly I can't even leave her for 45 minutes to go to walmart for groceries without Steve calling me telling me she is screaming bloody murder and to hurry home. (also noted that walmart is less then 3 minutes away from our house. What will happen when/if I am like 20 minutes away at work and can't just up and leave?) We are struggling with this. We need some extra income but it's so hard.
Peanut is getting better with the crying. She only cries when she is hungry (and she wants her food NOW if you make her wait then you will have to deal with her sounding like your cutting of her limbs one by one) and when she is tried. She can get really wound up when she is tired and I am currently the only one that can hold her correctly and get her to sleep. It makes me tired to. But she sleeps about 8 hours at night, from 10-6 and then goes back to sleep from about 7:30-10am so I can NOT complain. I love my lil Girl! OK I think that is all for now hopefully I won't go another 2 months without writing I really do miss it and feel like such a bad bloggy friend for no comments or posts :( Sorry you get your love on facebook!