September 30, 2008

Big News......

**Disclaimer this post is graphic if you have food, a man, or a small child in the room you may want to skip it and read it later. Haha**

So most everybody on here already knows and if you didn't you do now from my fancy dancy cute prego lady ticker. It seems SO surreal and weird and I'm not even close to being used to saying it but yes I AM PREGNANT! OMG. It was a very very long hard road to get here. A year of "trying" and then 3 months of aggressively trying with some oral fertility drugs. I can't tell you what worked and what happened. I know my body is messed up and I am NOT a buy-the-book-patient I am all sorts of messed up. I'm sure it's just because we "stopped" trying until we had our own house that it happened but praise God it did! We don't officially know when I conceived (which is driving my type A personality CRAZY) cuz I was so messed up. I had called my MOST amazing dr office and asked to come in and talk to somebody about what was going on w/ me. I was 3 weeks late but all pregnancy tests were coming up negative. I was all what?!?!? So the front desk girl (who has become one of my best friends as I called her oh every day for what seemed like months during all this) said to come in and I could see the Nurse practitioner cuz my dr was booked for 3 weeks. I decided that night to go home and pee on a stick and get yet another big fat negative and rule that out completely. So I pee on it and wait for the results to show up. So I'm just dorking around in the bathroom waiting and Steve is in the bedroom adjoined to the bathroom on the computer. I pick up the stick after a couple minutes and wala it says PREGNANT in big letters (love the digital tests!).

I think I gasped and threw it at Steve's head and told him to find the NOT word that I am so used to seeing. LOL. His eyes got REAL wide and he told me to take another one. I was out of pee! So he made me drink bottle after bottle of water to be able to take another one. So meanwhile we go downstairs to eat dinner and I am supposed to act normal in front of his parents and like nothing is going on. Yeah right. So I can't eat and am just guzzling water. So I run up and force myself to pee and take another test. Positive! OMG I am freaking out shaking crying at this point. So like 10 minutes I take ANOTHER test and it was negative. OK so it was probably pure water by this point and no hormone was left in my body right? So I sent a picture of the positive test to 2 of my BFF's and they called me both with in minutes. Screaming, crying, oh my it was quite a girl fest! So Meg told me to go buy more tests and take them in the morning when your hormone is the highest point of the day and see what they say. So I make my most amazing Husband take me to Walgreens for more tests (note: do NOT buy the cheap tests. Work like crap just invest in the good ones) and to Taco Bell for a double decker taco. Ha. Yes at like 9:30 I had my first craving. Anywho I barely slept that night and was freaking out, woke up rushed to the bathroom and took the test. Negative. What the............? Took another one like 30 minutes later and it was also negative. What is going on?? I was sick. I couldn't eat, couldn't focus at work, nothing, I was a mess. So like right at 9:30 (cuz I am a nice patient who gives them 30 minutes to open and get things organized before I call like a babbling idiot) I call my MOST AMAZING dr office and tell my new bff what is going on. She told me to just come in and see Dr. Reed and we'll figure out what is going on. Yes he was booked up to the max that day and for the following 2 weeks but she assures me they will get me in and to just come over my lunch hour. The freaking longest 2 1/2 hours go by until it's finally 12 and time for my lunch. I freaking RUN to my car and drive like a mad woman to the office, I am partly hysterical and trying to hold it together. Meanwhile I am listening to my favorite radio station ever and a song I have heard probably a million times before comes on the radio. Holy cow did I lose it. I was bawling couldn't barely see to drive (which is very safe for me and this possibility of an un born child in me right? Ha Zoom Zenner!) but yet I felt this calm, a peace come over me that no matter what they said I would get through it and I would be fine. Here are some of the lyrics from the song........
Be Near by Shane and Shane
be near, oh God be near, oh God of us Your nearness is to us our good
be near, oh God be near, oh God of us Your nearness is to us our good, our good

If you have an iPod, iPhone, cd player whatever you must get this song/download it whatever it's sooooooooooo beautiful and I cry every time I hear it now! It will for sure be one of the first songs this baby listens to in the womb and it will have to put up w/ it's Momma singing the song horribly for years :) Haha
So anywho I make it to the Dr apt in one piece and the nurse whisks me back and takes my weight and all that junk and then I start telling her what has been going on. The minute I say "5 tests 2 positive 3 neg" she makes me pee in a cup. So I sit and wait for what feels like 394830248 hours (probably 6 minutes tops) and in the hall I can hear Dr Reed syaing that he has NO time or room for 1 more client and why am I here. Oops I feel bad! So he looks at my chart and pokes his head in the room and looks at me wide eyed and goes "Rebecca are you pregnant?" and I told him I hope so! So he goes and gets my results and comes in and tells me that it was positive! Oh I grabbed him and hugged him (mind you I have only seen this man like twice before for annual's LOL). I apologized that my husband wasn't there and I had to HUG somebody right now! lol it was funny. So he made me go back for an ultra sound. What? I wasn't prepared for this! So the nurse comes in of course and he looks around and decides the baby is less then 2 weeks! It was like a little white blob on the screen. So I had to get blood drawn so they could check my hormone levels and as long as they are doubling the next couple days we are good to go. So yay more blood draws. 3 in the next 5 days. Oh joy my favorite needles! But my numbers went from 57, to 174 to over 2000! Woohoo it was viable! So I went back in for another ultra sound (this time of course Steve came). We had the u/s tech this time whom I have fallen in love with and is amazing. She did a bunch of measuring and printed us off some pictures. She showed us the heart beating (you can't hear it until after 9 weeks but you can see it on the screen). She said everything looked perfect (us mother's like to hear that word right?) and it was growing just right! She said it was still SUPER early (measuring at 5 weeks) so she made us come back 2 weeks later so we could do ANOTHER ultra sound and figure out how big it was measuring then and give us a due date. So the next 2 weeks are hell waiting. I am sick with worry, some nausea, HEARTBURN like you wouldn't believe and bloating like mad. We finally make it to our apt day and I drag Steve along w/ me. (now mind you I must say we had told our parents and our siblings and a hand full of friends but nobody else knew so don't feel bad if your one of them. Steve was going to try to make me wait until after we were 12 weeks. Ha so not gonna happen I can't keep my mouth shut) So we go to the apt and see the most awesome u/s tech again. This time as soon as she found the baby (right away. Where as the last 2 times they had to do a little searching), we both saw the flicker of the heart and relaxed a lot. It was so awesome. It looks like an Alien! Big eye sockets, no limbs, my own little Tadpole! :) It had quadrupled in size in 2 weeks and we were super duper excited! This time she said it was measuring at 8 weeks which was accurate she said and was positive it was right verses the first 2 u/s we had. She gave us the due date of April 30th and said everything was progressing beautifully and we no longer need to worry! :) I set up my apt for October 16th to just see Dr Reed for a normal pregnancy exam. Yay! We will also get to HEAR the heartbeat for the very first time at that apt, and I will be 12 weeks then! We are so so so excited and praising God every day for this miracle! I know I'm not completely out of the woods, I'm only 10 weeks but we are telling co workers and friends at church and feeling a little more excited.
Meanwhile I feel like CRAP 24/7. Morning sickness all day, food aversions to EVERYTHING, I can not drink anything w/out gagging, heartburn like mad (but is under control thanks to my Zantac!), and tired all the time :( Last night I felt so yucky and wanted to just throw up everywhere (I haven't puked just feel like it all the freaking time), I just sat there and cried like the big hormonal baby that I am! Steve held me and offered to take me to Sonic (saw a commercial and decided I HAD to have it) but I was even to sick for that. After some Scene It and a back rub I felt a little better :) It's so weird. I get these totally weird cravings (sonic, taco bell anybody?), Quaso Dip from Chili's, fresh fruit 24/7, ham and Swiss sandwiches, weird weird stuff. If I don't eat exactly what I want I gag on anything and everything else. It's sooooooo annoying. I don't think I've actually cooked Steve dinner in the last oh 3 weeks :( I always feel sick and can't stand the sights and smells of most foods. I am able to eat Peanut Butter crackers and saltines and that is about it! Other then whatever I am craving at the time. Oy vey!
We have decided on names (member
This Post? yeah that is why), picked out a crib/changing table and have some ideas about how we want to decorate. Now we just need a house! :*( We will have about 3 1/2 months in our house to get ready and situated which will be perfect. (speaking of the house wood framing is going up this week! Whoppie! Watch for new pictures/post!) But we are being overly cautious and don't want to buy anything. First of all it just makes no sense to buy anything now only to have to move it yet again. Silly. And I really want to wait until after our 20 week check up to make sure there are no abnormalities and everything is still "perfect". Ignorance is bliss and I know FAR to much. I read way to many blogs and I can't imagine having our nursery all set up only to have something be horrible wrong and us lose our Baby. Sorry if that is morbid but it is a risk we take. I pray over this Baby morning, noon, and night and know it's in God's hands and that he has a plan for us and this Baby. I just want to be cautious and careful and save myself heartache as much as possible! I am so ready to get a big fat belly (for now I call it my Baby Muffin Top. yeah Steve is trying to convince me that my flab is the Baby. Good try Honey but it's been here for years!) But I am ready for some maternity pants just being stubborn and want to wait a couple more weeks until I wear the big fat pregnant lady clothes! Hopefully my sickness will go away in the next couple weeks, I am really really tired of food ruling my life! :) Love to you all and thanks for putting up w/ my long ugly post and the bizarre ultra sound pictures :) Hehe!

September 24, 2008

Could Not Ask For More

**I tried to post this yesterday on our actual anniversary but blogger was NOT being very nice to me. Pray this works or I will be taking a hammer to my computer (cuz you know I'm at work and it's not MY computer so who cares!).**
Today is our 1 year anniversary. 365 days, 8784 hours, 527058 minutes. We are no longer considered "newlyweds". Sad. Although to be honest I never really felt like a newlywed. We gracefully went from dating, to engaged, to married without any change or hardships. I just love people that say how hard the first year of marriage is. I suppose it can be, if you don't have amazing communication, willing to bend and change for the other person, and have a God centered marriage. NOT that I am saying we are prefect at all. Not even close. I can't tell you how many days, (yes days) we have gone fighting over the stupidest things. Things so small and stupid I don't even know why/what started them! But we don't act out in anger, we don't call each other names, and we always make sure to apologize even if we don't think we were the one at fault. OK so I think I am getting a big fat head so I'll stop. But not before telling one of my most favorite Steven story......
This was about 6 months or so into our marriage he sat down and told me something one of his co workers said. Now this is my favorite part he told me NOT to interrupt (who me?) and to listen to the whole story before I jumped on him and got mad. lol this couldn't be good right? So I guess one day one of his female co workers came up to him and asked him how married life was and how much his life/lifestyle had changed. He said he paused and had to think about it. (here is the part where I was supposedly going to get mad) He told her honestly it didn't feel like we were married, we transitioned into married life to easily it felt like we were still young carefree dating couple. He said he loved me so much and was so thankful for the life styled we carry and the respect we have for each other. Awww who could get mad at that? Honestly I feel the exact same way. There is no pressure, no added strain for having a piece of paper, some added jewelry (can I get a woohoo), and responsibility of being married! I love this man more then life it self and I hope he knows what he got into 365 days ago!
Our wedding day:
Started out super fun. I had a sleep over at my sisters house and woke up feeling somewhat refreshed (I think I slept like 6 hours), and hopped in the shower to get myself extra clean and smelling lovely for my soon to be Hubby! We tried to eat some breakfast but I was far to excited (read; excited NOT nervous) to eat anything. Mom came and picked us up and we all went and got our hair did by the greatest hair doer in Omaha Joe. So yeah took a little longer then expected for poor Joe to do 4 girls, and I was running oh just about an hour behind. I got plenty of phone calls from friends/bridesmaids. Where do the chairs go, photographer isn't here, the cake is here, where is your dress? Now I will stop here and tell one of the highlights of the day that me and my friends still get a good laugh over. Days before the wedding we had talked about dropping off my dress the day before the wedding and leaving it in the big room we were going to get dressed in. (we had our wedding and reception at a county club) My Mom quickly ex-nayed that idea and said she would keep my dress, veil, and one of my bridesmaid dresses (God love Nikki had night mares for months about her dress burning in a fire, being stolen, and going missing 5 minutes before the ceremony. So she made me keep it for her. LOL), at her place and brought them with us that morning. The country club got broken into the night before and there was all sorts of ciaos and a scare my dress had been stolen cuz nobody could find it. One of my b/f's called (even after talking to Steven who knew dang well where the dress was. I digress), trying not to freak out and trying not to freak me out and simply asked me where my dress was. They didn't tell me about the break in cuz they didn't want me to panic. It was funny cuz I was soooooooooo confused. Anyway, after I got my hair done I was with the flower girl and her Mom and I insisted on driving the kick @$$ minivan, for I can drive like a bat out of hell (Zoom Zenner remember?) when I need to! I got us to the country club in oh like less then 10 minutes. Got some stares at the girl in the blue minivan going about 85 on the interstate with the veil on. Quite a picture right? So I rush. I get my dress on, make up done, start taking very informal pictures, make sure everybody gets their flowers on, and Steve his card. Oh my it was the craziest and funnest moments of my life.
After much confusion at the rehearsal (sorry no pics :( I was busy bossin er telling ppl how and where to walk to take any pictures), everybody did everything perfectly. I had thee most amazing dj who for no extra charge drug 2 HUGE speakers outside on over the patio so we could have music to walk down the aisle to, and was even totally on cue for everything! As I walked toward my man I saw the tears in his eyes and managed to keep myself together. It amazing. Picture perfect, minus the wind. The poor boy had my veil in the back of his head the entire ceremony. Made for some interesting pictures! ;) All in all it was an amazing day and one I will never forget and wish I could go back and re live like a million times.
I love you Baby and I can't wait for our future and all that it holds!
I leave you now with about 398420498230948 pictures. Cuz I will never ever look that good again and I was able to capture it on film so I'll show off now. YESSSSSSSSSSS

The Ceremony set up. Picture perfect how I always dreamed my wedding would look like!!!

Me an my Daddy

My most amazing hair do. It pretty much with stood the wind to!

Husband and Wife!

The Beautiful wedding party!

One of my favorites pictures from the whole day
Me and my GORGEOUS Girls.

Always the Ladies Man
Our Officiant and my Maid Of Honor's Dad. So so special!

**All photos courtesy and copyright of Lesley Knox Photography the best photographer in all of Nebraska**

September 15, 2008

One of the greatest nights of my life

So don't ya'll just LOVE LOVE LOVE my adorable hubby and the way he so dramatically tells you I tried to kill him? Hey what can I say I got some Zoom Zenner in me (long standing inside family joke. Sorry I know nobody gets it but I'm not going to explain here, it just has to do w/ my Grandpa), I was late, and I HATED driving the almost 45 minutes from my job to the dreaded ex's house only to be there all night in retched pain and loathing every minute. (oh my 2 drama queens in one marriage. HA everybody knows I am top drama queen) Anywho, now we can move on to our engagement!
Dating blissfully for almost a year the summer of '06 I started itching to get engaged. I was seriously psycho about it. I would email Steve rings from various websites almost daily. Ha I'm sure the bank LOVED that right? Everywhere I would go I would see not-so-pretty-girls/women with huge rocks on and husband tagging along at their side. And honest to God I would ALWAYS say "Why are they married and NOT me?" Ha. I would say it to whoever I was with at the time. My sis, my girlfriends, but mainly Steve. If it was a dozy I would even remember to describe the girl (in full ACCURATE detail of course. Not as to dramatize the situation and make it worse then it really was) to Steve later to let him know how much I NEEDED to be married like these uglier-then-me-girls/women. Ha. I am so not a nice person right?

Anywho, after a couple months of driving Steve crazy with rings/marriage stories he finally shut me up by telling me he had BOUGHT the ring (OK it also might have been a psycho break down moment where I told him he wasn't committed to me and he didn't love me. But I digress). Ohmigosh I freaked! So this was in July, when was I going to get the freaking then? My Birthday in August? Our 1st year of dating in September?? Nope freaking Christmas. Ha. The longest 5 months of my LIFE. I never uttered a word of it to Steve just waited "patiently", ask my friends they will give you a different story. I was obsessed. Everywhere I went I looked at people's fingers to see if they had weddings rings on (OK OK maybe I was doing this years before and still do it to this day. Forgive me), talked about when/if/how I was getting the ring to anybody and everybody that would listen, and planned our whole wedding in our head. Every time Steve would write a "Date night" on our wipe off calendar on the fridge I would freak, and every time I would be let down. Not to say I didn't LOVE my man and love date nights but I would get so excited. So fast forward to December 22nd, we had a date night on Friday the 22nd. He told me we were going to go to dinner (don't remember where he said we were going sorry), and then we were going to see the movie The Holiday which I had only been begging him to see for oh like 2 months. So I get home from work (then a Nanny) to find a GORGEOUS bouquet of my favorite flowers in the world, Tulips on the kitchen table! Totally gorgeous! Since it was the Holiday's Steve was off work early of course and had pre-ordered them at a store in his building! (actually to make the story EVEN longer, but it's my blog and I'll story if I want to. He called me that afternoon to "chat" and casually asked me what me and the kids were doing that afternoon. Now he had never done that before, although we talked several times a day much to his chagrin but I always just told him he never asked. But yet I still didn't think anything of it. Turns out he ordered the flowers and had them delivered to the house of the family I nannied for, had to call at the last minute and get them delivered to him at work because me and the kiddies went to Pizza Machine and were gone all day so I wouldn't have gotten the delivery anyway! Oh my this made my day, all my life all I have ever wanted is flowers delivered to me at work! (oh and a man in a blue suit with a blu.....oh we already covered that) He still claims this time counted but um hello so doesn't. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog)
So I get ready and he stays in his nice casual Friday work clothes and we changed our plans to go to Chili's since the family I nanny for gave me a big fat gift card for Christmas there. So bam I know NOTHING special is going to happen like a ring in the desert or something super cheesy and unlike Steve, if he could change the dinner plans like that. So on we go to Chili's. We are talking about our days and (I MUST stop here; fore warning to any of my fellow preggo/weak stomach bloggers skip this part. I know I will get in BIG trouble but honestly you MUST know this to know the story cuz it does play a big part. Steve had been battling stomach issues. We found out he is lactose intolerant and was NOT feeling well a lot of times and was "stinky" or had BAD poopies as I put it a LOT lately) he started telling me oh so lovely over the dinner table how sick he had been all day. Oh joy. Of course he was trying to tell me it was from the pop he drank for lunch, and sitting in front of him on the dinner table was a fresh pepsi. Oh joy. So we get through dinner, very uneventful, we have like almost 2 hours until the movie starts and no idea what to do. He suggested
Target my favorite store in the world but we all know what I can be like once I get in Target, spend $ I don't have, walk all over and drive that boy up the wall! So we decided against that. We thought about going home but I knew once we get home we wouldn't want to go out again. When all the sudden he thinks another "bout" is coming on and we must rush home right away. Ugh I am NOT a happy Girl. :( So we go home and I put on my most LOVELY sweat pants and matching hoodie and sulk on the couch. Meanwhile he shuts the bedroom door and the bathroom door for good measure. Ugh I was NOT happy. Ha. I'm yelling at him through all the doors about how he ruined my date night w/ his stinkiness, and he BETTER make it up to me, and I still HAD to go see that movie! So he comes out and there are like a million candles all over the room and a cd playing w/ our song on it. Awwwww! He was lying! So he brings me a HUGE box all wrapped in pretty silver stripped wrapping paper. So I look at him bright eyed but not surprised. See in the Sessions family we do not wait until the actual day of the celebration; i.e. Birthday, Anniversary's, Christmas to give presents you just give it to the person as soon as you get tired of waiting and are to excited. I could very much elaborate on this but I'll save it for another post.

So I start to open the box and inside is yet ANOTHER wrapped box. I start laughing and start to open that, and wouldn't you guess what was inside THAT box?? Another box, unwrapped, then inside that was ANOTHER box wrapped, and inside that was the ring box wrapped up. So I have paper and junk everywhere and the Dog is freaking out trying to eat all the paper and rip it out of my hands. Ha. Made for much excitement. As I start to open the ring box I look and he is on his knee (which is also a feat since he has had knee surgeries on both knees and if you rub a feather on them he winces in pain. Needless to say I always thought he would SIT and ask me not actually kneel!) I started crying and in barely a whisper he tells me how in love with me he is and if I would be his wife? Oh my it was so so amazing! The next couple hours were spent cuddling, calling family (I think his Mom blew out his ear drum), and texting every person in my phone book on my cell! So so so exciting! I love you Honey and thank you for always thinking of me and making that night one of the best ever! You are the Love of my life!

P.S. I eventually forgave him for not taking me to see my movie. It's one of the best ever I own it now and I highly recommend you go and rent it today!

Thank you for visiting our blog! lol cheesey but I love it!

My "engagement" flowers. I heart them

September 12, 2008

The days we meet

Ok, so B told you HER side of the story of the days we meet. So here goes mine.... It is all the same until I am in my car trying to find the house she gave me directions to. [I think you got all your lefts and Rights correct!! :)] But there I was at the end of my directions and I was at a 3 way stop. Now what? I decide to take a left and look at the house numbers to see how close I was. Slowly coming to a drive way, looking at the numbers out the side window....whoosh I look out the front window just in time to see a car coming the opposite direction, fly into the driveway right infront of me. I was not happy!! I drive by the next few houses looking at the numbers and decided the house I needed was the one that the driver flew into. I double back and park in the driveway. I tell myself to just look at the couch and not say anything like... Did you see me, you almost hit me!! So I get out of the car and Becky comes out the front door. I remember her standing in the driveway kind of pausing,[See her blog as to why she paused] then shows me the couch...I thought she was cute and nice.
So we email back and fourth a few times and I could tell, as B would say, "I a fun girl. " In deed she was fun to chat with but I knew she was in a relationship. The day came to have the couch dropped off. I just remember talking the whole time we were there. I remember being fixed on her. She looked a lot different, even better then I remembered. I remember her eyes, smile, and laugh. I remember shutting the door and just realizing how big I was smiling.
More friendly/fun emails. I even asked her to set me up with friends, figuring if she was interested she would hint or at least not set me up..well she set me up. So I thought that was that, friends and that is it.
Then out of no where I get an email from someone I didn't know saying to ask B out on a date. I look the name up in the work directory and see that it is B's boss! I thought it was a joke but asked anyway. To my surprise B said yes. A few dates later...I remember starting to really fall in love when we went to village point [outside mall] and listened to a concert. We had so much fun sitting on the grass, listening, talking. I could tell what a fun, caring and loving person she was. I was lucky enough that she was falling in love too, and I have been the luckiest guy since.

September 3, 2008

You are the love of my life.....

So in honor of our 3 year "dating" anniversary 2 days ago, I think I'll go ahead and post the story of how me and Steve met and got the best romance in the world (in my humble opinion) started. Ha. It's quite a funny story so grab yourself some snacks and set in. (FYI this is only my version of the story and I really hope some day for our future children's sake he will document his side of the story as well)
So I guess to know the whole entire background as much as it kills me, you need to know that I was in a serious (seriously horrible abusive) relationship for over 6 years at the time. I was engaged, called off the wedding, and living a horrible depressed life. Steve got married in 2000 and was going through a divorce with the evil spawn at the time.

OK forging ahead, it all started when my ex bought a house and decided he had to have a house full of brand new furniture. So I would sell our old stuff from his apartment living days. I was working on the teller line at First Nasty and Steve (from here on known as Mr Hottie) was in his current dept. also at the bank. We have this funky thing at the bank where you can buy/sell/place wanted ads on the employee website, so I put the furniture up there and got a million freaking WEIRD ppl emailing me and asking for pictures and such. I had some real tools trust me. A couple people even told me they were going to come over and buy it only to never show up or call me at all. Very very annoying. So I started getting very annoyed and short with people. I get an email from Steven Sessions of "Procurement services" not sure wtf that is but he wrote the weirdest email in the world with all his stupid questions in bullet form. I.E.;
-Any pets?
ha. So me being the amazing smart @$$ I am decided I would answer all his questions in the same exact bullet form as him.
-no none
-nobody ever smoked on or around the furniture
Haha I was pretty proud of my smart alacness (thanks Dad) and thought I was very funny. I thought this would be the last time I ever heard from him so I completely forgot about it. In the end he contacted me and decided he was going to come to the house and see if he liked it. (he told me later he never noticed how I answered his questions and completly missed my smart alacness. Bummer) So as I wait for Steven Sessions of Procurement services that was a buying specialist (seriously who gives out these stupid titles?? He ordered all the paper supplies for the bank!). I am being DEAD serious when I tell you that I had pictured a 55-65 year old man that weighed at least 350 lbs wearing a white shirt, black bow tie, black suspenders and was balding. He probably had just moved out of his Mother's house for the first time in his life and needed some furniture for his new pad in North Omaha. Ha. Little did I know, this GORGEOUS man with a white shirt unbuttoned on the top button, and the most gorgeous dark head of hair I have ever seen. Instantly I realize I am in my horrid "FNBO Green's" which consisted of a green polo shirt (probably with some holes in the stomach from rubbing on the counter. Believe it ppl we were hot) and some ugly khaki's. I lost all ability to speak. So I show him the furniture and he tells me that his ex took all the furniture out of his house and it was now empty and he needed to fill it. I almost asked if he was lonely and if I could fill his house too!?!? Haha ok probably not, I think I was still trying to swallow my tongue which was now made of cotton. So he leaves and I am totally thrown off balance but compose myself and go about my night w/ the horrible evil one I called my b/f. About a week later he needed the furniture (for SOME reason he couldn't squeeze a huge over stuffed chair and loveseat in his '98 Honda Civic). The whole time me and ex are fighting because he doesn't want to deliver said furniture at all, nor does he want to help him carry it in his house. He wants us to dump it in the driveway and go. HUH? What impression would that leave on my new Mr. Hottie?? Heck I would carry it in myself if I had to! So we fight the whole way over, meanwhile I wear my BEST outfit of some shorts that are 3 sizes to small and show off my cottage cheese legs and a t-shirt probably from 1995 that was 8 sizes to big. I dress to impress. But I somehow made an impression b/c according to Mr Hottie that is when he felt the connection between us. I take the $ from Mr. Hottie and leave thinking I will never see or talk to him again, yet somehow I knew I would never forget about him either. The following Monday at work I get an email from Mr Hottie telling me how much he likes the furniture and if I have any single friends to send them his way. Um why wasn't I single?? So honestly I did I set him up w/ my managers best friend Vicky. A couple weeks later they went out and totally didn't hit it off. So we kept emailing occasionally and getting to know eachother. He set me up an interview with his Dad at his small investment company he ran at the time for the front desk girl (I did well but somebody w/ more experience got the job), and we learned that I had taught his nephew at the Wednesday night church class I had taught for years with my Dad and Brother!! Totally weird, the God's were telling us to get together! But I was still somewhat chugging away w/ the dreaded ex. (not to say that Mr Hottie didn't know everything and how horrible he was and how unhappy I was and was trying to get out of the relationship) He vowed not to "ruin" our relationship and didn't want to disrespect me by asking me out when I was already "taken". Boy was he wrong! All I did was talk about him, show his pictures to the girls at work (that I MADE him email me, only to show to prospective girls for him of course. Or so I told him ha), and gush over him 24/7. Honestly it was bad. So I guess my manager got sick of listening to me so she took it upon herself to email him and tell him to just ask me to lunch b/c it would be alright, I was done w/ my relationship and I would say yes. So he did, he asked me to meet him downtown (I got permission to have a whole another 30 minutes to an hour added on to my lunch so I could have extra drive/chat time w/ him. I LOVE Lori!), and go to lunch. I was joking and was telling him to take me to some 5 star expensive restaurant (which anybody that knows me knows this is a joke as my favorite place to eat is Taco Bell). He was really going to! We finally settled on where to eat and I could barely eat anything. The cotton mouth was back again. I think I sucked down 6 glasses of water. He probably thought I was some freakish fish girl. Anyway, we had a great time and I dropped him off in front of his building and he touched my leg and asked me to do something that weekend with him. Be still my heart I think my leg throbbed for 2 hours at the place he touched me! It was amazing. And oh my, my whole life growing up me and my best bosom buddy always talked about how guys in dark navy suits with those bright blue button down shirts with a yellow tie were so amazing and hot. And what do you think Mr Hottie wore to lunch that day?? Oh my goodness I was floored. And no I hadn't told him that fantasy yet either! (I leave fantasy's for at least the 3rd or 4th date. Ha) So that weekend I officially broke up w/ horrible ex, hung out w/ Mr Hottie and fell head over heels in love. He took a little more convincing and a couple months to realize how great we were and that I wasn't gonna hurt him! The rest as they say is history!
Coming to a blog near you soon:
in 20 days is our 1st wedding anniversary so I will blog it and put up a million and a half pictures! Yay!